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Togo: Liberation Day
(Commemoration of 1967 coup)
Togo U.S. Department of State
1807 Napoleon Bonaparte Buford (Kentucky-born Union Soldier) Napoleon Bonaparte Buford The American Civil War
1808 Salmon P. Chase (New Hampshire-born Chief Justices of the United States Supreme Court) Salmon P. Chase Abraham Lincoln The Impeachment of President Andrew Johnson U.S. Supreme Court
1850 Charlotte E. Ray (New York-born First African-American Female Admitted to Practice Law) Charlotte E. Ray Law and Legal Resources Women African-American Political and Social Leaders
1912 Horace Rains (Georgia-born African-American Physician) Horace Rains Health Care Human Rights/Civil Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1691 George Fox (English Founder of the Quaker Religion) George Fox Founder of the Quaker Religion
1929 Wyatt Earp (Illinois-born Gunfighter, U.S. Marshall) Wyatt Earp Westward Expansion Notorious Americans
1963 Sylvanus Olympio (President of Togo: Assassination) Sylvanus Olympio
1978 Hubert Humphrey (South Dakota-born U.S. Senator from Minnesota; Vice-President of the United States) Hubert Humphrey Minnesota Political Leaders President Lyndon Johnson United States Congress
1776 British Raid Prudence Island in Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay Great Britain Rhode Island American Revolution History Channel
1794 President Washington Approves Adding 2 Stars & 2 Stripes to the American Flag President Washington U.S. Symbols and Flags New York Times
1832 Andrew Jackson Opposes South Carolina Nullification of a Federal Tariff South Carolina 1832-33 Nullification Crises Martin Van Buren The American Presidency Historic U.S. Documents U.S. Government
1842 British Army Doctor Is Lone Survivor of 16,000 Massacred in Afghanistan Afghanistan Great Britain War Death History Channel
1847 The Capitulation at Cahuenga Ends a Year of Fighting Between American and Mexican Forces in California, Mexico California Mexican-American War Learn California
1861 Shots from the Federal Garrison Force Confederates to Abandon Efforts to Surround Fort Pickens Florida Florida Forts American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1862 Lincoln Advises Secretary of War Cameron He Is to Be Recommended As Minister to Russia Russia Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1864 Lincoln Sends John Hay to Florida to Reconstruct the State's Government Florida Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Logs
Lincoln Asks General Banks to Reconstruct the State Government for Louisiana Louisiana Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Logs
1893 Britain's Independent Labor Party, Meets for the First Time Great Britain Elections Historic Firsts BBC
1898 Émile Zola's Defense of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, ''J'accuse,'' Is Published in Paris Émile Zola Judaism History Channel
1903 First Known Korean Immigrants to the U.S. Arrive in Hawaii Korea Hawaii Immigration Korean-Americans University of Hawaii (pdf)
1916 British Attack Turkish Positions on the Banks of Mesopotamia's Wadi River Iraq Turkey Great Britain World War I History Channel
1922 Allied Governments Agree to Temporarily Postpone Germany's Reparations Payments Germany World War I Economics Indiana University
1935 90% of Saar Region Voter Choose to Incorporate into Germany Rather than France Germany France Voting European History Humanitas International
1942 Leaders of 9 Occupied Countries Vow to Prosecute NAZI Criminals at War's End Nazi Germany War Crimes The Holocaust Law and Legal Resources World War II History Channel
1943 Construction of the Pentagon Is Completed in Arlington County, Virginia Arlington County, Virginia The Pentagon World War II Virginia Historical Society
1950 Soviets Protest United Nations' Refusal to Recognize Communist China The Soviet Union China United Nations The Cold War History Channel
1953 Pravda Reports Arrest of Doctors for Intentionally Providing Harmful Treatments to Soviet Leaders Soviet Political and Social Leaders Medicine Journalism Cold War CNN
1963 Togo President Olympio Is Assassinated in an Uprising of Non-commissioned Army Officers Togo Death U.S. Department of State
1964 More Than 100 Die in Hindu-Muslim Rioting in Calcutta, India India Hinduism Islam Death BBC
1966 Robert C. Weaver Is First African-American to Hold a Cabinet Position (HUD) Lyndon Johnson U.S. Government African-American History Historic Firsts History Channel
1967 Togo President Nicholas Grunitzky Is Ousted in Bloodless Military Coup Togo U.S. Department of State
1972 Nixon Announces 70,000 U.S. Troops to Leave Vietnam over Next Three Months President Nixon Vietnam War U.S. Army
Military Commander Seizes Control of Ghana while Prime Minister Is Out of Country Ghana BBC
1982 737 Crashes into the Potomac after Take-off From Washington, D.C.: 78 die Washington, D.C. Air Disasters Death New York Times
1988 Supreme Court Rules (5-3) Public School Officials May Censor Students The U.S. Supreme Court Education Children's Rights Oyez
1991 Vilnius Demonstrators Slain after Lithuania Declares Independence from Soviet Union Lithuania The Soviet Union Death BBC
1992 Japanese Apologize for the Enslavement of Korean Women During World War II Japan Korea Slavery Women War Crimes New York Times
1993 American, British and French Fighter Jets Bomb Southern Iraq Iraq Great Britain France Gulf War Aviation History BBC
1995 The Menominee Tribe Sues the State of Wisconsin for Violation of Treaty Rights Wisconsin Menominee Tribe Law and Legal Resources Historic Documents Wisconsin Historical Society
1997 Left-wing Guerrillas Open Fire on Police Outside the Japanese Embassy in Lima Peru Japan Terrorism BBC
2002 President Bush Chokes on Pretzel & Faints While Watching Football Game George W. Bush The American Presidency CNN

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