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Northern Mariana Islands: Commonwealth Day
(National Day observed in commemoration of the enactment of the commonwealth constitution: 1978)
Northern Mariana Islands CIA
Louisiana: Jackson Day
(Commemoration of Andrew Jackson's victory at the Battle of New Orleans: 1/8/1815)
New Orleans Andrew Jackson Battle of New Orleans
1735 John Carroll (Maryland-born Religious Leader: First Roman Catholic Bishop in the United States) Maryland Political and Social Leaders Religion Catholicism
1821 James Longstreet (South Carolina-born Confederate General) James Longstreet The American Civil War
1827 James Holt Clanton (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures The American Civil War University of Georgia
1867 Emily Greene Balch (Massachusetts-born 1946 Laureate of Nobel Peace Prize) Emily Greene Balch The Quakers 1946 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
1885 John Curtain (Prime Minister of Australia) Australiam Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1198 Pope Celestine III (Roman Catholic Pope) Catholic Popes
1976 Zhou Enlai (Chinese Communist Leader and Premier of the People's Republic of China) Zhou Enlai
1978 Richard Turner (South African Rights Activist: Assassinated) South African Political and Social Leaders Human Rights, Civil Rights Death South African History
1996 Francois Mitterrand (Former President of France) Francois Mitterrand
794 Danish Vikings Attack Lindisfarne Island off the North-East Coast of England Lindisfarne Island Denmark War European History Historic UK
1198 Italian Cardinal Lotario di Segni Is Elected Pope, Taking the Name of Innocent III Italian Political and Social Leaders Catholic Popes Concordia
1438 Catholics Convene the Council of Florence to Develop Plan to Save Constantinople from the Turks Istanbul Islam Catholicism Concordia
1734 The Purrysburg Sails from Dover, England Carrying First 73 Salzburger Immigrants to Georgia England Austria Georgia Colonial Georgia Immigration University of Georgia
1790 George Washington Delivers the First "State of the Union" Address George Washington The American Presidency Historic Documents and Speeches Historic Firsts History Channel
1811 Charles Deslondes Leads Slaves in a Rebellion West of New Orleans along Louisiana's "German Coast." Louisiana Slavery John Horse African American Registry
1815 Andrew Jackson Defeats the British at Battle of New Orleans Battle of New Orleans New Orleans War of 1812 Library of Congress History Channel
1821 Creek and U.S. Representatives Sign Treaty of Indian Springs Extending Georgia's Boundaries Beyond the Ocmulgee River Treaty of Indian Springs Creek Indians Historic U.S. Documents University of Georgia
1838 Michigan's Governor Orders Militia to Prevent Rebels from Using the State as a Base for an Attack on Canada Canada Michigan Michigan Historical Society
1849 Events of the Italian Revolution Force Pope Pius IX to Flee to Gaeta on the Italian Coast Italy Pope Pius IX Revolts and Revolutionaries Concordia
1853 Statue of Andrew Jackson Is Dedicated in Washington, D.C. Andrew Jackson Washington, D.C. National Park Service
Sumter County Is Created as Florida's 29th County - Named in Honor of Revolutionary War General Thomas Sumter Holmes County, Florida Florida Historical Society
1863 President Lincoln Writes That the Emancipation Proclamation Has Been Issued and "broken eggs can not be mended." President Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation American Civil War Lincoln Logs
President Lincoln Proclaims Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation with Republic of Bolivia Bolivia President Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1864 President Lincoln Sends to the Senate a Treaty with the Chippewa Indians U.S. Senate President Abraham Lincoln Chippewa Indians Lincoln Logs
Union Troops Hang 17-year-old Confederate Spy in Arkansas Arkansas American Civil War Texas State Historical Association
1865 Kickapoos Rout Texas Confederates Troops in the Battle of Dove Creek Texas Kickapoo Indians American Civil War Texas State Historical Association
1867 Congressional Approval of Voting Rights for African-American Men in the District of Columbia Is First in the U.S. U.S. Congress Washington, D.C. Voting Rights African-American History Historic Firsts History Channel
1877 Crazy Horse Is Soundly Defeated in His Final Battle in Montana Montana Crazy Horse History Channel
1912 South African Native National Congress Is Formed in Bloemfontein ANC South African History African American Registry
1916 Allies Withdraw from the Gallipoli Peninsula The Battle of the Gallipoli Peninsula History Channel
1918 Woodrow Wilson Proposes His Fourteen Points President Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points World War I World History History Channel New York Times
1934 The U.S. Supreme Court Upholds a Minnesota Law Placing a Moratorium on Mortgages During the Great Depression Minnesota Government U.S. Supreme Court Housing Great Depression Law and Legal Resources Minnesota Historical Society
1940 Mussolini Questions Hitler's Plans to Wage War with Great Britain Benito Mussolini Great Britain Nazi Germany Adolph Hitler World War II History Channel
1959 Charles de Gaulle Is Inaugurated as President of France Charles de Gaulle BBC
1964 Lyndon Johnson Declares War on Poverty Lyndon Johnson U.S. Presidency New York Times
1969 81 Cubans Shoot Their Way Past Cuban Guards Seeking Asylum at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base Cuba Cuban Immigrants Guantanamo Bay Naval Base Florida Historical Society
1971 President Richard Nixon Signs a Law Creating Voyageurs National Park Minnesota Parks President Richard Nixon Law and Legal Resources Voyageurs National Park Minnesota Historical Society
1973 U.S. National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger and Hanoi's Le Duc Tho Resume Vietnam Peace Talks in Paris Paris Vietnam War History Channel
1989 Plane Crash onto an English Motorway Kills 46 England Air Disasters Death BBC
1992 President George Bush Collapses at State Dinner in Tokyo Japan George Bush The American Presidency New York Times
1998 New York World Trade Center Bomber Is Sentenced to Life in Prison New York World Trade Center Terrorism CNN

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