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1642 Isaac Newton (English-born Mathematician, Scientist; Founder of Calculus and Newton's Laws of Motion) Isaac Newton Calculus Physics Gravity
1871 Clara Barton (Massachusetts-born Nurse; Founder of the American Red Cross) Clara Barton Health Care Aemrican Red Cross
1878 Louis Chevrolet (French-American Automobile Designer) French Scientists, Inventors Automotives Chevrolet
1959 Michael Anderson (New York-born African-American Astronaut; Perished 2/1/2003 in Space Shuttle Columbia) Michael Anderson Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster African-American Explorers and Astronauts
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1862 President and Mrs. Lincoln Visit Hospitals President Abraham Lincoln Health Care American Civil War Christmas Lincoln Logs
1899 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Causes Prooperty Damage in San Jacinto, California San Jacinto, California Earthquakes USGS
1907 The Yakima Valley Transportation Company Operates Its First Electric Trolley Over a 3-mile Line in North Yakima (Now Yakima). Yakima, Washington Transportation Historic Firsts HistoryLink
1932 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Changma, Gansu (Kansu), China Collapses 1,000 Houses, Kills 275 People China Earthquakes Death USGS
1974 In Australia, Cyclone Tracy Kills 65 and Leaves 9,000 Homeless Australia Cyclones and Hurricanes Death BBC
1982 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake in the Flores Island Region of Indonesia Destroys 1,875 Homes, Killing 13 People Indonesia Earthquakes Death USGS
2003 European Space Agency Mars Probe, Beagle 2, Disappears and Is Lost Space Exploration Mars Exploration European Space Agency BBC

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