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Paraguay: Heroes Day
(Observed annually on March 1)
Paraguay U.S. Department of State
Republic of BiH (Bosnia-Herzegovina): Independence Day
(Celebration of popular vote to separate from Yugoslavia: 03/01/1992)
Bosnia U.S. Department of State United Nations
South Korea: Sam Il Jul (Independence Movement Day)
(Celebrates Korea's declaration of independence from Japan: 03/01/1919)
South Korea Japan U.S. Department of State Korea Award
Nebraska: Statehood Day
(Commemorates Andrew Johnson signing the bill that made Nebraska a state: 3/1/1867)
Nebraska President Andrew Johnson The American Presidency Nebraska State Historical Society
Ohio: Statehood Day
(Commemorates first meeting of the Ohio legislature in Chillicothe: 3/1/1803)
Chillicothe, Ohio Chillicothe, Ohio
1732 William Cushing (Massachusetts-born Associate Justice U.S. Supreme Court) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1841 Blanche Kelso Bruce (Virginia-born First African-American to Serve a Full Term in the U.S. Senate) Virginia Political and Social Leaders Mississippi Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1890 William Hartsfield (Georgia-born Namesake of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Aviation History Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport University of Georgia
1898 Homer Adams Holt (Governor of West Virginia: 1937 - 1941) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders Politics West Virginia Archive
1914 Archibald Jacob Gumede (South African Rights Activist) South African Political and Social Leaders Human Rights/Civil Rights South African History
1922 Yitzhak Rabin (Prime Minister of Israel) Yitzhak Rabin New York Times
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1619 Anne, Queen of England English Political and Social Leaders British Monarchy
1818 Jared Irwin (North Carolina-born Governor of Georgia) North Carolina Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leaders Politics University of Georgia
1468 William Caxton Begins His Translation of The Histories of Troy from the French Ancient Greece Trojan War Literature World Languages Chambers Book of Days
1562 Roman Catholics Massacre French Protestants (Huguenots) at Vasey, France Vasey, France Religion War Concordia
1738 British Sign Treaty with the Jamaican Maroons Great Britain Jamaica Historic Documents University of Vermont African American Heritage
1767 The Jesuits Are expelled from Spain by Emperor Charles III Spain Catholicism Religion European History Concordia
1778 Georgia's Whig Legislature Declares 117 Royalists Traitors and Confiscates Their Property Georgia American Revolution University of Georgia
1860 Presidential Candidate Abraham Lincoln Campaigns in Manchester, New Hampshire Manchester, New Hampshire Abraham Lincoln Politics Manchester, New Hampshire Lincoln Papers
1861 President-elect Lincoln Receives Warning of Plot to Assassinate Him During the Inauguration Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
Mrs. Lincoln Visits the White House Mary Todd Lincoln The White House Lincoln Papers
1864 President Lincoln Recommends to Senate Promotion of General Grant to Lieutenant General U.S. Senate Abraham Lincoln Ulysess S. Grant American Civil War History Channel
U.S.S. Roebuck Seizes British Blockade-runner Lauretta off Florida's Indian River Inlet Great Britain Florida Naval History Florida Historical Society
1865 Congress Notifies President Lincoln of His Re-election U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Presidential Elections Lincoln Papers
1879 HMS Osprey Arrives at Sitka, Alaska from Victoria, British Columbia in Response to Fears of an Indian Uprising Canada Sitka, Alaska Native American Heritage Naval Military History Alaska Historical Society
1896 Ethiopians Defend Their Country Against an Italian Invasion at Adwa Battle of Adwa Italy War
1919 Korean Declaration of Independence Publicly Proclaimed at Pagoda Park, Seoul South Korea Japan Korea Award Asian History
1927 British Privy Council Settles Labrador Boundary Dispute Between Newfoundland the Canada Canada Law and Legal Resources Memorial University of Newfoundland
1938 The Soviet Union Loans $50M to China for Its War with Japan Soviet Union China Japan War Economics Asian History
1941 German Troops Invade Bulgaria - Bulgaria Joins the Axis Alliance Nazi Germany Bulgaria World War II History Channel
1946 English Government Takes Over the Bank of England after 252 Years English History Economics Bank of England
1950 Nuclear Scientist, Klaus Fuchs, Is Sentenced to 14 Years Imprisonment for Espionage German Scientists & Mathematicians Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons Cold War Trchnology and Society BBC
Chiang Kai-shek Resumes Presidency of the Nationalist Chinese Government on Taiwan Chiang Kai-shek Taiwan Asian History
1951 In Secret Nighttime Meeting, a Senate Committee Questions Frank Sinatra About Mafia Ties U.S. Senate Frank Sinatra Crime Crime Magazine
1954 4 Puerto Ricans Open Fire in U.S. House of Representatives Puerto Rico U.S. Congress Hispanic Heritage History Channel
U.S. Detonates Massive 15MT Above-ground H-bomb Explosion on Bikini Atoll Nuclear Weapons BBC Asian History
1961 President Kennedy Issues Executive Order Establishing the Peace Corps John F. Kennedy The American Presidency The Peace Corps History Channel
Uganda Holds Its First Election as a Self-Governing Country Uganda Elections Historic Firsts U.S. Department of State
1962 U.S. & Britain Conduct a Nuclear Test in Nevada Great Britain United States Nevada Nuclear Weapons
1966 British Decide to Convert to Decimal Coinage Great Britain Currency BBC
1971 Weather Underground Bomb Detonates in the U.S. Capitol Washington, D.C. U.S. Congress Terrorism TV Archives
Hundreds of Thousands of British Workers Protest Government's New Industrial Relations Bill Great Britain Labor Strikes Law and Legal Resources BBC
1973 Palestinian Black September Terrorists Seize the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan Sudan Saudi Arabia Palestine Terrorism BBC
1974 Seven of President Nixon's Staff Indicted for Obstruction of Justice Watergate Affair The American Presidency Law & Legal Resources National Archives
1979 U.S. Government Reopens Its Embassy in Beijing, China China U.S. Government U.S. Treasury
1981 Irish Republican Army's Bobby Sands Begins Prison Hunger Strike That Will Kill Him Northern Ireland Great Britain New York Times
1984 USSR Conducts Nuclear Test in Kazakhstan Soviet Union Kazakhstan Nuclear Weapons
1990 Seabrook, NH, Nuclear Power Plant Wins Federal Permission to Go On Line Seabrook, New Hampshire Nuclear Energy Law and Legal Resources New York Times
1991 The U.S. Embassy in Kuwait Is Reopened Kuwait U.S. Government TV Archives
1992 Citizens Vote by Referendum to Separate Bosnia-Herzegovina from Yugoslavia Bosnia United Nations
1995 Vitaly Massol Resigns as Premier of Ukraine Ukraine

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