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1488 Johannes Magnus (Swedish Roman Catholic Archbishop, Historian) Swedish Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians Catholicism
1734 Thomas McKean (Pennsylvania-born President of the state of Delaware, President of the U.S. Congress under the Articles of Confederation) McKean County, Pennsylvania Delaware Colonial America Articles of Confederation History Channel
1748 Elias Hicks (New York-born Quaker Minister; Abolitionist) New York Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians Quakers Abolition
1816 William Jennings Bryan (Illinois-born Politician, Orator: Three-Time Candidate for President of the United States) William Jennings Bryan Politics
1849 Alfred von Tirpitz (German Admiral, Chief Builder of the German Navy Prior to World War I) German Military Figures Naval Military History World War I
1891 Earl Warren (Los Angeles-born Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Earl Warren U.S. Supreme Court
1883 Joseph W. Stilwell (Florida-born U.S. Army General) Joseph Stilwell China World War I World War II
1892 James Van Fleet (New Jersey-born Commander Who Led the World War II Invasion of Normandy) New Jersey Military Figures World War II
1904 John J Sirica (Connecticut-born Federal Judge Who Presided over the Watergate Trials) Connecticut Political & Social Leaders Watergate Affair Richard Nixon Law and Legal Resources
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1806 James Jackson (English-American Governor of Georgia) English Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leader University of Georgia
1980 Lillian Ngoyi (South African Women's Activist) South African Political and Social Leaders Women South African History
1826 Cherokee Leader, John Dunn Hunter, Arrives in Mexico City Seeking a Cherokee Settlement in Texas Mexico Texas Cherokee Indians Texas State Historical Association
1840 In San Antonio, Republic of Texas Soldiers Kill 30 Comanche Indians, Including 5 Women and Children Republic of Texas Commanche Indians Death Texas State Historical Association
1853 China's Taiping Army Seizes Nanjing As Its Capital, Renaming the City Tianjing China Chinese Ministry of Culture
1916 The First U.S. Combat Air Missions Are Flown Over Mexico to Support Pursuit of Pancho Villa by American Troops Poncho Villa Aviation Military History War Historic Firsts History Channel
1920 The U.S. Senate Rejects the Treaty of Versailles for the Second Time U.S. Congress Treaty of Versailles The New York Times
1941 German Incendiary Bombs Set Two Greenwich, England Churches Ablaze Greenwich, England Nazi Germany World War II Religion Aviation Military History Fire Greenwich Guide
1945 Kamikaze Attacks USS Franklin off Japan: 800 Die World War II Aviation History Naval History Death New York Times
Adolf Hitler Orders the Destruction of German Facilities That Could Fall into Allied Hands Germany Nazi Germany Adolph Hitler World War II New York Times
Germany's General Fromm Is Executed for Hitler Assassination Attempt German Military Leaders Nazi Germany Adolph Hitler World War II Capital Punishment History Channel
1947 Georgia's Supreme Court Rules the General Assembly Exceeded Its Power Selecting a Governor in the State's "Three-Governor Affair" Georgia Government Politics Law and Legal Resources University of Georgia
1949 East Germany Approves a New Constitution Germany Cold War History Channel
1968 Howard University Students Seize the University's Administration Building for Four Days Vietnam War Civil Rights African-American Heritage Howard University
1970 Cambodia's National Assembly Declares State of Emergency Granting "Full Power" to Premier Lon Nol and Banning Public Assembly Cambodia History Channel
Leaders of East and West Germany Meet for the First Time Germany Historic Firsts BBC
The Name of the White House Police Is Changed to the U.S. Protective Service U.S. Government The White House U.S. Treasury
1975 Anti-Apartheid Labor Party Takes Control of 31 of 40 Seats on South Africa's Colored Persons Representative Council South African Government Apartheid Election South African History
1976 Buckingham Palace Announces Princess Margaret Will Separate from Lord Snowdon After 16 Years of Marriage England Princess Margaret BBC
1977 France Conducts 150 kT Underground Nuclear Test France Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Australia
1982 50 Argentines Land at the British Colony of the Falkland Islands and Raise the Argentine Flag England Argentina BBC
1986 Engagement of England's Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson Announced English History British Monarchy Television News Archive
1988 Two British Soldiers Are Murdered in Belfast, Northern Ireland Ireland Great Britain Terrorism Death Television News Archive
1990 Latvia Holds Its First Free Elections in 50 Years Latvia Soviet Union Elections New York Times
1992 Buckingham Palace Announces the Duke and Duchess of York Will Separate England Prince Andrew BBC
1996 The Bosnian Capital of Sarajevo Is Reunited as a Single City Bosnia Television News Archive
2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq Begins with Missile Attack on Iraqi Leadership in Baghdad Iraq U.S. Invasion of Iraq History Channel
2011 Coalition Forces Begin Air Attack to Destroy Libyan Defense Systems Libya War BBC

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