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1762 Pierre-Andre Latreille (French Father of Modern Entomology) French Scientists & Mathematicians Insects
1803 Christian Johann Doppler (Austrian Physicist: Namesake for the Doppler Effect) Christian Johann Doppler Physics The Doppler Effect
1849 Ambrose Fleming (English Electrical Engineer: Pioneer in the Study of Electricity) Ambrose Fleming Physics Electricity Radio
1825 Jean-Martin Charcot (Paris-born Pioneer in the Field of Psychiatry) Parisian Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research Psychology
1874 Egas Moniz (Portuguese Neurologist: 1949 Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology) Portuguese Scientists & Mathematicians Psychology 1949 Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology
1959 Richard Ewen Borcherds (English Mathematician: Awarded 1998 Fields Medal) English Scientists & Mathematicians Mathematics Awarded 1998 Fields Medal
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1814 The Times of London First Newspaper to be Steam Printed Journalism History of Technology Historic Firsts
1929 Commander Richard E. Byrd and Crew of Three First to Fly over South Pole Richard Byrd Antarctica Aviation History Historic Firsts History Channel
1930 Operations Are Suspended at Alaska's Latouche Copper Mine Alaska Alaska Business Copper Alaska Historical Society
1944 Dr. Alfred Blalock (Johns Hopkins) Performs the Successful "Blue Baby" Operation Georgia Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research Child Health Care The Heart Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1951 U.S. Conducts Its First Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada Nuclear Weapons Historic Firsts Center for Study of Technology and Society
1961 Enos the Chimp Orbits the Earth Twice & Returns Aboard Mercury-Atlas 5 Spacecraft Space Exploration Primates NASA
1963 LBJ Renames Florida's Launch Operations Center to Kennedy Space Center Florida Lyndon Johnson John F. Kennedy NASA Florida Historical Society
1975 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake in Hawaii Causes Tsunami That Result in Death & Injuries Hawaii Earthquakes Tsunami Death USGS
1978 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Centered in Oaxaca, Mexico Kills 8 Mexico Earthquakes Death USGS
1985 Astronaut Hand-launches Satellite from Space Shuttle Atlantis Space Shuttle NASA
1998 7.8 Magnitude Ceram Sea Earthquake Causes 40+ Deaths on Indonesia's Sula Islands Indonesia Earthquakes Death USGS

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