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Kansas: Admission Day (Commemorates admission of Kansas as the 34th state of the United States: 01/29/1861)
Kansas Library of Congress
1717 Jeffery Amherst (English Army Commander) British Military Leaders French & Indian War
1756 Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee (Virginia-born Statesman, Cavalry Soldier) Virginia American Civil War
1843 William McKinley (Ohio-born 25th President of the United States) Ohio Polticial and Social Leaders William McKinley The American Presidency
1844 Richard Greener (Pennsylvania-born African-American Attorney; First African-American Graduate of Harvard) Pennsylvania Polticial and Social Leaders African-American Political and Social Leaders Harvard Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1845 Charles Frederick Crisp (English-born Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives: Namesake of Crisp County, Georgia) English Political and Social Leaders Crisp County, Georgia U.S. Congress University of Georgia
1849 Newton Blanchard (Governor of Louisiana: 1904-1908) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders American Political and Social Leaders Louisiana Secretary of State
1869 J. Y. Sanders (Governor of Louisiana: 1908-1912) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders American Political and Social Leaders Louisiana Secretary of State
1874 John D., Jr. Rockefeller (Ohio-born Philanthropist) Ohio Polticial and Social Leaders Philanthropy
1878 Walter F. George (Georgia-born U.S. House Senator, Statesman) Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress University of Georgia
1909 George Thomas (Welsh-born British Statesman) Welsh Polticial and Social Leaders British Polticial and Social Leaders The BBC
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1738 George III, King of England English Political and Social Leaders George III
1535 In Paris, a Mob of French Catholics Hang and Burn Six Protestants Paris, France Religion Death Concordia
1685 France's Louis XIV Revokes the Edict of Nantes That Gave Religious Freedom to non-Catholics French Government Religion Concordia
1777 Americans Retreat from Fort Independence in New York New York American Revolution Forts History Channel
1779 British Forces under Lt.-Col. Archibald Campbell Capture Augusta, Georgia Great Britain Augusta, Georgia American Revolution University of Georgia
1802 President Jefferson Appoints John Beckley First Librarian of Congress President Thomas Jefferson Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1815 Thomas Jefferson Writes Charles Clay About "The Loathesome Combination of Church and State" President Thomas Jefferson Separation of Church and State Religion Concordia
1834 President Jackson Sends Federal Troops to Quiet Violence Erupting from B&O Railroad Strike President Andrew Jackson Railroads Labor Job Actions History Channel
1848 Ferdinand II Offers Sicilians a Constitution Modeled after the French Constitution of 1830 Sicilian Political and Social Leaders Ohio University
1850 Henry Clay Proposes Senate Slavery Compromise Bill Henry Clay U.S. Senate Slavery University of Georgia
1856 A Royal Warrant Creates the British Victoria Cross for Reward Bravery British Military Figures Queen Victoria Imperial War Museum
1861 Kansas Is Admitted as the 34th State of the United States Kansas The American Civil War Library of Congress History Channel
The Secession Convention of the State of Texas Votes Overwhelmingly to Secede from the United States Texas The American Civil War Texas State historical Association
1891 Hawaii Proclaims Liliuokalani as Its Queen: She Will Reign for Four Yrs Hawaii History Channel
1915 German Lieutenant Erwin Rommel Leads Daring Mission in France France Erwin Rommel World War I History Channel
1940 South Africa's Reunited National Party Is Founded South Africa South African History
1942 Iran Signs Treaty of Alliance with Great Britain and the Soviet Union Iran Great Britain Soviet Union World War II History Channel
1968 President Johnson Asks for Tax Increases & Additional Funding for Vietnam War President Lyndon Johnson Taxes Vietnam War History Channel
1970 USSR Conducts Nuclear Test in Kazakhstan/Semipalatinsk Kazakhstan Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia
1974 Fighting Continues in South Vietnam Despite Cease Fire Vietnam War History Channel
1979 China's Deng Xiaoping and U.S. President Jimmy Carter Sign Accords Expanding Relations Between the Two Countries Deng Xiaoping President Jimmy Carter Cold War History Channel
1986 Yoweri Kaguta Moseveni Is Sworn In as President of Uganda Uganda Political and Social Leaders South African History
1987 Philippine Government of President Corazon Aquino Suppresses Rebel Uprising Corazon Aquino The BBC
1989 USSR's Phobos II Enters Martian Orbit Soviet Space Program Mars Phobos II
1990 Ramon Hnatyshyn Is Sworn In as Canada's 24th Governor General Canadian Political and Social Leaders Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
1996 France Halts Nuclear Testing France Nuclear Weapons The BBC
2002 President Bush Condemns Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the "Axis of Evil" Iran Iraq North Korea President Bush War on Terror History Channel

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