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1815 Augusta Ada Byron (English Countess, Daughter of Lord Byron Credited with Writing the World's First Computer Program) Augusta Ada Byron Mathematics History of Technology Center for the Study of  Technology and Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1896 Alfred Nobel (Swedish Chemist; Benefactor of the Nobel Prizes) Alfred Nobel The Nobel Prize
1854 Hector Berlioz' Oratorio, "L'Enfance du Christ," Is First Performed in Paris, France Hector Berlioz Composer Historic Firsts American Public Radio
1868 World's First Traffic Signal Goes into Operation in London London Automobiles Historic Firsts
1878 The Northwestern Telephone Exchange Company of Minneapolis Is Organized, with 53 Subscribers Minneapolis, Minnesota Telephone Minnesota Historical Society
1901 The First Nobel Prizes Are Awarded in Stockholm with a Value of $30,000 Each Sweden The Nobel Prize Historic Firsts Historic UK History Channel Center for the Study of  Technology and Society
1907 Chicago Physicist Albert Michelson Receives Nobel Prize in Physics Chicago Scientists & Mathematicians Physics 1907 Nobel Prize for Physics
1915 Ford Produces the One-Millionth Model T Automobiles Ford Motor Company History Channel
1930 Eastern Airlines Establishes Air Service Between Atlanta and New York Atlanta, Georgia New York City Aviation History University of  Georgia
1954 University of Washington's President Casts Doubt on J. Robert Oppenheimer's Loyalty to the U.S. Washington Education J. Robert Oppenheimer Manhattan Project McCarthyism University of Washington HistoryLink
1958 A National Airlines Boeing 707 Transports 111 People Aboard the First U.S. Domestic Passenger Jet Flight from New York City to Miami New York City Miami, Florida Aviation History Historic Firsts New York Times
1967 A 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 177, Destroying 25% of the Buildings in Koyna, India India Earthquakes Death USGS
1970 A 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 72 People Along the Peru-Ecuador Border Peru Ecuador Earthquakes Death USGS
Geneticist Norman Borlaug Receives the Nobel Peace Prize for Stating the Green Revolution Providing Affordable Food to the Third-World Iowa Scientists & Mathematicians Genetics Foods & Nutrition 1970 Nobel Peace Prize Minnesota Historical Society
1974 NASA Launches the Helios A Deep Space Probe in Partnership with German Scientists Germany Space Exploration NASA
1986 A Canadian and Two Americans Share the Nobel Prize for Chemistry Canadian Scientists and Mathematicians 1986 Nobel Peace Prize CBC
1992 A 6.38 kg. Meteorite Falls through the Roof and Both Floors of a Two-Story House in Mihonoseki, Japan Japan Meteorites USGS
1998 Six Astronauts Enter the International Space Station as Its First Crew International Space Station Historic Firsts NASA New York Times

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