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Malawi: John Chilembwe Day
(Commemoration of the martyr who first championed Malawi nationalism)
John Chilembwe U.S. Department of State
1716 Philip Livingston (New York-born Signer of the Declaration of Independence) New York Political and Social Leaders Declaration of Independence
1810 Abigail Kelley Foster (Massachusetts-born Abolitionist and Women's Suffragist) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders Abolition Female American Political and Social Leaders Women's Suffrage
1819 Leonard James Farwell (New York-born Second Governor of Wisconsin) New York Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1821 Lafayette McLaws (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Leaders American Civil War University of Georgia
1829 Jacob Stewart (New York-born Member of the U.S. Congress from Minnesota) New York Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Minnesota Historical Society
1918 Gamal Nasser (Prime Minister of Egypt) Egyptian Political and Social Leaders
1929 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Georgia-born Leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. American Civil Rights Movement Famous African-Americans 1964 Nobel Peace Prize
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
69 Servius Sulpicius Galba (Emperor of Roman: Assassination) The Roman Empire Illustrated history of the Roman Empire
69 Emperor of the Roman Empire, Servius Sulpicius Galba, Is Assassinated by Praetorian Guard The Roman Empire Death Illustrated history of the Roman Empire
1535 By Act of Supremacy Henry VIII Declares Himself Head of Church in England English Political and Social Leaders Henry VIII Concordia
1566 Holy Roman Emperor Charles V Resigns His Crown Belgian Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Concordia
1559 Queen Elizabeth I of England Is Crowned in Westminster Abbey English Political and Social Leaders Queen Elizabeth I Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey Historic UK The History Channel
1790 British Mutineers Reach Pitcairn Island Aboard the HMS Bounty Mutiny on the Bounty Pitcairn Island Naval History Royal Naval Museum
1811 The United States Congress Authorizes the U.S. Army to Occupy Florida Florida U.S. Congress U.S. Army Florida Historical Society
1874 Former Governor of Texas Refuses to Vacate His Office for the New Governor Texas Government Elections Politics Texas State Historical Association
1890 An Extra Session of the West Virginia Legislature Is Convened to Determine the Winner of the Disputed 1888 Gubernatorial Election West Virginia Political and Social Leaders Elections Politics West Virginia State Archive
1919 Pianist and Statesman Ignace Jan Paderewski Is the First Premier of the Newly Created Republic of Poland Polish Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts The New York Times
Paramilitary Units Stop Coup Attempt by Radical Socialist Revolutionaries in Berlin Berlin, Germany Revolts and Revolutionaries The History Channel
1951 "The Witch of Buchenwald" Is Sentenced to Life in Prison War Crimes World War II The Holocaust The History Channel
In Feiner v. New York, U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Limits of First Amendment Rights to Free Speech The U.S. Supreme Court Religion The First Amendment Law and Legal Resources First Amendment Center
1958 Anti-Nuclear Testing Petition Signed by 9,235 Scientists Is Presented to U.N. Linus Pauling United Nations Nuclear Weapons Nobel Foundation
1968 Sgt. Dwight Johnson Is first Serviceman from Michigan to Earn the Medal of Honor During the Vietnam War Detroit Military Figures Vietnam War American Military Figures State of Michigan
1970 Muammar al-Qaddafi Is Proclaimed Premier of Libya Muammar al-Qaddafi The History Channel
The Republic of Biafra Surrenders to Nigeria After Three Years of Fighting Nigeria The History Channel
1971 Egypt's Aswan Dam Is Dedicated Egypt The Television News Archive
1973 President Nixon Suspends Military Attacks into North Vietnam Presient Richard Nixon Vietnam War The History Channel BBC
Golda Meir Is First Israeli Prime Minister to Visit the Pope Israel Golda Meir Catholicism
1974 Expert Declares 18-Minute Gap in Nixon White House Tapes Was a Deliberate Erasure President Richard Nixon Watergate Affair Court TV
1975 President Ford Delivers His First State of the Union Address President Gerald Ford C-SPAN
1986 Head of the Lesotho Army Ousts Prime Minister Chief Leabua Jonathan in a Military Coup Lesotho Political and Social Leaders South African History
1991 Iraq Ignores U.N. Deadline for Troop Withdrawal from Kuwait Iraq Kuwait United Nations The Gulf War
Three High-ranking Officers of the PLO Are Assassinated in Tunisia Palestine Tunisia Death
1992 The Yugoslav Federation Collapses as the European Community Recognizes the Republics of Croatia and Slovenia Yugoslavia Croatia Slovenia European History The New York Times

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