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Pakistan: Pakistan Day
(Commemorates the Lahore Resolution calling for a Muslim state separate from India: 03/23/1940)
Pakistan India Islam U.S. Department of State
1430 Margaret of Anjou (French Queen Consort of England's King Henry VI) French Political & Social Leaders English Political & Social Leaders
1823 Schuyler Colfax (New York-born Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Vice-President of the United States) New York Political & Social Leaders House of Representatives President Grant Politics
Henry A. Swift (Ohio-born Governor of Minnesota) Ohio Political & Social Leaders Minnesota Political & Social Leaders
1887 Sidney Hillman (Lithuanian-American Labor Leader, a Founder of the C.I.O) Lithuanian Political & Social Leaders Labor & Labor Day AFL-CIO
1938 Maynard Jackson (Texas-born African-American Attorney, Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia) Texas Political & Social Leaders Georgia Political & Social Leaders African American Political & Social Leaders African American Registry University of Georgia
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1369 Pedro I, King of Castile (Peter the Cruel) Spanish Political and Social Leaders Chambers' Book of Days
1801 Paul I (Czar of Russia, Assassination) Russian Political and Social Leaders
1888 Morrison R. Waite (Connecticut-born Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Connecticut Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1944 J.Y. Sanders (Former Governor of Louisiana) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders Politics
1985 Patricia Roberts Harris (Illinois-born African-American Stateswoman, Member of President Carter's Cabinet)  Patricia Roberts Harris President Jimmy Carter Politics U.S. Government African American Political & Social Leaders
1994 Luis Donaldo Colosio (Mexican Presidential Candidate, Assassinated in Tijuana) Mexico Elections Terrorism Death History Channel
1208 Bishops of London Close All Churches in England in Retaliation to King John's Acts Against the Pope Great Britain King John Catholicism Chambers' Book of Days
1324 King Louis of Bavaria Is Excommunicated by Pope John XXII German Political & Social Leader Catholicism Catholic Encyclopedia
1534 Pope Clement Declares Henry VIII's Marriage to Catherine of Aragon Still Valid Great Britain Henry VIII of England Catholicism St. Thomas More Society
1540 Waltham Abbey Is the Last Monastery to Transfer Allegiance from the Catholic Church to King Henry VIII Great Britain Henry VIII of England Catholicism Waltham Abbey Concordia
1775 Patrick Henry Ignites the American Revolution with Liberty or Death Speech Patrick Henry American Revolution History Channel Virginia Historical Society
1862 Stonewall Jackson's Attack on Union Forces Fails at Kernstown, Virginia Kernstown, Virginia Battle at Kernstown History Channel
Confederate Forces under General Henry H. Sibley Formally Capture Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa Fe, New Mexico American Civil War New Mexico Magazine
U.S. Gunboats Suffer Heavy Losses in Failed Attempt to Land at New Smyrna, Florida New Smyrna, Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
U.S. Troops Go Ashore at Apalachicola, Florida to Find the Town Abandoned by Confederates Apalachicola, Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1863 U.S.S. Arizona Captures Confederate Sloop Aurelia off Florida's Mosquito Inlet Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1865 President and Mrs. Lincoln Depart for Virginia to Meet with General Grant and See Their Son Virginia President Abraham Lincoln General Ulysess S. Grant American Civil War Lincoln Letters
General Sherman's March to the Sea Ends at Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina General Sherman's March to the Sea Wisconsin Historical Society
1870 Joseph P. Bradley Is Sworn in as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court New York Political and Social Leaders President Ulysess S. Grant U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1873 Spanish National Assembly Abolishes Slavery in Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Government Slavery Library of Congress African American Registry
1901 American Forces Capture Filipino Rebel Emilio Aguinaldo Spanish-American War Philippines University of Virginia
1916 Marcus Garvey Arrives in America from Jamaica Marcus Garvey Noted African Americans Spartacus
1918 Giant German Gun "Big Bertha" Shells Paris from 75 Miles Away Paris Germany World War I History Channel
1919 Benito Mussolini Founds His Fasci di Combattimento Party in Milan, Italy Benito Mussolini History Channel
1933 German Reichstag Adopts Enabling Act Giving Adolf Hitler Dictatorial Powers Nazi Germany Adolph Hitler New York Times
1935 China's Japanese Puppet State of Manchuko Buys Chinese Eastern Railway from the Soviet Union Japan China Soviet Union Railroads Economics Asian History
1940 All India Muslim League Drafts the Lahore Resolution Calling for Muslim State Separate from India Pakistan India Islam Pakistan Times
1942 U.S. Government Begins Moving Japanese Americans to Detention Centers World War II Japanese Americans New York Times
1944 Italian Partisans Operating in Rome Bomb a Nazi SS Unit, Killing 33 Rome, Italy Nazi Germany World War II Death History Channel
1956 Pakistan Becomes an Islamic Republic within the British Commonwealth Pakistan Islam British Commonwealth Asian History
Queen Elizabeth II Lays the Cornerstone for a New Cathedral Coventry, England Coventry, England Queen Elizabeth II World War II Coventry Cathedral Historic UK
1966 Archbishop of Canterbury Meets the Pope in Rome: First Meeting in 400 Years Religion The Vatican Concordia
1968 Westmoreland Appointed Army Chief of Staff, Abrams Commander in Vietnam Lyndon Johnson Vietnam War Department of State
1971 Argentine President Roberto Levingston Is Deposed in a Bloodless Coup Argentina Political & Social Leaders TV News Archive
Walter Fauntroy Is Elected as a Delegate to the 92nd Congress by Special Election Washington, D.C. African American History U.S. Congress
1977 British Government Survives No Confidence Vote Great Britain BBC
1982 Military Junta Led by Lt. Gen. Efrain Rios Montt Takes Control of Guatemala Guatemalan Political and Social Leaders TV News Archive
1983 President Reagan First Proposes "Star Wars" Missile Intercept Technology President Ronald Reagan Cold War History of Technology BBC History Channel
1984 Anti-Apartheid Activist, Dorothy Nyembe, Is Released from a South African Jail South Africa Apartheid South African History
1987 Car Bomb Injures 31 at a British Army Base in West Germany Great Britain Germany Terrorism BBC
1994 Russian Airbus Crashes in Siberia Killing All 75 Aboard Russia Air Disasters Death Guardian
Mexican Presidential Candidate, Luis Donaldo Colosio, Assassinated in Tijuana Mexico Elections Terrorism Death History Channel
1996 Lee Teng-hui Is Sworn in as Taiwan's First Democratically-elected President Taiwan Elections Historic Firsts TV News Archive
2001 Russian Space Station MIR Plunges into the South Pacific Russian Space Program Space Exploration New York Times
2010 President Barack Obama Signs Landmark U.S. Healthcare Reform Law President Barack Obama U.S. Health Care Reform Law & Legal Resources

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