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1956 Eileen Marie Collins (New York-born Astronaut) New York Explorers Astronauts NASA Center for the Study of Technology and Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1824 10,000 Perish as the Neva River Floods St. Petersburg, Russia Russia Rivers Floods Death History Channel
1899 New Orleans Surgeon, Rudolph Matas, Is First to Administer Spinal Anesthetic in U.S. New Orleans Medical Research Historic Firsts American Society of Anesthesiologists
1901 Granville Woods Is Granted a Patent for a Third Rail Electrified Railway Granville Woods Railroad Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks African American Scientists & Inventors USPTO
1911 New York City Receives First Wireless Message from Italy New York City Italy History of Technology Historic Firsts
A Flood in the Cedar River Valley Washes Away Part of the Pipeline Supplying Most of the Water for Seattle, Washington Seattle, Washington Rivers Floods HistoryLink
1957 Winona, Minnesota Receives One Foot of Snow Winona, Minnesota Snow Minnesota Historical Society
1959 Ford Motor Company Ceases Production of the Edsel Ford Motor Company Automobiles New York Times
1969 Apollo 12: The Second Manned Lunar Expedition Lands Safely on the Moon Alan Bean Pete Conrad Space Exploration The Moon NASA BBC Florida Historical Society
1971 Radioactive Cooling Water from Minnesota's Monticello Nuclear Power Plant Overflows and Reaches the Mississippi River Minnesota Nuclear Energy Radiation Mississippi River Minnesota Historical Society
1973 Georgia Drops the Speed Limit on Its Highways to 55 mph in Response to the Arab Oil Embargo Georgia Transportation International Trade Middle East History University of Georgia
1981 Heavy Snow in Minneapolis Causes the Fabric of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to Collapse and Rip Minneapolis, Minnesota Snow Metrodome Minnesota Historical Society
1991 In Colombia, a 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 2 People and Damages 28 Homes Colombia Earthquake Death USGS
1996 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-80) for a 17-Day Mission to Release, Operate and Retrieve Two Research Spacecraft Space Shuttle Space Exploration NASA
1997 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-87) for a 15-Day Mission Space Shuttle NASA
An Iowa Seamstress, Bobbi McCaughey, Gives Birth to the Second Set of Septuplets Known to be Born Alive Iowa Child Health Care Child Care New York Times
2003 Suffering from the Flu, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Collapses While Delivering a Speech to Parliament Egyptian Political and Social Leaders Flu South African History

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