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Guinea-Bissau: National Heroes Day
(Commemoration of the assassination of freedom fighter Amílcar Cabral: 1/20/1973)
The Republic of Guinea-Bissau Expedia
Laos: Army Day
(Commemorates the creation of the Laos Army: 01/20/1949)
Laos Expedia
Mali: Armed Forces Day
Mali U.S. Department of State
United States: Inauguration Day
(Observed per the 20th Amendment since 1937)
United States Presidential Inaugurations 20th Amendment
1732 Richard Henry Lee (Virginia-born Statesman; Signer of the Declaration of Independence) Virginia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Constitution Virginia Historical Society
1734 Robert Morris (English-American Merchant Who Signed the Declaration of Independence) Robert Morris Business Declaration of Independence
1815 Josiah W. Begole (Governor of Michigan born in New York) New York Political and Social Leaders Michigan Political and Social Leaders Politics State of Michigan
1856 Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch (New York-born Woman's Suffrage Advocate) Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch Women's Rights Women
1920 Cardinal John O'Connor (Pennsylvania-born Roman Catholic Cardinal) John O'Connor Catholicism
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1612 Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor Italy Catholicism
1828 Sarah Lincoln Grigsby (Kentucky-born Sister of Abraham Lincoln) Elizabethtown, Kentucky Spencer County, Indiana Abraham Lincoln National Park Service
1936 King George V, King of England English History English Monarchy
1973 Amílcar Cabral (Guinea Nationalist Leader: Assassinated) Guinea-Bissau
1320 Wladyslaw I (Wladyslaw the Short) Is Crowned King of Poland Polish Political and Social Leaders Polish-American Journal
1649 The Trial of King Charles I of England Begins in Westminster Hall British History Charles I of England MS Encarta
1633 68-year-old, Galileo Leaves Florence to Face the Inquisition in Rome Italian History Galileo Galilei Catholicism
1777 Patriot Militia Defeat 500 British Troops At Millstone, New Jersey Millstone Township, New Jersey American Revolution History Channel
1801 President John Adams Helps to Put Out a Fire at the Treasury Department President John Adams Fire Safety U.S. Treasury
1807 Brockholst Livingston Is Sworn In As Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court New York Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1828 Sarah Lincoln Grigsby, Sister of Abraham Lincoln, Dies Giving Childbirth Elizabethtown, Kentucky Spencer County, Indiana Abraham Lincoln Death National Park Service
1841 Convention of Chuanbi Cedes Island of Hong Kong from China to Great Britain Great Britain Hong Kong World History History Channel
1863 President Lincoln Sets the Gauge (Track Width) of the Union Pacific Railroad at 5' President Abraham Lincoln Railroads Standard of Measurement Lincoln Logs
President Lincoln Denies Request to Extend Railroad Service to Springfield, Missouri Springfield. Missouri President Abraham Lincoln Railroads American Civil War Lincoln Logs
1864 President Lincoln Orders a Gubernatorial Election to Take Place in Arkansas by April 11 Arkansas President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Elections Lincoln Logs
1865 President Lincoln Places a Ban on the Exportation of Hay from the United States President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Farming and Agriculture Lincoln Logs
1870 Hiram Revels Elected to Fill U. S. Senate Seat Vacated by Jefferson Davis Mississippi Political and Social Leaders Hiram Rhodes Revels Jefferson Davis United States Senator African-American History
1887 U.S. Senate Approves Agreement to Lease Hawaii's Pearl Harbor as Naval Base Hawaii Naval History U.S. History New York Times
1918 Bolsheviks Issue Decree Disestablishing Religion in Russia and Confiscating Church Properties Russia Religion 17 Moments in Soviet History Concordia
British Defeat Raid by German Battleships Goeben and Breslau on the Aegean Sea Great Britain Germany World War I Naval History History Channel
1933 Franklin Roosevelt Is Inaugurated as President of the United States President Franklin Roosevelt The American Presidency History Channel
1936 Britain's King George V Dies and Is Succeeded by Edward VIII British History King Edward VIII New York Times
1937 Franklin Roosevelt First President Inaugurated under Provisions of the 20th Amendment President Franklin Roosevelt The American Presidency The 20th Amendment to the U.S, Constitution Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1942 Nazis Leaders Conference to Discuss "Final Solution" of the "Jewish Question." Nazi Germany Judiasm The Holocaust World War II History Channel
1944 "Texas Division" Suffers Heavy Casualties Crossing the Rapido River in Italy Italy Texas Military Figures World War II Texas State Historical Association
1945 Franklin Roosevelt Is Inaugurated for a Record Fourth Presidential Term FDR's Fourth Inaugural The American Presidency History Channel
1949 Truman's Inaugural Speech Calls for Technical & Scientific Foreign Aid President Harry Truman Science Farming and Agriculture Cold War History Channel
1961 Robert Frost Recites His Poem "The Gift Outright" at President Kennedy's Inauguration Kennedy Inauguration Robert Frost Poetry Library of Congress
The 78-piece Milton, Wisconsin Union High School Band Marches in JFK's Inauguration Parade in Washington, D.C. Milton, Wisconsin Kennedy Inauguration Music Education Wisconsin State Historical Society
1969 Richard Nixon Is Inaugurated As 37th President of the United States President Richard Nixon Vietnam War History Channel
President Lyndon B. Johnson Bestows the Medal of Freedom on Civil Rights Leader Roy Wilkins Roy Wilkins President Lyndon B. Johnson Civil Rights/Human Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Historical Society
1973 Richard Nixon Is Inaugurated for His Second Term As President President Richard Nixon The American Presidency Library of Congress
Guinea Freedom Fighter Amílcar Cabral Assassinated by Portuguese Agents The Republic of Guinea-Bissau Portugal Death
1977 Jimmy Carter Is Inaugurated as President of the United States Jimmy Carter American Presidency University of Georgia
1980 President Jimmy Carter Announces U.S. Boycott of Olympics in Moscow Soviet Union President Jimmy Carter The 1980 Summer Olympic Games New York Times
1986 Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Is Celebrated as a Federal Holiday for the First Time Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holidays African-American History Historic Firsts New York Times
Lesotho Chief Jonathan Is Overthrown in a Coup by Major General JM Lekhanya Lesotho South Africa Lesotho Parliament
Britain and France Announce Plans to Build the Channel Tunnel. Great Britain France Channel Tunnel New York Times
1987 Lebanese Islamic Militia Kidnap Church of England Peace Envoy, Terry Waite Lebanon Islam Terrorism BBC History Channel
1989 George H.W. Bush Inaugurated as 41st U.S. President President George Bush The American Presidency New York Times
1993 Maya Angelou Recites "On The Pulse of the Morning" at Clinton Inauguration President Bill Clinton The American Presidency Maya Angelou Poetry New York Times
1996 Yasser Arafat Is First Democratically-elected Leader of Palestinian People Palestine Yasser Arafat History Channel
2001 George W. Bush Inaugurated as 43rd U.S. President President George W. Bush The American Presidency New York Times
U.S. Senate Confirms Rod Paige As First African-American Secretary of Education Mississippi Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate Educators of Note African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts African American Registry
Filipino Protesters Force the Resignation of President Joseph Estrada Philippino Political and Social Leaders New York Times
2005 George W. Bush Inaugurated for Second Term As U.S. President President George W. Bush The American Presidency CNN
2009 Barack Obama Is Inaugurated as the First African-American U.S. President Barack Obama Inauguration The American Presidency Historic Firsts African-American Political and Social Leaders

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