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Australia: Australia Day
(Commemoration of the landing of the first European settlers in Australia: 01/26/1788)
Australia Day U.S. Department of State Government of Australia
Dominican Republic: Day of Juan Duarte
(Commemorates the birth date of Juan Pablo Duarte - father of Dominican independence): 01/26/1813)
Domican Republic DominicanToday
India: Republic Day
(Commemorates the proclamation of India as a sovereign republic: 01/26/1950)
Republic Day U.S. Department of State U.S. House of Representatives
Uganda: NRM (National Resistance Movement) Day
(Commemorates the 1986 liberation of Uganda by the National Resistance Army led by Yoweri Museveni who became President of Uganda)
Uganda Ugandan Embassy, Washington, D.C.
1715 Claude-Adrien Helvetius (Paris-born Philosopher) French Social Leaders Philosophers
1763 Charles XIV John (King of Sweden and Norway) French Military Leaders Norway Sweden
1813 Juan Pablo Duarte ("Father of Dominican Independence") Domican Republic Educación Ambiental
1815 Arthur McArthur (Scottish-born Governor of Wisconsin) Scottish Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1816 Benjamin Flanders (New Hampshire-born Governor of Louisiana) New Hampshire Political and Social Leaders Louisiana Political and Social Leaders
1832 George Shiras, Jr. (Pennsylvania-born Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders The United States Supreme Court Oyez
1836 Lucius F. Hubbard (New York-born Governor of Minnesota; Namesake of Hubbard County, Minnesota) New York Political and Social Leaders Hubbard County, Minnesota Minnesota Historical Society
1861 Frank O. Lowden (Minnesota-born Governor of Illinois) Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Illinois Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Historical Society
1878 S. Edward Hall (Minnesota-born African-American Businessman, Civil Rights Activist) Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Noted African Americans African American Registry
1880 Douglas MacArthur (Arkansas-born American General) Douglas MacArthur World War II Korean War President Harry Truman
1904 Seán MacBride (Irish-born 1974 Nobel Laureate for Peace) Sean MacBride 1974 Nobel Laureate for Peace
1914 John Sammons Bell (Georgia-born Attorney, Jurist) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Law and Legal Resources University of Georgia
1918 Nicolae Ceausescu (Romanian Dictator) Romania
1940 Sherian Cadoria (Louisiana-born African-American General) Sherian Cadoria Noted African Americans
1944 Angela Davis (Alabama-born African-American Civil Rights Activist) Alabama Political & Social Leaders Civil/Human  Rights Noted African Americans African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1979 Nelson Rockefeller (New York-born U.S. Congressman, Vice-President of the United States) New York Political and Social Leaders Politics
1654 Portuguese-Jewish Families Flee Brazil for the American Colonies Brazil Judaism Library of Congress
1767 40 British Immigrants Create the Utopian Town of Rolletown, Florida Great Britain Florida Florida Historical Society
1788 Capt. Arthur Phillip Leads Landing of First European Settlers in Australia Australia Day Government of Australia
1779 400 Patriots and British Loyalists Skirmish on the Banks of Savannah, Georgia's McIntosh Creek Savannah, Georgia American Revolution History Channel
1802 President Jefferson Approves Law Defining Functions of Library of Congress Congress President Jefferson Library of Congress
1804 Associate Justice Alfred Moore Resigns from the U.S. Supreme Court North Carolina Political and Social Leaders The United States Supreme Court Oyez
1841 British Formally Occupy Hong Kong Great Britain Hong Kong New York Times
1856 Salish Warriors Led by Chief Leschi Attack the Village of Seattle, Washington Seattle, Washington Salish Indians History Link
1861 Louisiana Is the Sixth Southern State to Secede from the Union Louisiana American Civil War Louisiana Secretary of State
President-elect Lincoln Agrees to Stop in Indianapolis on His Way to Washington, D.C. Indianapolis, Indiana President Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1863 General Joe Hooker Takes over the Army of the Potomac American Civil War History Channel Lincoln Logs
Secretary of War Edwin Stanton Authorizes the Enlistment of African-American Troops U.S. Government American Civil War African-American History National Park Service
Mrs. Lincoln Borrows "Buckland Natural History" from the Library of Congress for Her Son Tad Library of Congress Mary Todd Lincoln Literature Lincoln Logs
President Lincoln Acknowledges Receipt of "Emancipation March" from Iowa Music Teacher Iowa President Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation Music Lincoln Logs
1864 President & Mrs. Lincoln Host Public Reception Attended by 8,000 at the Executive Mansion The White House President Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1870 President Grant Signs Bill Readmitting Virginia to Representation in Congress Virginia U.S. Congress President Grant American Civil War Virginia Historical Society
1875 Pinkertons Maim Frank and Jesse James' Mother The James Brothers Crime Notorious Americans History Channel Court TV
1896 South Africa's Wellington College of Education Opens South Africa Education Wellington College of Education South African History
1898 Joseph McKenna Sworn in As Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders The United States Supreme Court Oyez
1900 Teddy Roosevelt Writes Letter First Using "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick" Theodore Roosevelt The Raab Collection
1918 Former Russian State of Ukraine Declares Its Independence Ukraine Russia History Channel
1939 Franco Captures Barcelona Francisco Franco Spanish Civil War History Channel
1940 Ronald Reagan Marries Jane Wyman President Ronald Reagan History Channel
1945 Soviet Troops Begin Liberating Auschwitz Concentration Camps in Poland Poland Sovet Union The Holocaust History Channel
Audie Murphy, Earns the Medal of Honor by Single-Handedly Repelling a German Attack Texas Military Figures World War II Texas State Historical Association
1948 President Truman Signs Executive Order Ending Segregation in Armed Forces President Harry Truman Racism Human Rights/Civil Rights African-American History
1949 First Guided Missile Is Launched from a Ship, U.S.S. Norton Sound Naval History War Nuclear Weapons Historic Firsts NASA
1950 India Is Proclaimed a Sovereign Republic Republic Day History Channel New York Times BBC
1952 At Least 20 Killed in Anti-British Riots in Cairo, Egypt Egypt Great Britain Death South African History BBC
1969 Police Tear-gas Czech Protesters Mourning Anti-Soviet Student Martyr Czech Soviet Union BBC
1970 Navy Lt. Everett Alvarez Jr. Spends 2,000th Day in Captivity as SE Asia POW The Vietnam War Prisoners of War History Channel
1972 North Vietnam Rejects U.S. Peace Proposal The Vietnam War History Channel
1986 The National Resistance Army of Takes Control of Uganda Uganda Ugandan Embassy, Washington, D.C.
1993 Former Czechoslovak President Vaclav Havel Is Elected President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel Elections New York Times
1996 First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton Testifies before Whitewater Probe Grand Jury Bill Clinton Hillary Rodham Clinton Whitewater Probe New York Times
1998 President Clinton Denies Affair with White House Intern Monica Lewinsky President Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky Scandal BBC
2005 U.S. Senate Confirms Condoleezza Rice As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice U.S. Senate African-American Political and Social Leaders Female Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts The White 

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