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Robinson Crusoe Day
(Commemorates the anniversary of the rescue in Alexander Selkirk, 02/01/1709)
Daniel Defoe Naval History University of Michigan
Malaysia: Federal Territory Day Malaysia Malaysia Central
1552 Edward Coke (English Jurist and Parliamentarian) English Political and Social Leaders Law and Legal Resources
1834 Henry McNeal Turner (South Carolina-born African-American Black Nationalist, Repatriations Advocate, Minister) South Carolina Political and Social Leaders Religion African American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry University of Georgia
1837 Francis Louis Cardozo (South Carolina-born African-American Educator, First African-American to Hold Government Office in South Carolina) South Carolina Political and Social Leaders Education African American Political and Social Leaders National Park Service African American Registry
1859 Charles Remond (Massachusetts-born African-American Abolitionist) Charles Remond Slavery and Abolition Human Rights/Civil Rights African American Political and Social Leaders
1863 Theodora Winton Youmans (Wisconsin-born Women's Rights Advocate) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders American Women Social Leaders Human Rights/Civil Rights Wisconsin Historical Society
1878 Hattie Caraway (Tennessee-born First Woman Elected to the U.S. Senate) Tennesseee Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress
1882 Louis Stephen St. Laurent (Prime Minister of Canada) Canadian Political and Social Leaders
1889 Harold Cressy (Co-founder of the Teachers League of South Africa (TLSA)) South African Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note Labor Unions South African History
1931 Boris Yeltsin (President of Russia) Boris Yeltsin
1933 Wendell R. Anderson (Minnesota Governor and Member of the U.S. Congress) Minnesota Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Minnesota Historical Society
1936 Azie Taylor Morton (Texas-born African-American U.S. Treasurer under President Jimmy Carter) Texas Political and Social Leaders U.S. Government President Jimmy Carter African American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1850 Edward Baker Lincoln (3-year-old son of Abraham Lincoln) Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1908 Carlos I, King of Portugal (Assassination) Portugal History Channel
1587 Queen Elizabeth I of England Signs Death Warrant for Mary Stuart British History Queen Elizabeth I Greenwich Guide
1790 The U.S. Supreme Court Convenes for the First Time U.S. Supreme Court Historic Firsts History Channel
1793 France Declares War on England & the Netherlands France England Netherlands War
1808 South Africa Annexes Territory North of the Great Berg River South Africa South African History
1809 Senator Thomas Pickering (MA) Demands an End to Jefferson's Embargo Act U.S. Congress President Thomas Jefferson The American Presidency International Trade History Channel
1810 Seville, Spain Is Surrendered to the French Spain France French Consulate
1811 Bell Rock Lighthouse Is First Lit Off the East Coast of Scotland Scotland Bell Rock Lighthouse
1840 Seminole Warriors Attack Members of the 7th U.S. Infantry: Killing One, Wounding Two Florida Seminole Death Florida Historical Society
1847 U.S. Senate Rejects the Wilmot Proviso, Intended to Block Slavery in Territories Purchased From Mexico Following the Mexican War U.S. Senate Slavery Mexican-American War Ohio Historical Society
In New Mexico, U.S. Army Troops Attack Insurgents Resisting American Occupation by Burning Every Building in Mora Mora County, New Mexico Fire Mexican-American War State of New Mexico New Mexico Magazine
1848 Lincoln Reaffirms Position That the War with Mexico Is Unnecessary and Unconstitutional U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Mexican-American War Lincoln Logs
1850 Abraham Lincoln's Three-Year-Old Son, Eddie, Dies Abraham Lincoln Death Lincoln Logs
1861 Abraham Lincoln Writes He Is Unwilling to Accept the Expansion of Slavery in the U.S. Abraham Lincoln Slavery Lincoln Logs
Abraham Lincoln Accepts Invitation to Stop in Cincinnati on His Way to Washington, D.C. Cincinnati, OH Abraham Lincoln Railroad Lincoln Logs
Texas Is the 7th State to Secede From the Union Texas Secession Secession History Channel
1862 President Lincoln Writes Letter of Sympathy to Queen Victoria of England on the Death of Her Husband British Political and Social Leaders Queen Victoria of England Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
President Lincoln Directs U.S. Marshal for District of Columbia Not to Arrest Fugitive Slaves Washington, D.C. Slavery Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1864 President Lincoln Orders a Draft of 500,000 Men Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Logs
1865 President Lincoln Approves Resolution Submitting Thirteenth Amendment to the States for Ratification Abraham Lincoln 13TH Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Slavery Lincoln Logs
John Rock First African American Admitted to Practice Before Supreme Court U.S. Supreme Court African-American Heritage Historic Firsts American Bar Asscoiation African American Registry
1867 Mexican Republicans Defeat Imperialist Forces at Battle of San Jacinto Mexico The Nevada Observer
1871 Georgia's J.F. Long Is First African-American Congressman to Speak on House Floor Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress African American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1873 The British Royal Naval College Opens in Greenwich British History Naval History Education Greenwich Guide
1885 Mormon Leader, John Taylor, Goes into Hiding to Avoid Federal Arrest Mormon Church Crime History Channel
1908 King Carlos I of Portugal and his Eldest Son, Lus Filipe, Are Assassinated by Revolutionaries Portuguese Political and Social Leaders Death History Channel
1920 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Is Created Canada Royal Canadian Mounted Police New York Times
1926 General Billy Mitchell Resigns From the U.S. Air Service After Being Found Guilty of Insubordination Billy Mitchell Aviation Military History Wisconsin Historical Society
1933 United States and Mexico Sign Rio Grande Rectification Treaty Mexico Rio Grande River Historic U.S. Documents Rivers Texas State Historical Society
1943 Japanese Troops Begin Evacuation of Guadalcanal Japan Battle of Guadalcanal History Channel
1946 Norwegian Trygve Lie Chosen First Secretary-General of United Nations United Nations Norway Historic Firsts New York Times
1948 Federation of Malaysia Is Formed from 9 Sultanates Malaysia Ebcyclopedia of Nations
1951 UN Condemns People's Republic of China's Aggression in Korea United Nations China Korean War The History Channel
U.S. Conducts Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada Nuclear Weapons Source Information from Geoscience Australia
1953 Violent Storms Kill Hundreds Along England's East Coast Great Britain Death BBC
1955 H. C. Hansen Appointed Premier of Denmark Denmark Social Democratic Party of Denmark
1959 Swiss Males Vote Against Voting Rights for Women Switzerland Women's Suffrage Voting & Elections History of Switzerland
1960 Four African-American College Students Begin Greensboro, NC Lunch Counter Sit-ins Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-ins U.S. Civil Rights Movement African-American Heritage New York Times African American Registry
1962 Okinawa Accuses U.S. of Treating the Island as a Colony in Violation of the U.N. Charter United Nations Okinawa Asian-American Heritage Asian History
1965 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr & 700 Demonstrators Arrested in Selma, Alabama Selma, Alabama Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. U.S. Civil Rights Movement Law and Legal Resources African-American Heritage University of Georgia
1968 President Johnson Authorizes Popular Elections for U.S.-occupied Okinawa Okinawa President Lyndon Johnson Elections Asian-American Heritage Asian History
Richard Nixon Announces Candidacy for U.S. President Richard Nixon The American Presidency Politics and Elections History Channel
1970 An Express Train Rams a Stationary Commuter Train in Buenos Aires, Argentina: 236 Die Argentina Railroads Death CBS
1972 FAA Issues Rule Requiring Air Carriers to Use Screening to Prevent Airline Hijackings FAA Air Travel Terrorism National Academies Press
1973 South Africa Grants Self-Governing Status to Venda and Gazankulu South Africa South African History
1979 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Returns to Iran After 15-year Exile Ayatollah Khomeini Islam History Channel BBC
1991 South African President F W De Klerk Promises to Demolish All Remnants of Apartheid F W De Klerk South African History
1995 The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Opens Diplomatic Liaison Office in Washington, D.C. Vietnam Washington, D.C. Asian-American Heritage Asian History
1996 Congress Enacts Communications Decency Act to Regulate Internet Usage U.S. Congress Law and Legal Resources The Internet The Electronic Privacy Information Center
1999 Monica Lewinsky Gives Deposition In Clinton Impeachment Hearing Impeachment of President Bill Clinton The American Presidency Law & Legal Resources New York Times
2003 Space Shuttle Columbia Disintegrates Upon Re-entry: All Aboard Perish The Space Shuttle STS-107 Disaster Death History Channel BBC

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