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Peru: San Juan de Dios
(Annual March 8 commemoration of the life of San Juan de Dios)
Syria: Revolution Day
(Commemoration of revolution that brought the Baath Arab Socialist Party to power: 03/08/1963)
`Syria U.S. Department of State `Damascus Online
Uzbekistan: Women's Day Uzbekistan Women Asian Development Bank
1495 Juan de Dios (Spanish-born Catholic Saint) Spain Portugal Catholic Saints
1798 Mathew Caldwell (Kentucky-born "Paul Revere of the Texas Revolution;" Namesake of Caldwell County, Texas) Kentucky Poliitcal and Social Leaders Texas Revolution Texas States Historical Association
1841 Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (Massachusetts-born Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Justice) Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. U.S. Supreme Court
1911 Clarence Mitchell (Maryland-born African-American Attorney, Civil Rights Advocate, Lobbyist for the NAACP) Maryland Political and Social Leaders Law and Legal Resources Civil Rights NAACP African-Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1702 William III of Orange (King of England) English Political and Social Leaders British Monarchy BBC Greenwich Guide
1874 Millard Fillmore (New York-born 13th President of the United States) Millard Fillmore American Presidents
1887 Henry Ward Beecher (Connecticut-born Religious Leader) Henry Ward Beecher Religious Leaders
1898 Edward Lloyd Thomas (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures Mexican-American War American Civil War University of Georgia
1930 William Howard Taft (Ohio-born 27th President of the United States) William Howard Taft American Presidents
Edward T. Sanford (Tennessee-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Tennessee Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court
1963 Cosby Smith Hubbard (Georgia-born Educator, Legislator) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note University of Georgia
1698 The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Is Organized in England Great Britain Religion The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
1702 Anne Is Crowned Queen of England English History Queen Anne New York Times
1715 King Louis XIV Proclaims He Has Ended the Practice of Protestantism in France French Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Religion Concordia
1796 Oliver Ellsworth Is Sworn in as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Connecticut Political and Social Leaders President George Washington U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1801 British and Ottoman Forces Take Control of Abukir Bay in French-occupied Egypt Egypt France Great Britain Turkey War History Channel
1862 The Confederates Ironclad Merrimac Destroys Two Federal Ships Monitor v. the Merrimac Naval History History Channel Lincoln Papers Texas States Historical Association
U.S.S. Sagamore Captures the Sloop Enterprise Off the Florida Coast Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1864 President Lincoln Meets General Grant Face to Face for the First Time President Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S. Grant American Civil War Historic Firsts Lincoln Papers
1880 President Hayes Declares U.S. Must Control a Canal in Panamá Panamá Canal Rutherford B. Hayes American Presidents University of Virginia
1917 Russia's February (old style calendar) Revolution Begins Russia Revolutions and Revolutionaries New York Times History Channel
1920 Denmark, Cuba and Switzerland Join the League of Nations Cuba Denmark Switzerland League of Nations League of Nations Archive
1942 Japanese Land Troops in New Guinea To Establish a Base for Operations Against Australia New Guinea Japan World War II League of Nations Archive
Dutch Forces Surrender to the Japanese on the Island of Java The Netherlands Japan Indonesia World War II History Channel
1945 German V2 Rocket Hits Methodist Church in Greenwich, England, Killing 5 Greenwich, England Nazi Germany World War II Death Greenwich Guide
1947 Washington State Legislature Creates a Fact-finding Committee on Un-American Activities Washington State Legislature McCarthyism History Link
1950 In the U.S. Senate, the Tydings Committee Begins Investigating Senator McCarthy's Allegations of Communist Activities within the U.S. Government Senator Joe McCarthy U.S. Senate McCarthyism Wisconsin Historical Society
1957 Israeli Troops Leave Egypt: Suez Canal Reopens Israel Suez Canal History Channel
1963 Military Coup Brings Baath Arab Socialist Party into Power in Syria `Syria Damascus Online
1965 First U.S. Combat Troops (3,500 Marines) Arrive in Vietnam `Vietnam War Historic Firsts History Channel
1972 Bomb Explodes in the Cockpit of a TWA Boeing 707 at the Las Vegas Airport Las Vegas, Nevada Terrorism Aviation History BBC
1982 U.S. Accuses USSR of Poison/Chemical Weapons in Afghanistan Soviet Union Afghanistan Cold War History Channel
1983 President Reagan Calls the Soviet Union the "Evil Empire" Soviet Union Ronald Reagan The American Presidency Cold War Time
U.S. House Endorses Nuclear Weapons Freeze with Soviets U.S. Congress Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons Cold War TV News Archive
1985 Beirut Car Bomb Kills 45 Beirut, Lebanon Terrorism Death BBC
1986 Four French TV Crew Members Abducted in West Beirut Lebanon France Lebanon Television Terrorism TV News Archive
1999 Supreme Court Refuses to Review Timothy McVeigh's Oklahoma City Bombing Conviction Oklahoma Supreme Court Terrorism CNN
2001 Divers Raise the Wreckage of Donald Campbell's Speedboat, Bluebird, from Lake Bottom Donald Campbell Naval History BBC

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