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Dec 26
George Dewey (Vermont-born Admiral in the United States Navy) Vermont Military Leaders Naval Military History Spanish American War Library of Congress
Nov 24
Leonard Chadwick (Delaware-born Recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor) Delaware Military Figures Congressional Medal of Honor Spanish American War State of Delaware

Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date

Oct 26
The Battleship Oregon Is Launched From San Francisco, California Oregon San Francisco, California Naval Military History Spanish-American War SalemOregon.com
Oct 18
U.S. Troops Capture Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Spanish-American War Library of Congress
Dec 10
Treaty of Paris Formally Concludes the Spanish-American War Paris Spanish-American War Historic U.S. Documents World History History Channel
Dec 17
President McKinley Visits Savannah, Georgia as Part of the Nation's Spanish-American War Victory Celebration Savannah, Georgia President William McKinley Spanish-American University Georgia
Oct 17
President McKinley Dedicates Spanish-American War Canon in Three Oaks, Michigan Michigan President McKinley Spanish-American War State of Michigan
Nov 6
First Washington Volunteer Infantry Returns to Seattle from Fighting in the Philippines The Philippines Seattle, Washington Spanish-American War HistoryLink
Jan 22
West Virginia's Legislature Passes a Joint Resolution Honoring Spanish- American War Hero Andrew S. Rowan West Virginia Military Leaders Spanish-American War West Virginia Archives

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