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United Nations: International Civil Aviation Day
United Nations Aviation International Civil Aviation Authority
1810 Theodor Schwann (German Biologist; Founder of the Cell Theory) German Scientists & Mathematicians Cells
1905 Gerard Peter Kuiper (Dutch Scientist; Father of Modern Planetary Astronomy) Gerard Peter Kuiper Space and Astronomy The Solar System
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1960 Walter Noddack (German Chemist Who Discovered the Element Rhenium) German Scientists & Mathematicians Chemistry Rhenium
1977 Peter Carl Goldmark (Hungarian-born Pioneer in Space sand Telecommunications Technology) Hungarian Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors & Inventions Space Exploration The Phonograph Television
1993 Wolfgang Paul (German Physicist; 1989 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Germany Scientists & Mathematicians Physics Sub-atomic Particles 1989 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1998 Martin Rodbell (Maryland-born Biochemist; 1994 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine) Martin Rodbell Protein Cells 1994 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
1880 Earthquake Shakes the Puget Sound Region Washington Earthquake History Link
1892 C.K. Welch Applies for a Patent for an Inflatable Bicycle Tire Cycling Patents & Trademarks Vintage Reprints
1889 Scottish Inventor, John Boyd Dunlop, Issued Patent for Pneumatic Tire Scottish Scientists & Inventors Patents and Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Dunlop
1909 Bakelite, the First Thermosetting Plastic, Is Patented by Leo Baekeland (NY) New York Scientists & Mathematicians Patents and Trademarks Inventors & Inventions USPTO
1918 Florida's Legislature Is Called into Session for Ratification of the 18th Amendment Prohibiting Manufacture and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages Florida Legislature 18th Amendment Drug and Substance Abuse Florida Historical Society
1925 The West Texas Historical and Scientific Society Is Organized at Alpine Alpine, Texas U.S. History Texas State Historical Association
1926 Electrolux Receives First U.S. Patent for Gas Household Refrigerator Patents and Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Electrolux
1931 Ford Discontinues Production of Its Model A Ford Motor Company Automobiles The History Channel
1934 Pilot Wiley Post Discovers the Jet Stream Air Current over the U.S. Texas Explorers & Aviators Aviation History Earth Science Weather NASA
1944 8.3 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 1,000 in Japan Japan Earthquake Death USGS
1960 Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Range Is Created by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior Alaska U.S. Government Earth & Environmental Services Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Alaska Historical Society
1968 NASA Launches an Automated Astronomical Observatory into Low-Earth Orbit Space Exploration Space and Astronomy NASA
1972 America's Final Moon Mission, Apollo 17, Blasts Off from Cape Canaveral Apollo 17 Lunar Exploration NASA Florida Historical Society
1986 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 3 in Bulgaria Bulgaria Earthquake Death USGS
1988 A 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 25,000 in Armenia-Turkey-Georgia Border Region Armenia Turkey Georgia Earthquake Death The History Channel USGS
1995 Galileo Spacecraft Sends 746-pound Probe into Jupiter's Atmosphere Space Exploration Jupiter NASA
1998 Power for the International Space Station Is First Turned On International Space Station Historic Firsts NASA
2001 NASA Launches Jason-1 to Monitor Global Climate Interactions Between Sea and Atmosphere Space Exploration Earth Science NASA

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