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1753 Samuel Crompton (English Inventor of the Mule for Spinning Cotton) English Scientists & Inventors Inventors and Inventions Chambers Book of Days
1833 Carlos Juan Finlay (Cuban physician, Epidemiologist Who Discovered That Certain Mosquitoes Transmit Yellow Fever) Carlos Juan Finlay Medicine Yellow Fever Hispanic Heritage
1838 Cleveland Abbe (New York City-born Meteorologist Who First Proposed Time Zones to Standardize Railroad Schedules) Cleveland Abbe Meteorology Time Zones Railroads
1842 Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (Massachusetts-born Chemist, Sanitation Engineer, Educator, Home Economist) Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards Earth & Environmental Science Chemistry Foods & Nutrition
1857 Carl Koller (Czech-American Eye Surgeon Who Discovered the Anesthetic Properties of Cocaine) Czech Scientists and Mathematicians Medical Research Sight
1895 Anna Freud (Austrian Child Psychologist; Daughter of Sigmund Freud) Austrian Scientist & Mathematicians Child Psychology Child Advocacy Webster University Writer's Almanac New York Times
1900 Richard Kuhn (Austrian Biochemist; 1938 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Austrian Scientists & Mathematicians Biochemistry 1938 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1903 John von Neumann (Hungarian-American Mathematician) John von Neumann Mathematics
1933 Paul Crutzen (Dutch Meteorologist; 1995 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Dutch Scientists & Mathematicians Ozone 1995 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1910 First Neon Lamp Displayed in Paris Paris Light Neon Historic Firsts
1922 The First Radio Program Is Broadcast in Puerto Rico on Station WKAQ Puerto Rico Radio Historic Firsts Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League
1931 The First Alka Seltzer Is Sold Drugs and Medicines Alka Seltzer Historic Firsts
1967 South African Doctor, Christiaan Barnard, Performs the First Successful Human Heart Transplant Christiaan Barnard The Heart Medical Research Historic Firsts History Channel South African History Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1978 Michigan Is the First Industrial State to Enact a Beverage Container Deposit Law Michigan Government Earth and Environmental Sciences Food and Nutrition Tax Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1984 An Explosion at a Union Carbide Pesticide Plant in Bhopal, India, Kills at Least 2,000 People, Injuring Another 200,000 India Chemistry Earth & Environmental Science Death Union Carbide BBC History Channel New York Times
1999 Scientists Fail to Make Contact with the Mars Polar Lander on Its Descent; the Spacecraft Is Presumed Destroyed Space Exploration Mars NASA
2001 Inventor Dean Kamen Unveils the Segway Transportation Inventors and Inventions Historic Firsts Segway Center for the Study of Technology and Society

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