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Boston, Massachusetts: Evacuation Day
(Observed annually on March 17 since 1901 to celebrate the end of the British occupation of Boston in 1776)
Evacuation Day American Revolution
Political and Social Leaders
1777 Roger Brooke Taney (Maryland-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Maryland Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1825 Benjamin Sterling Turner (North Carolina-born Politician Who Served as the First African-American Congressman from Alabama) North Carolina Political and Social Leaders Alabama Political and Social Leaders U.S. House of Representatives African-American Political and Social Leaders Alabama Archives African American Registry
1849 Patrick Cudahy (Irish-American Wisconsin Business Leader, Philanthropist) Ireland Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Philanthropy Wisconsin Historical Society
1862 Homer Plessy (New Orleans African-American Civil Rights Activist Named in the Landmark Case of Plessy v. Ferguson) Homer Plessy U.S. Civil Rights Activist African-American Political and Social Leaders
1866 Pierce Butler (Minnesota-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Minnesota Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1912 Bayard Rustin (Pennsylvania-born African-American Civil Rights Activist) Bayard Rustin U.S. Civil Rights Activist African-American Political and Social Leaders
1933 Myrlie Evers (Mississippi-born Wife of Medgar Evers; Chairperson of the Board of Directors Chair of the NAACP) Myrlie Evers U.S. Civil Rights Activist African-American Political and Social Leaders NAACP
1920 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Founding father of Bangladesh) Bangladesh
1955 Cynthia McKinney (Georgia's First African-American Female Congressional Representative) Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. House of Representatives African-American Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
461 St. Patrick (Catholic Sant) St. Patrick's Day Catholicism Ancient Order of Hibernians in America, Inc
1734 Salzburgers (Persecuted Protestants from Salzburg) Settle at What Will Be Ebenezer, Georgia Salzburg, Austria Georgia Religion Concordia University of Georgia
1762 Irish Soldiers Serving in the British Army Hold the First Saint Patrick's Day Parade in New York City New York City St. Patrick's Day Historic Firsts The History Channel
1776 British Troops Retreat to Their Ships. Continental Army Reoccupies Boston Evacuation Day The American Revolution Writer's Almanac The History Channel Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1812 Spain Surrenders Fernandina, Florida to U.S. Troops and Florida Patriots Spain Fernandina, Florida Fernandina Beach, Florida Florida Historical Society
1828 Charles Louis Napoleon Achille Murat, Nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, Is Admitted to Practice Law in Florida Fernandina, Florida Napoleon Bonaparte Law and legal Resources Florida Historical Society
1862 U.S. Treasury Sanctions Two Issues of Greenbacks U.S. Government Currency American Civil War U.S. Treasury
President Lincoln Accepts from Philanthropist, Cornelius Vanderbilt, a Yacht Offered as a Gift to the Government Cornelius Vanderbilt President Abraham Lincoln Naval History Philanthropy Lincoln Papers
1863 Union Cavalry Holds Its Own in the Battle of Kelly's Ford, Virginia Battle of Kelly's Ford, VA History Channel
1865 President Lincoln Calls for Arrest and Court Martial of Any Person Furnishing Arms to Hostile Indians President Abraham Lincoln Native American Heritage Crime Lincoln Papers
President Lincoln Speaks to the 140th Indiana Regiment, Which Captured Fort Anderson, NC Indiana Military Figures President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1894 18 Dutch Colonists Arrive on Washington's Whidbey Island and Settle in Oak Harbor The Netherlands Oak Harbor, Washington Immigration Oak Harbor, Washington History Link
1912 The U.S. Marines, Withdraw from Sitka, Alaska Where a Contingent Had Been Stationed Since 1879. Sitka, Alaska U.S. Marines Alaska Historical Society
1917 France's Prime Minister, Aristide Briand, Resigns Under Pressure French Political and Social Leaders World War I The History Channel
1940 Dr. Fritz Todt Is Appointed Nazi Minister for Weapons and Munitions Nazi Germany World War  II The History Channel
1959 The 24-year-old Dalai Lama Begins His Escape from Tibet to Avoid Abduction by the Chinese Dalai Lama China BBC
1964 LBJ and National Security Council Secretly Escalate U.S. Role in Vietnam President Lyndon Johnson Vietnam War The History Channel
1966 Submarine Locates U.S. Hydrogen Bomb Fallen from Aircraft into Mediterranean Nuclear Weapons Aviation History Submarines The New York Times
1968 200 Are Arrested as Thousands Protest the Vietnam War Outside U.S. Embassy in London London Vietnam War Civil Rights Crime BBC
1969 Golda Meir Sworn in As Israel's First Female Prime Minister Israel Golda Meir Women Historic Firsts Prime Minister of Israel The New York Times
1970 U.S. Army Accuses 14 Officers of Covering Up the My Lai Massacre My Lai Massacre The History Channel
1978 Thousands Flee Southern Lebanon as Israeli Attacks Continue for Third Day Lebanon Israel War BBC
1990 Lithuania Rejects Soviet Demand to Renounce Its Independence Lithuania The Soviet Union The Cold War The History Channel
1992 In National Referendum, South Africa's Whites Overwhelmingly Vote to End Apartheid South African Government Apartheid Voting South African History
1995 Sinn Fein Leader Gerry Adams Meets President Bill Clinton Irish Political & Social Leaders President Bill Clinton BBC

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