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Mozambique: Heroes' Day
(Observance of the anniversary of the assassination of President Eduardo Mondlane 2/3/1969)
Eduardo Mondlane Notable Persons Who Have Died on This Date Excite Travel Mozambique News Agency
1807 Joseph E. Johnston (Virginia-born Confederate General) Joseph E. Johnston American Civil War University of Georgia
1815 Edward Roye (Ohio-born Fifth President of Liberia) Liberian Political and Social Leaders Ohio Political and Social Leaders African-American Political & Social Leaders African American Registry
1824 George Thomas "Tige" Anderson (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
1862 James C. McReynolds (Kentucky-born Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) Kentucky Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1920 John W. Schmitt (President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO: 1966 - 1986) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Labor Wisconsin AFL-CIO Wisconsin Historical Society
1952 Anton Lubowski (Namibian Human Rights Advocate) Namibia Political and Social Leaders Racism Human Rights/Civil Rights South African History
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1014 King Sweyn I of Denmark Denmark
1969 Eduardo Mondlane President of Mozambique; Assassination) Eduardo Mondlane African History Death Mozambique News Agency
1515 Britain's King Henry VIII Breaks 23 Spears and Is Highly Praised At All-comers Joust British Sports Figures King Henry VIII Greenwich Guide
1518 Silence was imposed on the Augustinian monks in the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Leo X Catholicism Religion Concordia
1848 The British Annex the Land Between the Orange and Vaal Rivers in South Africa South Africa Great Britain South African History
1862 President Lincoln Questions General McClellan's Plans for the Army of the Potomac George McClellan Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
Confederate Steamer Florida Successfully Eludes Federal Ships Blockading Florida's Eastern Coast Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
President Lincoln Thanks King of Siam for Gifts, But Declines Offer of Elephants Thailand Political and Social Leaders Abraham Lincoln Elephants Lincoln Papers
1863 President Lincoln's Cabinet Discusses Wisdom of Shooting a Deserter as Example to the Army Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Capital Punishment Lincoln Papers
1865 Lincoln and Confederate Leaders Conduct Hampton Roads Peace Conference Aboard "River Queen" Virginia Abraham Lincoln American Civil War History Channel
British Schooner John Hale Is Captured Near St. Marks, FL Union by Schooner Matthew Vassar Great Britain Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1867 14-year-old Prince Mutsuhito Becomes Emperor Meiji of Japan Japan Asian History
1874 Blanche Bruce First MS African American Elected to Full U.S. Senate Term U.S. Congress Mississippi African-American History Historic Firsts
1913 16th Amendment Ratified Granting Congress Right to Collect Income Taxes 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution U.S. Congress Taxes History Channel EconEdLink
1916 Canada's Original Parliament Buildings, in Ottawa, Burn Down Canada Fire Safety New York Times
1917 Germany Broadens Submarine Warfare - U.S. Breaks Diplomatic Relations Germany Submarines World War I New York Times
1919 Commission Led by President Woodrow Wilson Begins Work on the League of Nations Covenant The League of Nations President Woodrow Wilson Indiana University
Kiev Is Captured by the Bolsheviks Ukraine Soviet Union Indiana University
1930 Ho Chi Minh Presides Over Meeting At Which the Vietnamese Communist Party Is Founded Ho Chi Minh Country Studies
Chief Justice of the United States, William Howard Taft, Resigns For Health Reasons Ohio Political and Social Leaders William Howard Taft U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1944 U.S. Troops Capture the Marshall Islands Marshall Islands Japan World War II History Channel
1945 In the Philippines, U.S. Troops Liberate Prisoners From the Santo Tomas Camp, Including. Lt. Marcia Gates of Janesville, Wisconsin The Philippines Japan Janesville, Wisconsin American Women in the Military Prisoners of War World War II Wisconsin Historical Society
1946 The Natal Indian Congress Protests Efforts to Limit Indian Rights in South Africa South Africa India Human Rights South African History
1950 Physicist Klaus Fuchs Arrested for Passing Atomic Bomb Secrets to Soviets Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons Cold War History Channel
1954 Queen Elizabeth II Makes the First Visit of a Reigning Monarch to Australia Australia British History Queen Elizabeth II Historic Firsts Government of Australia
1958 Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands Sign the Benelux Economic Union Treaty Belgium Luxembourg The Netherlands European History CNN
1960 British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, Speaks Out Against South Africa's Apartheid South Africa Harold Macmillan Apartheid BBC
1969 Mozambique President Mondlane Assassinated by Secret Police Mail Bomb Eduardo Mondlane African History Death Mozambique News Agency
Palestinian National Congress Appoints Yasser Arafat Head of the PLO Yasser Arafat Palestine Palestine Ministry of Information
1973 President Nixon Signs Endangered Species Act into Law Richard Nixon Endangered Animals USDA Forest Service
1978 European Economic Community Signs First Trade Agreement with China Chinese History European History Business and Economics World History Historic Firsts
Egyptian President Sadat Arrives in U.S. to Discuss Middle East Peace with President Carter Anwar el-Sadat President Carter BBC
1986 President Reagan Appoints a Commission to Investigate the Challenger Disaster President Ronald Reagan Challenger Disaster Technology and Society
Pope John Paul II Visits Mother Teresa's Refuge in Calcutta Calcutta, India Mother Teresa Pope John Paul II Religion BBC
1988 The President of Alabama's NAACP Arrested for Removing the Confederate Flag from State Capitol Alabama U.S. Civil Rights African-American History NAACP New York Times
U.S. House of Representatives Rejects President Reagan's Request for $36M Aid to Nicaraguan Contras Nicaragua U.S. House of Representatives Iran-Contra Scandal Economics New York Times
British Nurses Protest for Better Pay Great Britain Medical Professionals Labor Actions Economics BBC
1989 Paraguay's Stroessner Regime Is Overthrown in a Military Coup Headed by General Andres Rodriguez Paraguay U.S. Department of State
1994 President Bill Clinton Lifts U.S. Trade Embargo against Vietnam Vietnam President Bill Clinton Business &  Economics Vietnam War The History Channel
2005 Alberto R. Gonzales Is Sworn in as the Nation's First Hispanic Attorney General U.S. Government Hispanic Heritage Historic Firsts The White House

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