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Barbados: Errol Barrow Day
(Celebrates the birth date of the Father of Barbados' independence: 01/21/1920)
Barbados U.S. Department of State
1613 George Gillespie (Scottish Theologian) Scottish Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians
1738 Ethan Allen (Connecticut-born Revolutionary War Hero) Ethan Allen Vermont The American Revolution History Channel
1821 John C. Breckinridge (U.S. Vice-President/confederate general) Kentucky Political Leaders American Civil War
1824 Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson (West Virginia-born Confederate General) Stonewell Jackson American Civil War
1846 Nathaniel E. Harris (Tennessee-born Governor of Georgia) Tennessee Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leader University of Georgia
1867 Maxime Weygand (Belgian-born French General) Belgian Military Leaders French Military Leaders World War I World War II History Channel
1884 Roger (Nash) Baldwin (Massachusetts-born Founder of the ACLU) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders Human Rights/Civil Rights ACLU
1920 Errol Barrow (Father of Barbados Independence) Errol Barrow
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1793 Louis XVI, King of France (Guillotined) French Political and Social Leaders French Revolution Chambers Book of Days History Channel
1806 Henry Ellis (Irish Royal Governor of Colonial Georgia) Irish Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leader Colonial Georgia University of Georgia
1924 Vladimir Lenin (Russian Bolshevik; Head of the First Government of the (USSR) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) Vladimir Lenin Soviet Union
1927 John McCausland (West Virginia-born Confederate General) West Virginia Military Figures American Civil War West Viriginia State Archive
1971 Richard Russell (Georgia-born U.S. Senator) Georgia Political and Social Leaders U,.S. Congress
1793 King Louis XVI Is Executed by Guillotine in the Place de la Revolution in Paris French Political and Social Leaders French Revolution Death Chambers Book of Days History Channel
1856 The Know-Nothing Party of Texas Meets in the Public for the First Time in Austin Austin, Texas Politics Texas State Historical Association
1861 Jefferson Davis and Four Others Resign from the U.S. Senate Jefferson Davis U.S. Congress New York Times Florida Historical Society
Florida's Secession Convention Adjourns in Tallahassee Tallahassee, Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
At the Secession Convention in Milledgeville, Georgia's Ordinance of Secession Is Signed by All But 6 Delegates Milledgeville, Georgia Historic U.S. Documenets Documents of the American Civil War University of Georgia
Sixth Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Is Formally Organized Massachusetts American Civil War Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1862 The Confederate Schooner Olive Branch Bound from Florida's Cedar Key to Nassau Is Captured by the USS. Ethan Allen Florida Naval Military History American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1863 In Texas, Confederates Recapture the Port of Sabine Pass Texas First Battle of  Sabine Pass History Channel
In Florida, the Federal Steamer U.S.S. Uncas Fires on Confederate Pickets Near Cedar Creek on the St. John's River Florida Naval Military History American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1864 At a State Dinner, President and Mrs. Lincoln Entertain the Members of Cabinet, Justices of Supreme Court, and Their Wives The White House President Abraham LIncoln U.S. Supreme Court Lincoln Log
1867 Emperor Nortorn Is Arrested by a San Francisco Policeman Notorious British San Francisco Crime BBC
1895 Landmark Court Decision Weakens Sherman Anti-Trust Act Anti-Trust Law U.S. Supreme Court Oyez History Channel
1919 Controlling 73 of 105 Irish Seats in the British House of Commons Sinn Fein Declares Ireland's Independence Ireland British History BBC
1925 Japan Formally Recognizes the Government of the Soviet Union Japan Soviet Union League of Nations
1927 President Calvin Coolidge Signs the Act to Survey a Waterway from Cumberland Sound, Georgia, and Florida to the Mississippi River Florida Georgia President Calvin Coolidge Rivers Florida Historical Society
1945 The Medal of Honor Is Awarded Posthumously to Sergeant Truman C. Olson of Cambridge, Wisconsin Wisconsin Military Figures Congressional Medal of Honor World War  II Wisconsin Historical Society
1950 Alger Hiss Is Convicted of Perjury Alger Hiss Richard Nixon Law & Legal Resources McCarthyism History Channel
1968 Battle for Khe Sanh Begins Vietnam War History Channel
1977 President Jimmy Carter Pardons Most Vietnam War Draft Dodgers Jimmy Carter Vietnam War PBS History Channel University of Georgia
1992 United Nations Threatens Libya with Sanctions United Nations Libya BBC
1996 An Overloaded Ferry Sinks in an Unexpected Storm Off the Coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, Killing 340 People Indonesia Boats Death History Channel
1998 Pope John Paul II Begins His First Visit to Cuba Cuba Pope John Paul II Religion Historic Firsts New York Times
2001 Bush Administration Rescinds Federal Recognition of Seattle's Duwamish Tribe Seattle, Washington President Bush Duwamish Tribe Official Website History Link
2003 The U.S. Census Bureau Announces Hispanics Have Surpassed African-America's as America's Largest Minority Group U.S. Census Bureau Demographics Latin-American Heritage African-American Heritage Historic Firsts New York Times

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