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1755 Alexander Hamilton (Jamaican-born Founder of the U.S. Banking System) Alexander Hamilton U.S. Government U.S. Treasury The American Revolution
1815 John Alexander Macdonald (Scottish-born Prime Minister of Canada: 1867-1873, 1878-1891) John Alexander Macdonald Canadian Political and Social Leaders
1839 Eugenio María de Hostos (Puerto Rican-born Educator, Writer, Advocate for Puerto Rican Independence and Caribbean Unity) Eugenio María de Hostos Hispanic Political and Social Leaders
1885 Alice Paul (New Jersey-born Women's Suffragist) Alice Paul Quaker Religion Women's Rights Women's Suffrage
1907 Pierre Mendès-France (Premier of France) Pierre Mendès-France
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1852 David C. Barrow (Georgia-born Educator: Namesake of Barrow County, Georgia) David C. Barrow Educators of Note
1843 Francis Scott Key (Maryland-born Author of The Star Spangled Banner) Francis Scott Key War of 1812 Star Spangled Banner American Composers and Songwriters
1893 John E. Kenna (West Virginia-born Member of the U.S. Senate) John E. Kenna U.S. Senate West Virginia Archives
1769 British King George III Ratifies in Council the Settlement of the Mason-Dixon Boundary Between Delaware and Maryland Great Britain Delaware Maryland King George III Mason-Dixon Line State of Delaware
1803 President Jefferson Nominates James Monroe to Negotiate the Acquisition of the Louisiana Territory Louisiana Territory President Jefferson James Monroe Yale University
1805 President Thomas Jefferson Signs an Act Establishing the Michigan Territory Michigan President Jefferson State of Michigan
1830 John McLean (NJ) Sworn in As Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court New Jersey Political & Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1858 Benito Juárez Assumes Presidency of Mexico and Re-establishes Federal Law Mexico Hispanic Heritage City of El Paso (pdf)
1861 Alabama Secedes from the Union Alabama The American Civil War Alabama Archives
1865 Robert E. Lee Recommends Using African-American Troops in Return for Emancipation Robert E. Lee The American Civil War African-American History Sewannee: The University of the South
Secretary of War Edwin Stanton Meets General Sherman in Savannah Regarding Freed Slaves Savannah, Georgia The American Civil War Slavery Georgia
1879 British Attempt to Expand Influence in South Africa with Invasion of Zululand South Africa Great Britain Zulu War African American Registry
1880 Former President Ulysses S. Grant Visits Florida's Silver Springs Resort Florida Ulysses S. Grant Florida Historical Association
1892 The U.S. Senate Confirms 5 Judges to Adjudicate New Mexico Land Grants Originally Issued by Spain and Mexico Spain Mexico New Mexico U.S. Senate Law & Legal Resources New Mexcio Magazine
1909 Canada and the U.S. Form the International Joint Commission to Preventing and Settle Disputes in the Boundary Waters Region Canada Lakes Minnesota Historical Society
1916 French Forces Occupy the Greek Island of Corfu Greece France World War I History Channel
1923 Lithuania Occupies the Country of Memel Lithuania League of Nations Photo Archive
1928 Josef Stalin Banishes Leon Trotsky from the Soviet Union Soviet Union Josef Stalin Leon Trotsky History Channel
1942 Japan Declares War Against the Netherlands, Invade the Dutch East Indies Japan The Netherland World War II New York Times
The First of Five German U-boats, Which Will Begin Sinking American Shipping Vessels, Appears Off the East Coast of the U.S. Nazi Germany Submarines World War II Historic Firsts State of Delaware
1943 U.S. & Britain Sign Treaties Relinquishing Extraterritorial Rights in China China Great Britain New York Times
1944 Members of the Nationalist Istiqlal Party Issue Moroccan Independence Manifesto Morocco Manifesto of Indpendence Arabic News
German POW Murdered By NAZI Enforcers in Texas Internment Camp NAZI Germany Texas World War II Prisoners of War Death History Channel
1945 Truce Brings Short-lived Peace to Greek Civil War Greece History Channel
1946 Albania Is Declared a Republic with Enver Hoxha Dictator Albania President of Albania
1973 President Nixon Ends Wage and Price Control Program President Richard Nixon The American Presidency Economics History Channel
1977 France Releases Suspected Palestinian Terrorist from 1972 Munich Olympics France Terrorism 1972 Munich Olympic Games New York Times
1988 Vice President George Bush Answers Questions About the Iran-Contra Affair President George Bush Iran-Contra Scandal New York Times
Car Bomb Kills/Injures Members of African National Congress in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Terrorism Death ntlWorld
1989 President Reagan Gives His Farewell Address to the Nation President Ronald Reagan The American Presidency History Channel
1998 Islamic Extremists Kill 400 in Two Algerian Villages Algeria Islam Terrorism BBC
2002 First Prisoners from the War on Terrorism Arrive at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Cuba Afghanistan War on Terrorism CNN

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