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1894 Charles A. Dudley (Texas-born African-American Civil Rights Advocate) Charles A. Dudley Civil Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
681 Pope Agatho (Sicilian-born Catholic Pope) Pope Agatho Catholic Popes Religion
1645 William Laud (Archbishop of Canterbury - Beheaded by Puritan Revolutionaries) William Laud Religions
1645 William Laud, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Is Beheaded by Puritan Revolutionaries British Political and Social Leaders Archbishop of Canterbury Death Concordia
1776 North Carolina's Exiled Royal Governor Calls for Loyalists to Combat the Revolutionaries North Carolina The American Revolution History Channel
1840 Britain Begins the First System of Pre-paid Postage British History Stamps Greenwich Guide
1842 Peter V. Daniel Is Sworn In As Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Virginia Political and Social Leaders President Martin van Buren U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1849 Lincoln Proposes Amendment to Bill to Abolish Slavery in the District of Columbia District of Columbia U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Slavery Lincoln Logs
1859 President James Buchanan Appoints West Virginia Democrat Charles Faulkner Minister to France France West Virginia Political and Social Leaders President James Buchanan West Virginia Archives
1861 President Lincoln Names William Seward Secretary of State William Seward Abraham Lincoln History Channel
Florida Secedes from the Union Florida The American Civil War Library of Congress Florida Historical Society
1864 U.S.S. Roebuck Captures Confederate Blockade-runner Maria Louise Near Jupiter, Florida Florida The American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1878 An Amendment to Extend Voting Rights to Women Is First Introduced in U.S. Congress U.S. Congress Women Women's Suffrage U.S. Constitution Historic Firsts Virginia State Board of Elections
1900 Lord Roberts Replaces Sir Redvers Buller as Commander of British Forces in South Africa South Africa Great Britain South African History
1920 The League of Nations Is Established as per the Treaty of Versailles League of Nations The Treaty of Versailles Northwestern University History Channel
1922 Arthur Griffith Elected President of New Irish Free State Ireland Elections History Channel
1923 President Warren G. Harding Orders Return of U.S. Troops Occupying Germany Germany Warren G. Harding World War I History Channel
1928 Soviet Union Orders Leon Trotsky into Exile Leon Trotsky New York Times
1941 FDR Proposes Lend-Lease Program to Congress Franklin Roosevelt World War II History Channel
1946 U.N. General Assembly Holds First Meeting in London London The United Nations Historic Firsts History Channel New York Times
1951 Edward G. Robinson Cleared of Communist Ties Edward G. Robinson Actors McCarthyism/Red Scare History Channel
1957 Harold Macmillan Becomes Prime Minister of England Harold Macmillan BBC
President Eisenhower Declares U.S. Interest in Agreements for Missile & Satellite Development President Eisenhower Space Exploration Nuclear Weapons Cold War NASA
Six Pre-dawn Bombings Damage African-American Churches and Homes in Montgomery, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama Racism Terrorism Alabama Archives
1961 U.S. Conducts Successful Test of Its Polaris Missile System Nuclear Weapons Cold War NASA
1967 Lyndon Johnson Asks for Vietnam War Tax Surcharge in State of the Union Address to Congress President Lyndon Johnson United States Congress Vietnam War Taxes Johnson Presidential Library
Edward Brooke (MA) Seated as First African-American Elected to U.S. Senate by Popular Vote Edward Brooke U.S. Senate Elections African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts New York Times
1977 President Gerald Ford Presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Norman Rockwell Norman Rockwell President Gerald Ford American Artists Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1984 U.S. & Vatican Re-establish Relations after 116 Years Catholicism New York Times
1989 Cuban Troops Begin Withdrawal from Angola Angola Cuba The Cold War History Channel
1996 King Hussein of Jordan Makes First Public Visit to Israel King Hussein Israel BBC

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