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1793 Lucretia Mott (Massachusetts-born Rights Activist, Abolitionist) Lucretia Mott Quaker Religion Human Rights/Civil Rights Women Abolition
1834 Alonzo Jacob Ransier (South Carolina-born African-American Member of the U.S. Congress) Alonzo Jacob Ransier U.S. Congress African American Political and Social Leaders
1840 Father Damien (Belgian Missionary to Hawaiian lepers) Father Damien Hawaii Leprosy
1871 Mary Magdalena Lewis Tate (Tennessee-born African-American Religious Leader) Mary Magdalena Lewis Tate Religious Leaders African-American Political and Social Leaders
1883 Clement Attlee (Prime Minister of England from 1945 to 1951) British Political and Social Leaders
1901 Dinh Diem Ngo (Premier and President of South Vietnam) Dinh Diem Ngo
1916 Betty Furness (New York City-born Consumer Advocate) New York City Performing Artists Actors U.S. Government Consumer Economics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1795 Josiah Wedgwood (English Artists, Designer Who Founded Wedgwood Pottery) Josiah Wedgwood Wedgwood
1946 William Joyce (New York City-born Nazi Propagandist Hanged by the British for Treason) William Joyce Propaganda World War  II World Crimes
1967 Jack Ruby (Chicago-born Assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald) Jack Ruby Assassination of John F. Kennedy
1521 Martin Luther Is Excommunicated by Pope Leo X Martin Luther Pope Leo X Religion Concordia
1777 George Washington Routs Cornwallis's Forces At the Battle of Princeton Charles Cornwallis George Washington The American Revolution New York Times
1823 Joseph Hernandez Seated as Florida Territory's First U.S. Congressional Representative Florida U.S. Congress Hispanic Heritage Florida Historical Society
1833 British Seize Control of the Falkland Islands Great Britain New York Times
1834 Mexican Government Imprisons Stephen F. Austin in Mexico City Mexico Texas History Channel
1842 Lincoln Provides Love Advice in Letter to His Friend Joshua Speed Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1861 Florida Delegates Convene in Tallahassee to Consider Secession Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
Delaware State Legislature Overwhelmingly Votes to Remain in the Union Delaware American Civil War History Channel
Lincoln Writes Seward It Is Safest Not to Arrive in D.C. Until After Official Vote Count Abraham Lincoln American Presidency 1860 Presidential Election Lincoln Logs
1862 President Lincoln Transmits to Senate Treaty with Tribe of Potawatomi Indians U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Potawatomi Indians Lincoln Logs
1868 Meiji Restoration Re-establishes Japan's Emperor Heralding Fall of Shoguns Japan History Channel
1910 Horace H. Lurton Sworn in As Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court Kentucky Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1911 Willis Van Devanter Sworn in As Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court Indiana Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
Joseph R. Lamar Sworn in As Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1924 Explorer Howard Carter Discovers King Tutankhamen's Sarcophagus in Egypt Howard Carter Egypt King Tut's Tomb Archaeology History Channel
1938 U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt Establishes March of Dimes to Fight Polio March of Dimes President Franklin Roosevelt Polio Historic Firsts New York Times
1946 William Joyce Is Hanged in London for Broadcasting Nazi Propaganda Great Britain Propaganda World War  II World Crimes Death
1947 Opening Session of Congress Televised in Philadelphia, D.C. & New York City U.S. Congress Television Historic Firsts New York Times
1949 U.S. Supreme Court Rules Closed Union Shops Are Illegal U.S. Supreme Court Labor History Channel
1961 United States Severs Diplomatic Relations with Cuba Fidel Castro President Eisenhower Cold War History Channel
1962 Pope John XXIII Excommunicates Fidel Castro Fidel Castro Pope John XXIII Religion
1966 General Lamizana Assumes Power of Burkina Faso, Suspends Constitution Burkina Faso Encarta
1980 Afghanistan President, Babrak Karmal, Defends Soviet Invasion of His Country Afghanistan Soviet Union BBC
1987 Allan Hendrickse Protests South Africa's Apartheid with Swim at Whites-only Beach South African Political and Social Leaders Apartheid South African History Online
1990 Ousted Panamanian Dictator, Manuel Noriega, Surrenders to U.S. Troops Manuel Noriega Hispanic Heritage New York Times
1991 Great Britain Expels 8 Iraqi Officials Great Britain Iraqi War on Terrorism BBC
1993 President Bush and Russian President Yeltsin Sign Missile Treaty in Moscow Boris Yeltsin President George Bush Arms Control Historic World Documents BBC

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