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1742 Carl Wilhelm Scheele (Swedish Chemist) Swedish Mathematicians & Scientists Chemistry
1748 Comte Claude-Louis Berthollet (French Chemist) French Mathematicians & Scientists Chemistry
1879 Benjamin Delahauf Foulois (Connecticut-born Military Aviation Pioneer) Connecticut Explorers and Aviators Aviation Military History Technology and Society
1906 Grace Hopper (New York City-born Mathematician, Computer Pioneer) Grace Hopper History of Computers
1885 Clarence "Bob" Birdseye (new York City-born Frozen Foods Pioneer) Bob Birdseye Foods & Nutrition Inventors & Invention
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1996 Mary Leakey (English Archaeologist, Anthropologist) Mary Leakey Archaeology & Anthropology
1851 Settlers Begin Loading the Ship Leonesa with King County, Washington's First Lumber Export with Shipment to San Francisco King County, Washington San Francisco Trees Naval History Business Historic Firsts HistoryLink
1890 In Minnesota, the University Avenue Streetcar Line from Minneapolis to St. Paul Begins Operation Minnesota Transportation Minnesota Historical Society
1907 Christmas Seals First Sold in Wilmington, DE to Fight Tuberculosis Delaware Christmas Tuberculosis Historic Firsts American Lung Association
1909 A Bleriot Type XI Monoplane (Single Wing) Aircraft Is First Flown in the U.S. Aviation History Historic Firsts NASA
7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Is Recorded 250 Km Southwest of Guam Guam Earthquakes USGS
1921 Inventor Thomas Midgley, Jr. Receives a U.S. Patent for Ethyl Gasoline Ohio Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors & Inventions Trademarks and Patents Transportation Organic Chemistry Ohio Historical Society
1946 Herbert J. Thomas Memorial Hospital, Named for the World War II Congressional Medal of Honor Winner, Opens in South Charleston, West Virginia South Charleston, West Virginia Health Care West Virginia State Archives
1950 Harry Gold Sent to Prison for Atomic Espionage Ethel & Julius Rosenberg Crime Nuclear Weapons World War II The History Channel
1968 Doug Engelbart Demonstrates the First Computer Mouse at Stanford California Computer Technology Historic First Stanford
1993 Space Shuttle Astronauts Complete 5-days Repair of Hubble Space Telescope Astronauts The Hubble Telescope BBC
U.S. Begins Eliminating 500 Missile Silos Under Arms Control Treaty Nuclear Arms Control New York Times
1998 Stanford University Honors Doug Engelbart for His Computer Pioneering California Computer Technology Stanford University

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