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Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Covenant Day
(Commemoration of the enactment of the covenant to establish the CNMI: 03/24/1976)
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands President Gerald Ford Expedia
1755 Rufus King (Member of the Constitutional Convention, Ambassador, U.S. Senator) Maine Political & Social Leaders U.S. Senate U.S. Constitution
1828 Horace Gray (Massachusetts-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1863 William Sherman Jennings (Illinois-born Governor of Florida) Illinois Political and Social Leaders Florida Political and Social Leaders American Political Figures Florida Historical Society
1902 Thomas E. Dewey (Michigan-born Governor of New York, Presidential Candidate: 1944, 1948) Michigan Political & Social Leaders New York Political & Social Leaders Politics American Presidency
1912 Dorothy Height (Virginia-born African-American Civil Rights Activist) Dorothy Height U.S. Civil Rights Movement African American Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1603 Queen Elizabeth I of England English Political and Social Leaders Queen Elizabeth I
1661 William Leddra (The Last Quaker Executed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans) Massahusetts Colonial Massachusetts Quakers Capital Punishment Concordia
1886 Ward Hunt (New York Coty-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) New York City Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1953 Queen Mary of England (Wife of George V and Mother to Edward VIII and George VI) English Political and Social Leaders British Monarchy BBC
1603 King James I Unites the Crowns of England and Scotland Upon the Death of Elizabeth I English Political and Social Leaders Scottish Political and Social Leaders King James I Concordia Historic UK
1661 William Leddra Is the Last Quaker Executed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans Massachusetts Colonial Massachusetts Quakers Capital Punishment Concordia
1663 King Charles II Signs Charter Granting Carolina Colony to Royal Supporters Great Britain British Monarchy Colonial America North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources
1765 Parliament Passes Quartering Act Requiring American Colonists to Provide Room and Board for British Soldiers British Government Colonial America Laws and Legal Resources The History Channel
1821 The Spanish Inquisition Is Abolished Spain Religion Concordia
1825 Mexican Law Invites Anglos to Colonize Texas Mexico Texas Texas State Historical Association
1832 Creek Indians Sign Treaty Ceding All Land East of the Mississippi River Creek Indians Historic American Documents Alabama Archives
1840 Seminole Warriors Kill Two U.S. Soldiers Near Florida's Fort King Florida Seminole Indians War Death Florida Historical Association
1853 William Rufus King of Selma, Alabama, Is Inaugurated as Vice President of the United States in Cuba Cuba Alabama Political and Social Leaders Franklin Pierce The American Presidency Alabama Archives
1864 President Lincoln Spends the Evening with General Grant at the White House Abraham Lincoln General Grant American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1865 President and Mrs. Lincoln Arrive in Virginia to Meet with General Grant and Their Son Virginia President Abraham Lincoln General Ulysess S. Grant American Civil War Lincoln Letters
1918 German Forces Cross the Somme River Germany Second Battle of the Somme The History Channel
1934 U.S. Congress Passes Tydings-McDuffie Act Granting Independence to the Philippines, July 4, 1946 The Philippines U.S. Congress League of Nations Archive
1944 Nazis Kill 335 Italian Civilians in Retaliation for Bombing a SS Unit in Rome Rome, Italy Nzai Germany World War II Death History Channel
1949 President Harry Truman Authorizes $16M in Aid for Displaced Palestinian Refugees Palestine Israel President Harry Truman International Trade The History Channel
1972 The British Government Imposes Direct Rule on Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Great Britain European History TV News Archive
1975 North Vietnamese Launch "Ho Chi Minh Campaign" Vietnam War The History Channel
1976 The President of Argentina, Isabel Peron, Is Deposed by Her Country's Military Argentina Government The New York Times
President Ford Signs Public Law Enacting Covenant of Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands President Gerald Ford Northern Mariana Commonwealth Law Revision Committee
1977 Morarji Desai Replaces Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi Embassy of India, Washington, D.C.
U.S. & Cuba Hold Direct Negotiations for First Time Since 1961 Cuba President Jimmy Carter The Cold War The History Channel
1978 The Amoco Cadiz Splits Spilling 1.6M Gallons of Oil into the Ocean off the French Coast France Earth and Environmental Sciences BBC
1980 Roman Catholic Archbishop Is Shot to Death as He Celebrates Mass in San Salvador El Salvador Catholicism Terrorism Death The New York Times
1986 U.S. Navy Forces Cross into the Gulf of Sidra and Sink Four Libyan Patrol Boats Libya Naval History TV News Archive
1989 Exxon Valdez Dumps 270,000 Barrels of Oil into Alaska's Prince William Sound Alaska Earth and Environmental Sciences The New York Times BBC The History Channel
1999 NATO Initiates Air Strikes Control Serbian Hostilities Against Ethnic Albanians Kosovo The History Channel

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