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1602 Otto von Guericke (German Physicist: Invented the Vacuum Pump) German Scientists and Mathematicians Physics Inventors and Inventions Technology and Society
1889 Edwin Powell Hubble (Missouri-born Astronomer: Namesake of the Hubble Telescope) Edwin  Powell Hubble Space and Astronomy The Hubble Telescope
1924 Benoit Mandelbrot (Polish-born Lithuanian Mathematician Who Conceived and Developed the Field of Fractal Geometry. Benoit Mandelbrot Fractals
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1866 First U.S. Rotary Crank Bicycle Patent Is Issued to Pierre Lallemont of France Paris Scientists & Inventors Bicycling Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Historic Firsts USPTO
James L. Haven & Charles Hittrick (Ohio) Receive First U.S. Patent for a Yoyo Ohio Scientists & Inventors Hobbies and Games Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Historic Firsts USPTO
1923 Garrett T. Morgan Patents the Traffic Signal Garrett T.  Morgan Automobiles Inventors & Inventions Patents and Trademarks African-American Scientists and Mathematicians USPTO
1969 4.5 Magnitude Earthquake Is the Largest in West Virginia's Recorded History West Virginia Earthquakes USGS
U.S. Government Bans Residential Use of DDT U.S. Government Earth & Environmental Science Organic Chemistry New York Times
1970 NASA Applies for Patent for Extracting Water & Oxygen from Moon Soil Patents and Trademarks Moon Water Oxygen NASA
1979 In Minnesota, Artificial Blood Is Used in the United States for the First Time Minnesota Medical Research Blood Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1989 5.2 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 4, Destroys 1,000 Homes in China's Sichuan Province China Earthquakes Death USGS
4.9 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 3 in Southern Iran Iran Earthquakes Death USGS
1990 Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-38) Completes Secret Department of Defense Mission The Space Shuttle NASA
2004 NASA Launches SWIFT Satellite to Detect Gamma Ray Bursts Space Exploration The Solar System NASA

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