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1801 John Henry Newman (British Catholic Cardinal, Philosopher) John Henry Newman Catholicism Philosophy
1858 Walter Benson Rubusana (South African Founder of the African National Congress) South African Political and Social Leaders South African History
1932 Harold V, King of Norway Norway
1936 Barbara Jordan (Texas-born African-American Member of the U.S. Congress) Barbara Jordan U.S. House of Representatives African American Political and Social Leaders
1940 Gaston Caperton (Governor of West Virginia) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders Politics West Virginia Archives
John Lewis (Alabama-born African-American Member of the U.S. Congress) Alabama Political and Social Leaders U.S. House of Representatives African American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry University of Georgia
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1513 Pope Julius II (Italian-born Roman Catholic Pope) Italian Political and Social Leaders Catholic Popes Concordia
1965 Malcolm X (Nebraska-born Civil Rights/Human Rights Activist: Assassination) Malcolm X U.S. Civil Rights Movement Famous African Americans
1173 Pope Alexander III Canonizes Thomas A. Becket English Political and Social Leaders Catholic Saints Concordia
1683 In New Castle, Delaware, William Penn Naturalizes 116 Swedish and Dutch Immigrants William Penn New Castle, Delaware Immigration State of Delaware
1702 England's William III Is Fatally Injured by Fall from Horse English Political and Social Leaders British Royalty Horses Greenwich Guide
1795 French Law 3 Ventôse Passes Restoring Separation of Church and State France French Revolution Religion Judaism Catholic Encyclopedia
1803 The British Return the Cape of Good Hope to the Dutch under the Treaty of Amiens South Africa The Netherlands Great Britain South African History
1848 John Quincy Adams Suffers a Stroke in the U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives John Quincy Adams Stroke The History Channel
1861 President-elect Lincoln Speaks to the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly in Trenton Trenton, New Jersey President Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency Lincoln Papers
President-elect Lincoln Learns of Plot to Assassinate Him in Baltimore Baltimore, Maryland President Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency Lincoln Papers
1862 Confederate Victory Brings Heavy Casualties at Battle of Valverde, New Mexico New Mexico Battle of Valverde National Park Service New Mexico Magazine
1865 Confederates Unsuccessfully Attack Fort Myers, Florida, Killing One Union Solider, Capturing Nine Fort Myers, Florida American Civil War Death Florida Historical Society
1916 The Battle of Verdun Begins France World War I The History Channel Merriam-Webster
1917 607 Black South African Soldiers Perish in the English Channel as the S.S. Mendi Sinks South African Military Figures World War I Death South African History
1944 Prime Minister Tojo Takes Control of the Japanese Army Japan World War II The History Channel
1946 President Truman Creates Office of Economic Stabilization for Transition into a Peace-Time Economy President Harry Truman Nixon The American Presidency World War II Economics The History Channel
1952 Police Kill Five Students Marching for Bangla as Bangladesh State Language `Bangladesh Government of Bangladesh
1963 U.S. Conducts Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada The Cold War Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia
1970 Henry Kissinger Begins Secret Peace Talks in Paris with Le Duc Tho Paris Vietnam War The History Channel
1972 Richard Nixon Is First U.S. President to Visit China China President Nixon's Trip to China Historic Firsts
1973 Israeli Fighter Planes Shoot Down a Libyan Airlines Jet, Killing More than 100 People Libya Israel Air Disasters Death New York Times
1975 Nixon Staffers Mitchell, Haldeman & Ehrlichman Sentenced to Prison for Watergate Cover Up Richard Nixon Watergate Affair Law and Legal Resources New York Times
1996 Russia Launches Soyuz TM-23 for 193-day MIR Docking Mission Russian Space Program Space Exploration Astronautix
2001 Outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Causes Ban of All British Milk, Meat, Livestock Exports Great Britain Cows Foot-and-Mouth Disease BBC
2002 Washington's Supreme Court Declares the State's Boundary Extends North of the 49th Parallel Canada Washington Law and Legal Resources Washington Courts History Link

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