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Panamá: Martyrs' Day
(Remembrance of 20 students who died proclaiming Panamá's control of the canal zone: 1/9/1964)
Panamá U.S. Department of State
1797 Baron Ferdinand Von Wrangell (6th Russian Governor of Alaska: 1830 - 1835) Russian Political and Social Leaders Alaska Government
1859 Carrie Lane Chapman Catt (Wisconsin-born Women's Suffragist) Carrie Lane Chapman Catt Women.s Suffrage
1913 Richard Nixon (California-born President of the United States) Richard Nixon The American Presidency
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1858 Anson Jones (Massachusetts-born Physician; Last President of the Republic of Texas (suicide)) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders Republic of Texas Texas State Historical Association
1984 Frank X. Tolbert (Texas-born Novelist, Author, Journalist) Texas Authors American Authors Journalism Texas State Historical Association
1569 Saint Philip of Moscow, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, Is Murdered by Czar Ivan IV Russian Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders Death Concordia
1793 George Washington Witnesses the First Successful Balloon Flight Made in U.S. George Washington Hot-air Balloons Historic Firsts NASA
1806 British Naval Hero, Lord Horatio Nelson, Is Buried at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. London St. Paul's Cathedral Historic Firsts History Channel
1861 Mississippi Secedes from the Union Mississippi U.S. History New York Times
1865 President Lincoln Receives Guests at the White House, Walks to the War Department at Midnight Abraham Lincoln The White House The American Civil War Lincoln Logs
1873 Ward Hunt Is Sworn In As Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court New York Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1882 Horace Gray Is Sworn In As Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1908 Theodore Roosevelt Declares Muir Woods a National Monument California President Theodore Roosevelt Parks
1917 British Troops Launch Offensive Against Turkish Forces at Khadairi Bend Great Britain Turkey Iraq World War I History Channel
1945 United States Invades Luzon in Philippines Republic of the Philippines World War II History Channel
1951 United Nations Headquarters Open in New York City New York City The United Nations Source Watch
1952 President Truman Delivers State of the Union Address Warning of Cold War Dangers President Harry Truman The Cold War History Channel
1957 British Prime Minister Anthony Eden Resigns, Citing Health Reasons British Political and Social Leaders BBC
1958 Toyota & Datsun Cars First Shown in U.S. Japan Toyota Historic Firsts History Channel
1961 President-elect John F. Kennedy Bids Farewell to the People of Massachusetts Massachusetts John F. Kennedy Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1964 200 Students Declare Panamanian Sovereignty of the Canal Zone Panamá United States World History New York Times
1965 The Battleship USS Alabama Is Dedicated in Mobile as a World War II Memorial Alabama Naval History World War II Official Website Alabama Archive
1972 The Queen Elizabeth Is Destroyed by Fire in Hong Kong Hong Kong Naval History Fire Safety and Security History Channel
1978 Constitution of Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Becomes Effective Northern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana Islands
1991 U.S.-Iraq Diplomatic Meeting Fails to Prevent Gulf War Iraq The United States The Gulf War Michigan State University
1993 African National Congress Presents Five Demands for South Africa's First Democratic Elections South Africa Elections South African History
2005 Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas Wins Palestinian Presidential Elections Palestine Elections BBC

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