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1760 Richard Allen (Pennsylvania-born First African-American Methodist Bishop) Richard Allen Religious Leaders African-American Political and Social Leaders Concordia African-American Registry
1763 General Jean-Victor Marie Moreau (French General) France
1817 Frederick Douglass (Maryland-born African-American Escaped Slave, Human Rights Advocate, Journalist) Frederick Douglass Civil Rights/Human Rights Journalism African-American Political and Social Leaders
1829 Alfred Iverson Jr. (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures Mexican American War American Civil War University of Georgia
1847 Anna Howard Shaw (English Women's Suffragist) English Political and Social Leaders Women Women's Suffrage Civil Rights/Human Rights New York Times
1848 Harriet Laura Cramer (Wisconsin-born Philanthropist and Patron of the Arts) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Philanthropy Wisconsin Historical Society
1874 Charlotta Amanda Bass (South Carolina-born African-American Newspaper Publisher, Civil Rights Activist) South Carolina Political and Social Leaders Journalism Civil Rights/Human Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders African-American Registry
1913 Jimmy Hoffa (Indiana-born Labor Leader) Indiana Political and Social Leaders Labor
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1400 Richard II, King of England (Murdered) English History British Royalty
1884 Mittie Roosevelt (Mother of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt) Theordore Roosevelt The History Channel
Alice Lee Roosevelt (Wife of Theodore Roosevelt) Theordore Roosevelt The History Channel
1891 William Tecumseh Sherman (Ohio-born Union General) William Tecumseh Sherman American Military Leaders American Civil War
1962 Herman Guy Kump (Former Governor of West Virginia) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders West Virginia Archives
1979 Adolph Dubs (U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Killed in a Shootout After Abduction by Islamic Extremists) Afghanistan U.S. Government Islam Terrorism
2005 Rafik Hariri (Former Prime Minister of Lebanon - Assassination) Lebanon Terrorism Death
1349 The Jews of Strasbourg, France Are Blamed for Causing the Plague: 2,000 Are Burned at the Stake Judaism Strasbourg, France World History Death Fordham University
1556 Thomas Cranmer Is Deposed as the Archbishop of Canterbury by Mary Queen of Scots Mary Queen of Scots British Monarchy Religion Archbishop of Canterbury Concordia
1729 Marqués de Aguayo Proposes Spain Relocate Families from the Canary Islands to Texas Spain Texas Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1779 340 Patriots Defeat a Militia of 700 Loyalists at Kettle Creek, Georgia Georgia American Revolution The History Channel University of Georgia
Hawaiian Natives Murder English Explorer, Captain James Cook, on His Third Visit to the Islands Captain James Cook Hawaii Explorers Death The History Channel
1840 White South African Pioneers (Voortrekkers) Defeat the Zulus and Establish Their Own Republic South Africa South African History
1843 Lincoln Makes Known His Wishes to Run for Congress U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
1849 James K. Polk Is First President Photographed in Office James K. Polk The American Presidency Photography Historic Firsts
1861 President Lincoln's Train Is Greeted by Large Crowds in Heavy Rain from Columbus, OH to Pittsburgh Ohio Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency Railroad Lincoln Papers
1862 Wisconsin's Fifteenth Regiment Infantry Is Organized at Camp Randall in Madison and Mustered into Service Madison, Wisconsin Civil War Wisconsin Historical Society
1864 Sherman's Union Forces Enter Meridian, Mississippi Meridian, Mississippi General Sherman Civil War The History Channel
1884 Theodore Roosevelt's Wife and Mother Die Only Hours Apart Theordore Roosevelt Death The History Channel
1899 President McKinley Signs Legislation Authorizing States to Use Voting Machines for Federal Elections. President McKinley Voting Law * Legal Resources New York Times
1903 U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor Established U.S. Government Agencies President Theodore Roosevelt Economics and Business EconEdLink The History Channel
1919 President Woodrow Wilson Presents a Draft Covenant for the League of Nations President Woodrow Wilson Treaty of Versailles League of Nations The History Channel
1943 Rommel's Afrika Korps Defeat U.S. Troops at Kasserine Pass Africa Irwin Rommel World War II The History Channel
1945 Perú, Paraguay, Chile & Ecuador join the United Nations Peru Paraguay Chile Ecuador The United Nations New York Times
1949 Chaim Weizmann Is Elected as the First President of Modern Israel Israeli Political and Social Leaders Chaim Weizmann Historic Firsts Jersusalem Center for Public Affairs Concordia
1958 Jordan & Iraq Form the Arab Federation Jordan Iraq Jewish Virtual Library
1960 Referendum Confirms Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan As President of Pakistan Pakistan Story of Pakistan
Democratic Presidential Candidate, John F. Kennedy, Campaigns in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin John F. Kennedy American Presidency Wisconsin Historical Society
1962 President John Kennedy Authorizes U.S. Advisors to Fire in Self-defense John F. Kennedy Vietnam War The History Channel
Jackie Kennedy Gives First Televised Tour of the White House White House Jackie Kennedy New York Times
1976 U.S. Conducts 200 - 500 kt Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia
1979 Islamic Extremists Abduct the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Who Is Then Killed in a Shootout Afghanistan Islam Terrorism Death New York Times
1980 US Launches Solar Maximum Mission Satellite to Study Solar Flares The Sun NASA
1984 The Black South African Community of Mogopa Is Bulldozed & Residents Forcibly Displaced South Africa Racism South African History
1989 Nicaraguan Sandinistas Agree to Free Elections Nicaragua Ronald Reagan Elections and Voting The History Channel
Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini Calls for Murder of Authors Salman Rushdie for Blaspheming Islam Ayatollah Khomeini Authors Islam Terrorism BBC
Union Carbide Agrees to Pay $470M to Government of India for 1984 Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster India Business Death Union Carbide New York Times
1995 South Africa's New Constitutional Court Officially Opens South Africa Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts South African History
2005 Lebanon's Former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, Killed in Beirut Terrorist Attack Lebanon Terrorism Death CNN

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