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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
308 Marcellus I, Roman Catholic Pope Catholic Popes
1919 Theodore Roosevelt (New York-born 26th President of the United States) New York Political and Social Leaders President Theodore Roosevelt The American Presidency
1547 Ivan the Terrible Crowned First Czar of Russia Russia Historic Firsts New York Times
1780 British Ships Defeat Spanish in the Moonlight Battle Off Portugal's Coast Great Britain Spain American Revolution Naval History History Channel
1793 Thomas Johnson Resigns As Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Maryland Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1835 Abraham Lincoln Votes in Favor of Bill to Incorporate the Jacksonville Female Academy Illinois Abraham Lincoln Education Alliance Library System Lincoln Logs
1839 Abraham Lincoln Writes Bill Establishing Illinois Counties of Menard and Logan Illinois Abraham Lincoln Menard County Logan County Lincoln Logs
1861 The Crittenden Compromise Is Defeated in the U.S. Senate U.S. Congress Slavery U.S. History American Civil War History Channel
Georgia's Secession Convention Assembles in Milledgeville Georgia American Civil War Milledgeville, Georgia University of Georgia
1862 Union Troops Take Possession of Florida's Sea Horse Key and Cedar Key Florida American Civil War Cedar Key Florida Historical Society
1864 Abraham Lincoln Attends a Lecture by Anna Dickinson at Capitol U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1865 Abraham Lincoln Receives Report of Interview with Confederate President Jefferson Davis Jefferson Davis Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Logs
1866 Burton N. Harrison, Private Secretary to President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis, Is the Last Rebel Prisoner Released from Fort Delaware Delaware American Civil War State of Delaware
1883 U.S. Civil Service Commission Is Established U.S. Government Agencies New York Times
1895 Casimir-Perier Resigns As French President French Political and Social Leaders International Herald Tribune
1909 British Explorers David, Mawson and Mackay Reach the Magnetic South Pole British Explorers Antarctica Historic Firsts 70south
1916 Austro-Hungarian Troops Take Control of the Balkan State of Montenegro World War I History Channel
1920 First Annual Conference of the Assembly of the League of Nations Is First Convened in Paris Paris The League of Nations Historic Firsts Northwestern University
1938 Spanish Rebel Planes Begin Daily Bombing of Barcelona from Majorca Spain Air Disasters War Barcelona NASA
1945 Adolph Hitler Retreats to His Bunker for Last 105 Days of WWII Nazi Germany Adolph Hitler World War II History Channel
1969 All Parties Agree to Initiate Vietnam War Peace Talks Vietnam War U.S. Department of State
1970 Colonel Kadhaffi Becomes Premier of Libya Libya BBC
1977 Benin Repels an Invasion by Mercenary Troops Benin Encyclopedia of Nations
1979 Shah of Iran Flees Country Amid Demonstrations and Revolt Iran History Channel BBC
1990 11,000 Soviet Troops Are Sent to Azerbaijan Soviet Union Azerbaijan Cold War History Channel
1991 Gulf War Begins When U.S.-led Coalition Attacks Iraq (0230 01/17 Baghdad time) Iraq The Gulf War History Channel New York Times
1992 12-year El Salvador Civil War Ends El Salvador New York Times
1997 Bomb Blasts an Hour Apart Rock an Atlanta Abortion Clinic Georgia Abortion Terrorism CNN
2000 Ricardo Lagos Is Elected Chile's First Socialist President Since Salvador Allende Chilean Political and Social Leaders Elections CNN
2001 Laurent Kabila, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Is Killed in a Shooting at His Home Democratic Republic of Congo Death CNN BBC

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