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Tanzania: Zanzibar Revolution Day
(Commemorates African majority revolt against the Arab sultan, and formation of a Afro-Shirazi party government: 01/12/1964)
Tanzania U.S. Department of State Tanzania High Commission-London
Turkmenistan: Memorial Day
(Observed in memory of the thousands of civilians massacred by Russian Imperial Forces: 01/12/1881)
Turkmenistan Russia U.S. Department of State
1588 John Winthrop (English-born Puritan Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Famous for his "City on the Hill" Sermon) John Winthrop Colonial Massachusetts Noted American Social Leaders Religious Leaders
1737 John Hancock (Massachusetts-born President of the First and Second Continental Congresses: 17757) John Hancock Declaration of Independence American Revolution
1816 Willis A. Gorman (Kentucky-born Second Territorial Governor of Minnesota) Kentucky Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Historical Society
1825 Francis Henry Underwood (Massachusetts-born Author and Attorney) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders Law & Legal Resources
1916 P.W. Botha (Prime Minister and President of South Africa) P.W. Botha Apartheid
1920 James Farmer (Texas-born African-American Civil Right Leader) James Farmer Civil Rights/Human Rights Noted African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1519 Maximilian I (Austrian-born Holy Roman Emperor) Maximilian I German Social and Political Leaders Catholicism
1976 Duma (Philemon Pearce Dumasile) Nokwe (South African Civil Rights Activist and Politician) Duma Nokwe Human Rights
2002 Cyrus R. Vance (West Virginia-born Statesman: Secretary of State for President Jimmy Carter) Cyrus R. Vance U.S. Government President Jimmy Carter
1604 England's James I Convenes the Hampton Court Conference to Discuss Religious Differences Great Britain James I Religion Concordia
1775 Residents of Georgia's St. Andrew's Parish Adopt Resolutions in Support of the Colonial Liberties Georgia Colonial America American Revolution University of Georgia
1848 Speaking on the Floor of the U.S. House, Lincoln Declares the Mexican War Unnecessary & Unconstitutional U.S. House of Representatives Abraham Lincoln Mexican-American War Lincoln Logs
1861 Confederate Forces in Florida Seize the U.S. Navy Yard at Pensacola, Ft. McRee & Ft. Barrancas Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
Federal Forces Garrison Fort Pickens on Florida's Santa Rosa Island Key West Florida American Civil War Channel Islands National Park Florida Historical Society
In Marshall, Texas, John W. Barrett Shuts Down His Unionist Newspaper, the Harrison Flag Marshall, Texas Journalism American Civil War Texas State Historical Association
1865 Hugh Judson Kilpatrick Is Promoted to Major General in the Union Army Hugh Judson Kilpatrick American Military Figures American Civil War History Channel
1879 The Anglo Zulu War Begins South Africa Great Britain Zulu War History Channel
1881 Russian Imperial Forces End 20-day Siege Overrunning the Turkmen Fortress of Goktepe Turkmenistan Russia War
1915 United States House of Representatives Rejects Proposal to Give Women the Right to Vote United States House of Representatives Women's Suffrage Voting New York Times
1919 Leaders of Great Britain, France, Italy and U.S. Meet in Paris Paris Great Britain Italy President Woodrow Wilson World War I History Channel
1932 Arkansas' Hattie W. Caraway First Woman Elected to the U.S. Senate Arkansas Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate Women Voting and Elections Historic Firsts History Channel
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Retires from the U.S. Supreme Court Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. U.S. Supreme Court Law Oyez Project
1941 Matthew Neely Resigns from the United States Senate to Become Governor of West Virginia West Virginia U.S. Senate West Virginia Archives
1942 Malaysian Capital Kuala Lumpur Captured by the Japanese Army Malaysia Japan World War II Australian Department of Defence
President Franklin Roosevelt Reinstates Woodrow Wilson's National War Labor Board (NWLB) President Woodrow Wilson President Franklin Roosevelt World War II Labor History Channel
Florida Solider Killed in the Philippines Will Be Awarded First WWII Congressional Medal of Honor The Philippines Florida Military Figures World War II American Military Figures Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1943 Soviet Forces Breach 18-month Nazi Siege of Leningrad Soviet Union Nazi Germany World War II History Channel
1944 Supreme Court Strikes Down Exclusion of Blacks from Texas Primary Voting Texas Law Politics & Voting U.S. Civil Rights Oyez Project
1945 Soviet Forces Begin a Huge Offensive Against the Germans in Eastern Europe Soviet Union Nazi Germany World War II New York Times
A Japanese Balloon Carrying Bombs Explodes Near Regina, Saskatchewan Regina, Saskatchewan Japan World War II Hot Air Balloons Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
1954 U.S. Announces It Will Protect Its Allies through the "Deterrent of Massive Retaliatory Power" Cold War Nuclear Weapons History Channel
Queen Elizabeth II Opens a Special Session of the New Zealand Parliament Great Britain New Zealand Queen Elizabeth II New Zealand Post
1964 Revolutionaries Overthrow the Arab Sultan of Zanzibar's Ruling National Party Tanzania Tanzania High Commission-London
1966 Three Members of Britain's Parliament Attacked in Rhodesia Great Britain Zimbabwe BBC
1971 Reverend Philip F. Berrigan Is Indicted for Conspiracy with Harrisburg Six Vietnam War U.S. Government Law and Legal Resources History Channel
Anarchists Bomb Home of British Employment Secretary Great Britain Terrorism BBC
Jimmy Carter Is Inaugurated As Governor of Georgia Georgia Jimmy Carter University of Georgia
1991 Congress Narrowly Authorizes Use of Force to Expel Iraq from Kuwait Iraq Kuwait U.S. Congress President George Bush Gulf War BBC
1998 Nineteen European Nations Sign Treaty in Paris Opposing Human Cloning European History Cloning CNN
Linda Tripp Gives Taped Conversations of President Clinton to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr Impeachment of President Bill Clinton The American Presidency Law & Legal Resources CNN
2000 Supreme Court Gives Police Authority to Question People Who Flee an Officer U.S. Supreme Court Crime U.S. Civil Rights Oyez Project

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