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1863 Charles Martin Hall (Ohio-born Chemist Who Developed a Cost-effective Process for the Production of Aluminum) Charles Martin Hall Chemistry Aluminum Business & Economics
1886 Joyce Kilmer (New Jersey Poet) Joyce Kilmer Poetry Trees World War I
1892 Theodore Lawless (Louisiana-born African-American Dermatologist, Medical Research and Philanthropist) Louisiana Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research African-American Scientists & Mathematicians African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1805 Nicolas-Jacques Conté (French Inventor of the Modern Pencil) French Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors & Inventions Technology & Society
1811 Large Earthquake Hits New Madrid, Missouri Followed by Aftershock 6 Hours Later Missouri Earthquakes USGS
1877 Thomas Edison Makes First Sound Recording "Mary Had a Little Lamb" Thomas Edison The Phonograph Historic Firsts American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1923 Calvin Coolidge Makes First Presidential Radio Broadcast Calvin Coolidge The Amercian Presidency Radio Historic Firsts New York Times
1932 Richard P. Spikes Receives Patent #1,889,814 for an Automatic Gear Shift Automobiles Inventors & Invention Patents & Trademarks African-American Scientists & Inventors African American Registry
1957 First U.S. Satellite Blows Up on Launch Pad Space Exploration Cold War NASA
1958 Pioneer 3 Lunar Explorer Reaches Distance of 63,580 Miles Before Falling Back to Earth Space Exploration Lunar Exploration NASA
1966 NASA Launches ATS-1 (Applications Technology Satellite) Test Satellite Space Exploration NASA
1979 NASA's Attempted Launch of a Third RCA Domestic Communications Satellite Fails Space Exploration RCA NASA
1980 NASA Launches Intelsat-5 Communications Satellite Space Exploration NASA
1983 Doctors Perform Britain's First Heart and Lung Transplant Great Britain Medical Research Anatomy Historic Firsts BBC
1998 Astronauts Mate the International Space Station's Zarya Control Module to the Unity Connecting Module Space Shuttle International Space Station NASA

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