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1736 Ann Lee (English-American Founder of the American Society of Shakers) English Political and Social Leaders Shakers History Channel
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1908 Pat Garrett (Alabama-born Former Sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico Who Shot and Killed Billy the Kid) Notorious People of Alabama Notorious People of New Mexico New Mexico Magazine
1700 200-300 French Soldiers and Their Native American Allies Raid the Tiny Frontier Settlement of Deerfield, Massachusetts France Deerfield, Massachusetts Native-American Heritage War Library of Congress History Channel
1864 Union Forces Split in Attempt to Free Prisoners Near Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Prisoners of War Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid History Channel
1916 Britain's Armed Merchant Ship Alcantara and Germany's Raider Grief Both Sink After Battling in the North Sea Great Britain Germany Naval Military History World War I History Channel
1952 Owen Lattimore Testifies Before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee U.S. Senate McCarthyism History Channel
1968 Presidential Commission on Civil Disorders Condemns Racism as the Primary Cause of the Nation's Social Unrest President Lyndon Johnson American Presidency Racism History Channel African American Registry
1972 South Korea Pulls 11,000 Troops Out of Vietnam South Korea Vietnam War History Channel
1984 Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, Resigns After More Than 15 Years in Office Pierre Trudeau BBC
2004 President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Flees Haiti Haiti Political and Social Leaders CNN African American Registry

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