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1710 Louis XV, King of France French Political and Social Leaders
1726 Abraham Clark (New Jersey-born Signer of the Declaration of Independence) New Jersey Political and Social Leaders Declaration of Independence
1775 Miguel Ramos Arizpe (Mexican Priest, Lawyer, Diplomat, Politician) Mexican Political and Social Leaders
1811 Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (Argentine Statesman) Argentinean Political and Social Leaders Education Government of Argentina (in Spanish)
1820 Susan B. Anthony (Massachusetts-born Advocate of Women's Suffrage) Susan B. Anthony Women Women's Suffrage
1822 Henry B. Whipple (New York-born Religious Leader; Minnesota's First Episcopalian Bishop) New York Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians
1835 Alexander Stewart Webb (New York-born Union General) Alexander Stewart Webb American Civil War History Channel
1845 Elihu Root (New York-born Statesman) New York Political and Social Leaders U.S. Government President McKinley President Theodore Roosevelt
1860 Scott Cordelle Bone (Indiana-born 10th American Governor of Alaska) Indiana Political and Social Leaders Alaska Political and Social Leaders
1892 James Forrestal (New York-born U.S. Secretary of Defense) New York Military Leaders U.S. Government World War II
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1966 Father Camilo Torres (Leading Member of Colombia's National Liberation Army) Colombia Catholicism
1979 Richmond Pugh Bond (Mississippi-born Educator, Author) Mississippi Authors & Illustrators Educators of Note
1984 Leamon Hunt (U.S. Diplomat Assassinated in Rome) Italy U.S. Government Terrorism
1776 The Governor of Nova Scotia Warns British of Possible Invasion by the Americans Canada Great Britain American Revolution History Channel
1790 John Rutledge (SC) Sworn In As Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court South Carolina Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court President George Washington Oyez
1861 President Lincoln's Train Departs Pittsburgh in Rain, Arrives in Cleveland in the Snow Ohio Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency Railroad Lincoln Papers
First Federal Troops Occupy San Francisco's Fort Point to Defend the Bay from Invasion San Francisco Forts American Civil War Fort Point
1862 Grant Launches Major Assault on Ft. Donelson, TN Tennessee Ulysses S. Grant Battle of Ft. Donelson
1863 President Lincoln Studies Union Plans to Attack Charleston, South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1879 President Hayes Signs Bill Allowing Women to Argue Cases Before Supreme Court President Hayes Women U.S. Supreme Court Court TV
1894 French Terrorist Dies Attempting to Blow Up the British Royal Observatory at Greenwich Great Britain France Death British Royal Observatory at Greenwich Greenwich Guide
1898 The Battleship Maine Blows Up in Havana Harbor Cuba The Maine Naval History Florida Historical Society
1905 U.S. Forest Reserves Transferred from Dept of Interior to Dept of Agriculture U.S. Government President Theodore Roosevelt U.S. Forest Service Presidential Proclamation
1915 Indian Troops Mutiny in Singapore Singapore Great Britain India World War I History Channel
1933 Chicago's Mayor Is Killed in Miami, Florida by Bullet Meant for President-elect Franklin Roosevelt Miami, Florida Chicago Political and Social Leaders Franklin Roosevelt Crime Capital Punishment Death History Channel Florida Historical Society
1942 British Forces in Singapore Surrender to the Japanese Singapore Great Britain Japan World War II History Channel BBC
1943 Wiley B. Rutledge (KY) Sworn In As Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court Kentucky Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court President Franklin Roosevelt Oyez
1950 USSR and Communist China Announce Mutual Defense and Assistance Treaty Soviet Union China Cold War History Channel
1952 England's King George VI Is Buried At Windsor Castle Great Britain King George VI BBC
Georgia's Governor Authorizes Purchase of Stone Mountain for Development of a Confederate Memorial Park Georgia American Civil War Stone Mountain University of Georgia
1954 French Research Submersible F.N.R.S. 3 Dives to 13,257' Off the Coast of Senegal Senegal Oceans Historic Firsts NOAA
1961 Belgian Jet Crashes Killing U.S. Figure Skating Team and 39 Others Belgium Air Disasters Figure Skating Death BBC
1964 International Labour Organization (ILO) Suspends South Africa for Racism and Forced Labour South Africa Labor Racism International Labor Organization South African History
1965 The Maple Leaf Flag Officially Becomes the New National Flag of Canada Canada Canadian Government History Channel
1966 Charles DeGaulle Offers to Help End Vietnam War Charles DeGaulle Vietnam War History Channel
1970 "Chicago Eight" Defense Attorneys Sentenced Chicago 8 Vietnam War Politics Law & Legal Resources History Channel
1984 U.S. Diplomat, Leamon Hunt, Is Assassinated in Rome by the Red Brigades Italy U.S. Government Terrorism Death Vanderbilt
1986 British Police Clash with Members of the Striking Printers Union Great Britain Labor BBC
1989 Soviets Complete Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan After 10 Years Occupation Afghanistan Soviet Union Cold War BBC
2002 President Bush Approves Nevada's Yucca Mountain for Nuclear Waste Disposal Nevada President George W. Bush Nuclear Waste Officie of the President

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