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1831 James Clerk Maxwell (Scottish Physicist) James Clerk Maxwell Physics Light & Electromagnetic Radiation
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1974 Karen Silkwood (Texas-born Union Activist) Texas Political and Social Leaders Labor Nuclear Energy Internet Movie Database Texas State Historical Association
1833 The Leonid Meteor Shower Is Especially Intense Filling the Skies Leonid Meteor Shower NASA Arkansas History Commission
1851 Denny Party Completes Oregon Trail Journey from Indiana to Washington's Alki Point Indiana Explorers and Pioneers Alki Point, Washington Oregon Trail History LInk
London-Paris Telegraph Begins Operation Great Britain France The Telegraph European History
1907 Paul Cornu Is First Person to Achieve Free Flight in a Helicopter While Carrying a Passenger French Explorers and Aviators Aviation History Historic Firsts Centennial of Flight
1926 The First Air Regatta in the Pacific Northwest Is Held at Washington's Sand Point Washington Aviation History Historic Firsts History LInk
1946 The First Man-Induced Snow Storm Is Seeded over Mount Greylock in Massachusetts Massachusetts Snow Historic Firsts Mount Greylock Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1970 East Pakistan Is Devastated By Cyclone That Kills 500,000 Pakistan Hurricanes and Cyclones Death History Channel
1971 NASA's Mariner 9 Goes into Orbit Around Mars as First Spacecraft to Orbit Another Planet Mars Space Exploration Historic Firsts NASA BBC
1978 NASA Launches Einstein Observatory (HEAO 2) to Research High-Energy Astronomical Phenomena Space Exploration Astronomy NASA
The Welsh National Radio Service First Goes on the Air Wales Radio Historic Firsts BBC
1979 Robert Jarvik Is Granted a U.S. Patent for an Artificial Heart Michigan Scientists & Mathematicians The Heart Medical Research Patents & Trademarks History of Technology USPTO
1984 NASA Launches NATO 3-D for the NATO Satellite Communications System Space Exploration NATO NASA
1985 Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz Erupts - Mudslide Kills 23,000 Colombia Volcanoes Death BBC
1998 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Kills Five in Southern Iran Iran Earthquake Death USGS

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