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Jan 26
Douglas MacArthur (Arkansas-born American General) Douglas MacArthur World War II Korean War President Harry Truman
Nov 10
W.E. Butterworth: aka W.E.B. Griffin (New Jersey-born Children's Author, War/Military Novels and Stories) New Jersey Authors & Illustrators Young-adult Authors Korean War (M*A*S*H)

Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date

Sep 8
U.S. Troops Arrive in Korea to Partition the Country Korean War History Channel
Sep 7
UN Rejects Soviet Resolution to Condemn U.S. Bombing of North Korea United Nations Soviet Union Korean War Cold War The History Channel
Sep 15
United Nations Forces Land at Inchon, Korea and Begin Drive Toward Seoul United Nations Korea BBC
Sep 25
U.N. Troops Take Control of Seoul in South Korea United Nations Korea Korean War BBC
Sep 27
U.S. Forces Take Seoul, Korea Korean War Truman Library
Oct 15
Truman & MacArthur Meet on Wake Island to Discuss the Korean War Harry Truman Douglas MacArthur Korean War Asian History
Oct 19
United Nations Forces Enter North Korean Capital of Pyongyang The United Nations North Korea The Korean War The New York Times
Nov 6
The Chinese Army Joins the Korean War on the Side of the North Korea China Korean War Asian History
Nov 8
The First Jet Fighter Dogfight Takes Place over Korea The Korean War Aviation Historic Firsts Technology and Society
Nov 26
Chinese Counterattack Changes the Course of the Korean War China Korean War History Channel
Nov 29
Chinese Overwhelm Allied Forces in North Korea China Korean War History Channel
Nov 30
In a Press Conference President Truman Threatens Chinese with the Atomic Bomb China President Truman Korean War Nuclear Weapons University of California Santa Barbara
Dec 5
Chinese Forces Push U.N. Troops Out of the North Korean Capital of Pyongyang United Nations China Korean War BBC
Sep 16
President Truman Declares State of Emergency in Reply to Chinese Intervention in Korea China Harry Truman The Korean War History Channel New York Times Asian History Florida Historical Society
Jan 4
North Korean and Communist Chinese Forces Capture the City of Seoul Korea China Korean War BBC
Sep 13
Americans Begin Assault on Heartbreak Ridge in Korea Korean War New York Times
Oct 25
Peace Talks Resume in Korea after 63 Days Korean War New York Times
Jan 30
Korean War Peace Talks Hit Stalemate Korean War BBC
Sep 6
Benito Martinez' Heroism Earns the Congressional Medal of Honor Texas Military Leaders Korean War Congressional Medal of Honor Latin-American Military Leaders Texas State Historical Association
Nov 29
President-elect Dwight Eisenhower Goes to Korea Dwight Eisenhower Korean War History Channel
Nov 17
Chartered Airliner Carrying Korean War Servicemen Crashes Outside Seattle: 27 Die Washington Korean War Air Disasters Death History Link
Nov 6
Iowa Voters Approve a Bonus for Veterans of the Korean War Iowa Voting Economics Korean War State Historical Society of Iowa
Jan 11
U.S. Acknowledges the Massacre of Refugees by U.S. Soldiers During the Korean War Korea Korean War War Crimes Death PBS

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