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Iraq: Anniversary of the Ramadan Revolution
(Commemoration of the Arab Socialist Baath Party Coup: 02/08/1963)
Iraq The BBC AME Info
1795 Nathaniel Potter Tallmadge (New York-born Third Territorial Governor of Wisconsin) New York Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1820 William Tecumseh Sherman (Ohio-born Union General) William Tecumseh Sherman American Civil War
1828 John K. Jackson (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
1878 Martin Buber (Austrian Religious Scholar) Martin Buber Judaism Philosophy
1924 Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher (Oklahoma-born Civil Rights Activist) Oklahoma Political and Social Leaders Law & Legal Resources Women Civil Rights/Human Rights Movement African-American Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1587 Mary Queen of Scots (Beheaded) Mary Queen of Scots Queen Elizabeth I Concordia History Channel Greenwich Guide
1725 Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia Peter the Great
1740 Clement XII (Catholic Pope) Religion Catholic Popes
1888 Robert H. Anderson (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
1941 Willis Van Devanter (Indiana-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Indiana Political & Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1978 Sam Jones (Governor of Louisiana) Louisiana Political and Social  Leaders Louisiana Secretary of State
Irene Drukker Broh (Missouri-born Women's Suffragist) Missouri Political and Social  Leaders West Virginia Political and Social  Leaders Women Women's Suffrage West Virginia Archive
2001 Silvio Conte (Massachusetts-born Member of the U.S. House of Representatives) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. House of Representatives Politics Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1575 Leiden University Opens As Gift of William of Orange to the Dutch The Netherlands Leiden University
1587 Mary Queen of Scots Beheaded on Orders of England's Queen Elizabeth I Mary Queen of Scots Queen Elizabeth I Concordia History Channel Greenwich Guide
1622 King James I Disbands Parliament Great Britain King James I British History
1801 Treaty of Lunéville Reinforces Napoleon's Claims to Belgium, the Left Bank of the Rhine and in Northern Italy France Belgium Italy Austria Napoleon BBC
1807 Napoleon Fights Russian & Prussian Armies to a Bloody Deadlock at the Battle of Eylau Russia Napoleon War Encyclopedia Britannica
1830 The Last Franciscan Mission in pre-Republic Texas Is Turned Over to Mexican Authorities Mexico Texas Catholicism Texas State Historical Association
1837 Senate Selects Richard Johnson U.S. Vice President Breaking Electoral Deadlock U.S. Senate President Martin Van Buren Elections & Politics New York Times
1842 Abraham Lincoln Delivers Eulogy for Fellow Temperance Society Member in Springfield, Illinois Springfield, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
1861 The Confederate Constitution Is Approved by Delegates in Montgomery, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1862 Union Forces Capture Roanoke Island, North Carolina Roanoke Island Battle of Roanoke History Channel
Lincoln's Saturday Reception Is Canceled Due to Son, Willie, Critically Ill with Typhoid Fever Abraham Lincoln Typhoid Fever Lincoln Papers
1865 Lincoln Signs Congressional Resolution Revoking Representation of Certain States in the Electoral College U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Electoral College Lincoln Papers
1887 President Cleveland Signs into Law the Dawes Severalty Act President Grover Cleveland Native-American Heritage Law and Legal Resources History Channel
1904 Russo-Japanese War Begins with Japanese Surprise Attack on Russian Fleet Russia Japan War Spartacus History Channel Asian History
1909 Germans and French Reach Economic Agreement Regarding Morocco Germany France Morocco Economics
1914 General Zamon Becomes President of Haiti Haiti
1934 The Federal Government Authorizes the Export-Import Bank The New Deal International Trade History Channel EconEdLink
1935 17 Women Are Elected for the First Time to the Turkish Grand National Assembly Turkey Voting Women's Suffrage Historic Firsts Turkish Government
1943 Britain's Indian Brigade Begins Guerrilla Operations in Burma Burma India Great Britain World War II History Channel
Japanese Complete the Evacuation of Ground Troops from Guadalcanal Japan World War II U.S. Navy
1948 North Korea's People's Committee Proclaims Founding of Its Armed Forces Korea Federation of American Scientists
1949 Hungary's Communist Court Convicts Cardinal Mindszenty of Treason Hungary Soviet Union Catholicism Cold War History Channel
1952 Elizabeth II Is Proclaimed Queen of England Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II BBC
1962 Eight Die in Paris Riots Protesting Algerian Freedom Algeria Paris Death BBC
1963 Arab Socialist Baath Party Coup Ousts Iraqi Prime Minister Abd-al-Karim Qasim Iraq The BBC
1964 The Iraqi National Oil Company Is Incorporated in Baghdad Iraq Businesses Economics History Channel
1966 President Johnson and South Vietnamese Premier Nguyen Cao Ky Conclude 3-day Meeting in Honolulu Vietnamese Political and Social Leaders Hawaii Vietnam War Asian History
1971 5,000 South Vietnam Forces, Supported by 200 U.S. Planes, Attack 10-20 Miles into Laos Laos Vietnam War Vanderbilt
1973 Senate Committee Chosen for Watergate Hearings U.S. Senate Watergate Affair New York Times
1980 President Jimmy Carter Reveals Plan to Reinstate Military Draft Registration President Jimmy Carter The American Presidency New York Times
1983 Ariel Sharon Resigns as Israel's Defense Minister Israel BBC
1996 President Clinton Signs Telecommunications Act Into Law President Bill Clinton Law and Legal Resources Technology History New York Times
1999 U.S. Senate Hears Prosecution's Closing Arguments at President Clinton's Impeachment Trial U.S. Senate Impeachment of President Clinton CNN
Presidents Clinton, Ford, Carter, Bush Attend Funeral of Jordan's King Hussein Jordan President Ford President Carter President George Bush President Clinton BBC

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