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1342 Philip II, Duke of Burgundy (French King John II) French Political and Social Leaders
1463 Frederick the Wise (German Elector of Saxony, Founder of Wittenberg University) German Political and Social Leaders Education Religion Concordia
1759 Paul Cuffe (Massachusetts-born African-American Sea Captain, Abolitionist Who Championed Resettlement of Free African Americans to West Africa) Paul Cuffe Sierra Leone The Quakers Naval History Famous African Americans
1821 Ossian Bingley Hart (First Governor of Florida to be Born in Florida) Florida Political and Social Leaders Florida Historical Society
1863 David Lloyd George (Prime Minister of England: 1916-1922) English Political and Social Leaders World War I
1885 James Arthur Jackson (African-American Librarian of the West Virginia Supreme Court) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders Law and legal Resources African-American Political and Social Leaders West Virginia Archives
1899 Robert M. Hutchins (New York City-born Education Innovator, Chairman of the Board of Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica New York City Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note Encyclopedia Britannica
1918 Joseph W. Barr (Indiana-born Secretary of the Treasury, Lyndon Johnson Administration) Indiana Business Leaders President Lyndon Johnson U.S. Treasury
1931 Lawrence Douglas Wilder (First African-American Elected State Governor: Virginia) Doug Wilder Famous African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
395 Theodosius I (Roman General, Emperor) Roman Empire
1851 Thomas Lincoln (Illinois-born Father of Abraham Lincoln) Coles County, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Death Lincoln Logs
1874 Joseph Salzmann (Austrian-American Catholic Priest; Founder of St. Francis Seminary in Wisconsin) Austrian Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Education Religious Leaders and Theologians Educators or Note Wisconsin Historical Society St. Francis Seminary
1852 Antonio Garra (California-born Chief in the Cupenos Tribe, Executed by Firing Squad) California Political and Social Leaders Native American Heritage Capital Punishment
1893 Rutherford B. Hayes (Ohio-born 19th President of the United States) Rutherford B. Hayes The American Presidency
1927 Juliette Gordon Low (Georgia-born Founder of the Girl Scouts of America) Juliette Gordon Low Girl Scouts of America
1961 Patrice Emery Lumumba (First Prime Minister of Congo) Democratic Republic of the Congo Belgium U.S. News
1968 Bob Jones (Alabama-born Founder of Bob Jones University) Alabama Poltical and Social Leaders Religion Education Bob Jones University Concordia
1996 Barbara Jordan (Texas-born African-American Member of the U.S. House of Representatives) Barbara Jordan U.S. Congress Famous African Americans
1377 Pope Gregory XI Moves the Papal See Back to Rome from Avignon, France Rome Avignon Catholicism Concordia
1562 French Protestants Are Recognized Under the Edict of St. Germain France Religion New York Times
1746 The Scottish Jacobites Rout 8,000 British Reinforcements at the Second Battle of Falkirk British History Scotland War ScotClans
1773 Captain James Cook's Resolution First Ship to Cross the Antarctic Circle James Cook Naval History Antarctica NASA
1781 Patriot Forces Rout the British at the Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina South Carolina American Revolution History Channel
1806 Thomas Jefferson's Grandson Is First Child Born in the White House The White House Thomas Jefferson Historic Firsts National First ladies' Library
1840 Leaders of the Mexican Federalist Party Declare the Independence of the Republic of the Rio Grande Mexico Texas Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1851 Abraham Lincoln's Father, Thomas, Dies in Coles County, Illinois Coles County, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Death Lincoln Logs
1852 Chief in the Cupenos Tribal Chief, Antonio Garra, Is Executed by Firing Squad California Political and Social Leaders Native American Heritage Capital Punishment
Sand River Convention Reduces British Influence in South Africa, Abolishes Slavery South Africa Great Britain Slavery South African History
1861 Abraham Lincoln Announces Selection of Edward Bates (MO) and Charles Seward (NY) for Cabinet Positions Abraham Lincoln American Presidency Lincoln Logs
1862 Lincoln Transmits to Congress Letter to the King of Prussia Regarding the Trent Affair U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Trent Affair Lincoln Logs
Battery G, First Michigan Light Artillery, Is Mustered into Federal Service at Kalamazoo Kalamazoo, Michigan American Civil War State of Michigan
1863 President Lincoln Discusses the State of the Union with Horace Greeley Horace Greeley Abraham Lincoln American Presidency Journalism Lincoln Logs
The City of Napoleon, Arkansas, Is Set Afire on Orders From Federal General Hurlbut Arkansas Fire American Civil War Arkansas History Commission
1865 President Lincoln Sends to the Senate a Treaty with the Chippewa Indians of Michigan U.S. Senate Michigan Abraham Lincoln Chippewa Indians Lincoln Logs
President Lincoln Meets with Cabinet Regarding Capture of Fort Fisher, North Carolina North Carolina Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Forts Lincoln Logs
Lincoln Issues Order Protecting Property of 'Sisters of Charity of Nazareth' (KY) Kentucky Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Religion Lincoln Logs
Heavy Rains Delay Sherman's March into the Carolinas General William Tecumseh Sherman American Civil War History Channel
1893 Americans Overthrow Hawaii's Queen Lilioukalani Hawaii History Channel New York Times
1920 Paul Deschanel Is Elected President of France French Political and Social Leaders Politics and Elections Indiana University
1945 Soviets Capture Warsaw Poland Soviet Union World War II History Channel
1946 The United Nations Security Council Holds Its First Meeting United Nations Historic Firsts New York Times
1955 U.S.S. Nautilus Is Launched As the World's First Nuclear-Powered Submarine Submarines Nuclear Weapons Historic Firsts U.S. Navy Submarine Museum
1961 President Eisenhower Warns of "Military-Industrial Complex" in Farewell Address to the Nation President Eisenhower The American Presidency History Channel
Belgian Congo Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba Is Executed by Belgian Agents Democratic Republic of the Congo Belgium Death U.S. News
South African Political Prisoner, A.K. Ganyile, Is Cleared of Charges and Returned to Basutoland South Africa Law and Legal Resources South African History
1966 U.S. B-52 Accidentally Drops Three Hydrogen Bombs on Spain's Mediterranean Coast Spain Aviation History Cold War Nuclear Weapons History Channel
Martin Luther King Jr. Opens a Civil Rights Campaign in Chicago Chicago Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights/Human Rights University of Georgia
1972 President Nixon Warns South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu in a Private Letter Nguyen Van Thieu President Nixon Vietnam War History Channel
1977 "Jay" Rockefeller Is Inaugurated in Charleston as West Virginia 29th Governor West Virginia Political and Social Leaders Politics West Virginia Archives
1981 Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Lifts His Order of Martial Law The Republic of the Philippines University of Texas
1991 Operation Desert Storm Begins: Gulf War Allies Fly Bombing Raids into Iraq Iraq Gulf War Aviation BBC
1997 Israel Ends Its 30-year Occupation of the West Bank Israel Palestinian Conflict New York Times
1998 President Clinton Is First U.S. President to Testify as Defendant in a Criminal or Civil Suit President Bill Clinton American Presidency Crime Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts CNN

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