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Nov 24
Zachary Taylor (Virginia-born 12th President of the United States) Virginia Political Leaders Zachary Taylor The American Presidency Mexican-American War

Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date

Oct 8
A Victory by the Mexican Army Ends Anglo-American Attempts to Seize Texas from Spain Mexico Spain Texas War Latin-American Heritage Texas State Historical Society
Sep 11
Mexican General Adrián Woll Captures San Antonio with a Force of 12,000 Mexico Military Figures San Antonio, Texas War Texas State historical Association
Oct 19
Erroneously Believing the U.S. to be at War with Mexico, U.S. Commodore Thomas Catesby Jones Forces the Surrender of Alta California Mexico California Mexican-American War LearnCalifornia
Aug 18
General Kearney's Forces Peacefully Capture Santa Fe, New Mexico New Mexcio Mexican-American War El Paso County Community College District New Mexico Magazine
Aug 22
General Kearny's Troops Take Possession of New Mexico without Firing a Shot New Mexico Mexican-American War Westward Expansion New Mexcio Department of Tourism New Mexico Magazine
Aug 23
Work Begins on Fort Marcy, Located on a Promontory 700 yards North of Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa Fe, New Mexico Forts New Mexico Magazine
Sep 25
General Zachary Taylor's Forces Capture Monterey, Mexico Mexico Zachary Taylor Mexican-American War U.S. Army
Nov 18
Virginia's Governor Orders the Formation of a State Regiment for the Mexican-American War Virginia Mexican-American War West Virginia Archives
Dec 6
American Forces Clash with Califorinos East of San Diego in the Battle of San Pasqual California Mexican-American War Hispanic Heritage Oaland Museum of California
Dec 7
In California, American Forces Are Besieged by Californios East of San Diego San Diego, California Mexican-American War Hispanic Heritage Learn California
Dec 25
U.S. Troops Defeat the Mexicans at Brazitos Near Las Cruces, in the Only Mexican War Battle Fought in New Mexico. New Mexico Mexican-American War New Mexico Magazine
Dec 29
U.S. Commodore Robert Stockton and U.S. Brigadier General Stephen Kearney Argue over Command of the California Territory California Mexican-American War LearnCalifornia
Jan 13
The Capitulation at Cahuenga Ends a Year of Fighting Between American and Mexican Forces in California, Mexico California Mexican-American War Learn California
Sep 13
Americans Storm Chapultepec - Last Major Battle of Mexican-American War Mexico Mexican-American War The History Channel
Sep 14
U.S. Forces under General Winfield Scott Take Control of Mexico City Mexico Winfield Scott Mexican-American War New York Times
Jan 12
Speaking on the Floor of the U.S. House, Lincoln Declares the Mexican War Unnecessary & Unconstitutional U.S. House of Representatives Abraham Lincoln Mexican-American War Lincoln Logs

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