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Angola: Luanda's City Day
(Commemorates the founding of the city of Luanda by the Portuguese in 1575)
Angola Portugal U.S. Department of State
Aruba: Betico Croes' Birthday
(Commemorates the birth date of Aruba statesman, Gilberto Francois Betico Croes: 01/25/1759)
Aruba Visit Aruba
1509 Giovanni Morone (Italian Cardinal, Diplomat) Italian Political & Social Leaders Religion Catholicism
1814 Francis Pierpont ("Father of West Virginia") West Virginia Political & Social Leaders Politics West Virginia Archives
1825 George Edward Pickett (Virginia-born Confederate General) Virginia Military Leaders American Civil War
1928 Eduard Shevardnadze (President of the Republic of Georgia) Republic of Georgia Political and Social Leaders Soviet Union Political and Social Leaders
1933 Corazon Aquino (President of the Republic of the Philippines) Philippine Political and Social Leaders
1938 Gilberto Francois Betico Croes (Aruba Statesman) Betico Croes
1891 William C. Bullitt (Pennsylvania-born American Diplomat) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders U.S. Government
1899 Paul-Henri Spaak (Belgian Statesman) Belgian Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1779 Vicente Álvarez Travieso (Spanish Leader of the Isleño Settlers of San Antonio, TX) Spanish Political and Social Leaders San Antonio, Texas Hispanic Political and Social Leaders Texas State Historical Association
1906 Joe Wheeler (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War American Military Figures University of Georgia
1947 Al Capone (New York City-born Gangster) Al Capone Notorious Americans Crime
1949 Peter Marshall (Scottish-born Chaplain to the U.S. Senate) Scottish Political and Social Leaders Religion U.S. Senate
1533 England's King Henry VIII Secretly Marries Second Wife, Anne Boleyn England Henry VIII Greenwich Guide
1776 The First National War Memorial Is Authorized by the Continental Congress U.S. Congress Revolutionary War Historic Firsts New York Architecture History Channel
1814 Petitioners of the "Republic of East Florida" Ask Congress to Admit Their Republic into the Union Florida U.S Congress Florida Historical Society
1842 Seminole Indians Attack Federal Soldiers in Florida's Wahoo Swamp, Killing One Florida Seminole Indians War Death Florida Historical Society
1845 Lincoln Joins in Request for Use of Illinois House of Representative for Temperance Meeting Illinois Abraham Lincoln Illicit Drugs Lincoln Logs
1846 Abraham Lincoln Campaigns for Congress in Petersburg, Illinois Petersburg, Illinois U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Politics Lincoln Logs
1850 Lincoln Sends President Taylor Recommendation for Illinois Federal Judge Appointment Illinois President Zachary Taylor Abraham Lincoln Law & Legal Resources Lincoln Logs
1859 Abraham Lincoln Attends a Banquet Commemorating 100th Anniversary of Birth of Robert Burns Robert Burns Abraham Lincoln Poetry Lincoln Logs
1863 Ambrose Burnside Is Removed as Commander of the Army of the Potomac Ambrose Burnside Abraham Lincoln American Civil War History Channel Lincoln Logs
Boston Anti-Slavery Group Complains to Lincoln the Emancipation Proclamation Isn't Working Boston, Massachusetts Abraham Lincoln Slavery Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln Logs
1864 General Henry W. Allen Is Installed as Governor of Confederate Louisiana Louisiana American Civil War Louisiana Secretary of State
1865 Abraham Lincoln Writes Message for Celebration of 106th Anniversary of Birth of Robert Burns Robert Burns Abraham Lincoln Poetry Lincoln Logs
President Lincoln Reviews 30 Court Martial Cases Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Law & Legal Resources Lincoln Logs
1905 The World's Largest Diamond, the 3,106 Carat Cullinan Diamond, Is Discovered in a Pretoria, South Africa Mine South Africa Diamonds History Channel
1919 Paris Peace Conference Delegates Approve Establishing a Commission on the League of Nations Paris World War I League of Nations History Channel
1942 Thailand Declares War on the United States and England Thailand Great Britain World War II History Channel
1944 Florence Time-Oi Lee of Macao Is the First Female Ordained a Priest in the Anglican Church Chinese Political and Social Leaders Women Religion Historic Firsts The American Anglican Church Concordia
1956 Khrushchev Declares That Eisenhower Is "Striving For Peace" Nikita Khrushchev Dwight Eisenhower Cold War History Channel
1965 South African anti-Apartheid Sympathizer, Abram Fischer, Jumps Bail to Avoid Trial South Africa Political and Social Leaders Apartheid Law & Legal Resources South African History
1971 Idi Amin Ousts Uganda's President Milton Obote Uganda BBC
Charles Manson Is Found Guilty of Murdering Sharon Tate and Six Others Charles Manson Notorious Americans Crime Law & Legal Resources History Channel CourtTV
1972 President Nixon Reveals Secret Peace Negotiations with North Vietnamese Henry Kissinger President Richard Nixon Vietnam War History Channel
1980 Three African National Congress (ANC) Guerrillas Are Killed Demanding Mandela's Release South Africa Nelson Mandela Apartheid African National Congress South African History
1981 52 Americans Held Hostage in Iran for 444 Days Return to U.S. Iran Hostage Crisis Terrorism New York Times
Mao Zedong's Widow Is Sentenced to Death for Treason Mao Zedong Law and Legal Resources History Channel
1984 President Reagan Endorses the Development of a Permanent U.S. Space Station President Ronald Reagan International Space Station NASA Florida Historical Society
1988 George H.W. Bush Bristles at Questions of His Role in Iran-Contra Affair President George Bush Iran-Contra Affair The American Presidency New York Times
1993 Gunman Kills Two CIA Employees Outside Agency Headquarters in Virginia Virginia CIA Gun Control Death New York Times
President Clinton Appoints Wife, Hillary, to Head Health-Care Reform Committee President Clinton Hillary Clinton Health Care New York Times
1998 Pope John Paul II Calls for Reform in Cuba Cuba Pope John Paul II BBC
1999 Supreme Court Rules 2000 Census Can Not Use Statistical Sampling U.S. Supreme Court U.S. Census Statistics Oyez

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