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1727 James Wolfe (English General Who Established British Control Throughout Canada) English Military Leaders Canada French and Indian War
1848 Julia A. Tuttle (Ohio-born "Mother of Miami," Florida ) Ohio Business Leaders Miami, Florida Florida Historical Society
1890 Hjalmar Petersen (Danish-American Governor of Minnesota: 1936-37) Danish Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders
1895 Folke Bernadotte (Member of the Swedish Royal Family, Diplomat, Humanitarian) Swedish Political and Social Leaders World War II The Holocaust
1898 Sadie Alexander (Pennsylvania-born African-American Attorney, Civil Rights Advocate) Sadie Alexander Law and Legal Resources Human Rights/Civil Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders
1913 Juanita Jackson Mitchell (Arkansas-born African-American Attorney, Civil Rights Advocate) Arkansas Political and Social Leaders Law and Legal Resources Human Rights/Civil Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1892 Montgomery C.Meigs (Georgia-born Union Army General) Georgia Military Leaders American Civil War University of Georgia
1904 James Longstreet (South Carolina-born Confederate General) James Longstreet American Civil War University of Georgia
1916 Joseph R. Lamar (Georgia-born Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court University of Georgia
1492 Spanish Forces Capture Granada Ending Seven Centuries of Muslim Rule on the Iberian Peninsula Spain Islam Merriam Webster Chambers Book of Days History Channel
1776 Continental Congress Publishes the "Tory Act" Resolution Describing Treatment for Americans Remaining Loyal to King George The Continential Congress King George of England American Revolution History Channel
1811 Massachusetts' Timothy Pickering Is the First U.S. Senator to be Censured Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate Historic Firsts History Channel
1865 From Savannah, Georgia, General Sherman Sends General Grant Plans for Invading South Carolina South Carolina Savannah, Georgia U.S. Grant American Civil War University of Georgia
President Lincoln Is Interviewed by a Correspondent from Scientific American President Lincoln Scientific American Lincoln Logs
1893 The United States Marines Corps Withdraws from Nicaragua Nicaragua United State Marine Corps Library of Congress
1905 The Japanese Capture Naval Base at Port Arthur Forcing a Russian Surrender Russia Japan Naval Military History History Channel New York Times
1918 Wisconsin's 127th and 128th Infantries Depart Their Waco, Texas Training Camp for France Wisconsin Military Figures Waco, Texas World War I Wisconsin Historical Society
1923 Albert Fall, U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Resigns Due to Public Outrage over the Teapot Dome Scandal U.S. Department of the Interior Teapot Dome Scandal History Channel
1933 Frederick Douglass Dedicates the Haitian Pavilion at Chicago's Columbian Exposition Haiti Frederick Douglass Chicago African-American Heritage Library of Congress
1935 Bruno Hauptmann Goes on Trial for the Kidnapping and Murder of the Infant Son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh Charles Lindbergh Law and Legal Resources New York Times
1942 U.S. Navy Opens a Blimp Base in Lakehurst, New Jersey Lakehurst, New Jersey Blimps History Channel
Japanese Forces Capture the Philippine Capital of Manila During World War II The Republic of the Philppines Japan World War II New York Times
1960 Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy Announces His Candidacy for the Democratic Presidential Nomination Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders President John F. Kennedy The American Presidency 1960 Presidential Election Democratic Party New York Times
1965 Martin Luther King, Jr. Launches Mass Marches in Selma, Alabama to Protect African-American Voting Rights Selma, Alabama Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. U.S. Civil Rights Movement African-American Heritage University of Georgia
1967 South African Surgeon, Dr Christian Barnard, Performs Second Heart Transplant One Month After His First Christian Barnard Heart Transplants South African History
1971 Fight Among Scottish Soccer Fans Results in 66 Deaths Scotland Soccer Death BBC
1974 To Force Fuel Conservation, President Nixon Signs Federal Law Lowering All National Highway Speed Limits to 55 mph President Richard Nixon Automotives Energy History Channel
1975 U.S. Patent Office Is Renamed the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office U.S. Government Patents and Trademarks USPTO
1980 President Carter Seeks Sanctions Against Soviet Military Intervention into Afghanistan Afghanistan Soviet Union President Jimmy Carter Cold War History Channel
1996 U.S. Combat Troops Arrive in Northern Bosnia to Help Keep the Peace Between Bosnian Serbs and Muslims Bosnia U.S. Military BBC
2007 The New York Stock Exchange Closes for the Funeral of Former U.S. President Gerald Ford Gerald Ford The American Presidency New York Stock Rxchange (pdf) CNN

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