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New Zealand: Waitangi Day, New Zealand Day
(Celebration of the anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi: 02/06/1840)
New Zealand U.S. Department of State Governor General of New Zealand
United States: Massachusetts Ratification Day
(Anniversary of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution by Massachusetts: 02/06/1788)
Massachusetts U.S. Constitution
1665 Anne Stuart (Queen of England) English History English Monarchy
1756 Aaron Burr (New Jersey-born Lawyer, Politician, Vice-President of the United States under Thomas Jefferson) Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson
1832 John B. Gordon (Georgia-born U.S. Senator, Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War U.S. Senate University of Georgia
1833 Jeb Stuart (Virginia-born Confederate General) Jeb Stuart American Civil War
1887 Florence Luscomb (Massachusetts-born Women's Rights Advocate) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders Women Women's Suffrage Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
Ernest Gruening (New York City-born Territorial Governor of Alaska; One of Alaska's First Two U.S. Senators) New York City Political and Social Leaders Alaska Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Alaska Historical Society
1897 Millard Fillmore Caldwell (Tennessee-born 29th Governor of Florida: 1945-1949) Tennessee Political and Social Leaders Florida Political and Social Leaders Florida Historical Society
1911 Ronald Reagan (Illinois-born 40th President of the United States) Illinois Political and Social Leaders Ronald Reagan The American Presidency
Louis Nizer (English-American Attorney) English Political and Social Leaders Law & Legal Resources
1933 Walter Fauntroy (First Congressional Representative from Washington, D.C.) Washington, D.C. U.S. Congress Famous African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1685 Charles II, King of England British Political and Social Leaders British Monarchy Greenwich Guide
1952 George VI, King of England British Political and Social Leaders George VI
1564 Unable to Walk, John Calvin Is Carried to Church in a Chair and Preaches His Last Sermon John Calvin Theologians Concordia
1736 English Clergymen John & Charles Wesley Disembark on The Peeper (Now Georgia's Cockspur Island) English Political and Social Leaders Georgia Religion National Park Service United Methodist Church
1778 France Is the First Country to Sign a Treaty of Alliance with the United States France Historic Documents Historic Firsts Library of Congress History Channel
1808 Virginia's General Assembly Approves a Pension for Revolutionary War Veteran Anna Maria Lane Virginia Military Figures American Revolution American Female Military Figures Virginia Historical Society
1819 Stamford Raffles Signs Treaty Establishing British Settlement Rights in Singapore Singapore Great Britain Thinkquest
1820 86 Free African-Americans Set Sail from New York Harbor for Resettlement in West Africa Liberia Sierra Leone New York City America Colonization Society History Channel African American Registry
1840 British & New Zealand Native Maoris Agree to Treaty of Waitangi Great Britain New Zealand Niue Governor General of New Zealand
1861 Lincoln Accepts Invitation to Visit New Jersey's State Capital on Journey to Washington New Jersey Abraham Lincoln Lincoln's Papers
Lincoln Accepts Invitation to Visit Albany, New York, en Route to Inauguration Albany, New York Abraham Lincoln Lincoln's Papers
Thousands Attend Farewell Reception at the Lincoln Home in Springfield, Illinois Springfield, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Lincoln's Papers
1862 General U.S. Grant Captures Fort Henry on the Tennessee River Tennessee Ulysses S. Grant Battle of Fort Henry
President Lincoln Approves Withholding Pensions of Southern Sympathizers Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Economics Lincoln's Papers
1863 Lincoln Congratulates President Bartolomé Mitre of the Argentine Republic on His Election Argentina Political and Social Leaders Abraham Lincoln Lincoln's Papers
1865 Robert E. Lee Is Appointed General-in-Chief of the Confederate Armies Virginia Military Leaders Robert E. Lee American Civil War University of Georgia
1899 U.S. Congress Ratifies Treaty of Paris Ending the Spanish-American Spanish-American War PBS
1918 British Women Over 30 Gain Right to Vote British History Voting Women's Suffrage BBC
1922 Italian Cardinal Achille Ratti Is Elected the 258th Pontiff (Pope Pius XI) of the Roman Catholic Church Italian Political and Social Leaders Catholics Popes Religion Concordia
1941 British and Australian Forces Enter Benghazi, Libya Libya Great Britain Australia World War II Australian Department of Defense
1951 U.S. Conducts a 22kT Atmospheric Nuclear Test at Nevada Site Nevada Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia
1964 British and French Governments Announce Plans to Build a Tunnel under the English Channel Great Britain France Chunnel Railroad BBC
1966 Lyndon Johnson & South Vietnam Premier Meet in Honolulu Hawaii Vietnam War Lyndon Johnson History Channel
1975 U.S. Conducts Underground Nuclear Test at Nevada Site Nevada Nuclear Weapons Cold War Geoscience Australia
1979 South Africa's Prime Minister, P. W. Botha, Offers to Resign P. W. Botha South African History
1983 Nazi "Butcher of Lyon", Klaus Barbie, Returns to France for War Crimes Trial France Klaus Barbie World War II War Crimes Law & Legal Resources BBC
1985 The Reagan Doctrine Is Announced in State of the Union Speech Ronald Reagan American Presidency History Channel
1988 USSR Conducts Underground Nuclear Test in Eastern Kazakhstan Soviet Union Kazakhstan Nuclear Weapons Cold War Geoscience Australia
1998 Washington International Airport is Renamed for Ronald Reagan Washington, D.C. Ronald Reagan Aviation History. Official Website New York Times
2001 Ariel Sharon Is Elected Israeli Prime Minister in a Landslide over Ehud Barak Israeli Political and Social Leaders Elections CNN

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