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Togo: Liberation Day
(Commemorates ouster of President Nicholas Grunitzky in a military coup led by Lt. Colonel Etienne Eyadema)
Togo U.S. Department of State
76 Hadrian (Emperor of Rome) The Roman Empire
1712 Frederick II the Great (King of Prussia) Frederick the Great
1816 Coles Bashford (New York-born Governor of Wisconsin) New York Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1874 Arthur A. Schomburg (Puerto Rican African-American Historian) Arthur A. Schomburg African-American History Latin-American Studies
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1930 Rebecca Latimer Felton (Georgia-born, First Female Member of the U.S. Senate) Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate
1993 Thurgood Marshall (Maryland-born First African-American Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) Thurgood Marshall U.S. Supreme Court Famous African Americans
1076 Germany's Henry VI Convenes the Synod of Worms That Will Charge Pope Gregory VII of Serious Crimes German Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Crime Concordia
1755 Georgia's General Assembly Approves Required Militia Service for All Males 19-60 Georgia Colony Colonial History Georgia Military Figures University of Georgia
1776 Henry Knox Delivers to General Washington the Artillery to Force the British from Boston Boston, Massachusetts George Washington American Revolutionary  War Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1781 Patriot Militia Raid 200 British Troops in Georgetown, South Carolina Georgetown, South Carolina American Revolutionary  War History Channel
1838 U.S. Soldiers Capture Forty Seminole Indians at Florida's Loxahatchee River Florida Seminole Indians War Florida Historical Society
1840 Seminole Indians Attack U.S. Soldiers and Kill Four Florida Seminole Indians War Death Florida Historical Society
1843 Abraham Lincoln Attends a Temperance Meeting in Springfield, Illinois Springfield, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Illicit Drugs Lincoln Logs
1846 William H. Brockenbrough Is Seated as Florida's First member of the U.S. House of Representatives Florida U.S. House of Representatives Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
Abraham Lincoln Campaigns for Congress in Petersburg, Illinois Petersburg, Illinois U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Politics Lincoln Logs
1861 Georgia Militia Take Control of the Federal Arsenal at Augusta Augusta, Georgia American Civil War University of Georgia
1863 President Lincoln Poses for Photographs by Alexander Gardner, Matthew Brady's Assistant Matthew Brady Abraham Lincoln Photography Lincoln Logs
1865 President Lincoln Invites Vice-President-elect Andrew Johnson to His March 4 Inauguration Abraham Lincoln Andrew Johnson American Presidency Lincoln Logs
1881 Virginia's Noah Swayne Retires as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Virginia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1895 Under House Arrest in Iolani Palace, Hawaii's Queen Liliuokalani Is Forced to Abdicate Hawaiian Political and Social Leaders Encyclopedia Britannica
1903 International Commission Submits Determination of the Alaska-Canada Boundary Canada Alaska University of California Santa Barbara
1915 British and German Navies Battle at the Dogger Bank Great Britain Germany World War I Naval History History Channel
1924 St. Petersburg, Russia Is Renamed as Leningrad Vladimir Lenin New York Times
1943 Field Marshal Montgomery's British 8th Army Captures Tripoli, Libya Libya Great Britain World War II Indiana University
Hitler's Orders Nazi Troops to Fight to the Death at Stalingrad Nazi Germany Soviet Union World War II History Channel
Roosevelt and Churchill Conclude Wartime Conference in Casablanca, Morocco Morocco Winston Churchill Franklin Roosevelt World War II New York Times
1945 In the Philippines, U.S. Troops Liberate Camp O'Donnell and Prisoners of War from Japan The Philippines Japan Prisoners of War World War II New Mexico Magazine
1961 B-52 Crash Results in Two Nuclear Bombs Being Dropped on North Carolina North Carolina Air Disasters Nuclear Weapons Technology and Society
1967 Lt. Col. Etienne Eyadema Ousts Togo's President Grunitzky in Bloodless Coup Togo U.S. Department of State
1970 Richard Nixon Presents Presidential Medal of Freedom to Conductor Eugene Ormandy Hungarian Classical Composers and Conductors President Richard Nixon Classical Composers and Conductors History Channel
1972 Japanese Soldier Found on Guam Not Knowing WWII Has Ended Guam Japan World War II History Channel
1979 U.S. Performs Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada The Cold War Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia
1980 U.S. Sells Military Equipment to China China Business and Economics The Cold War History Channel

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