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Central African Republic: Boganda Day
(Remembrance of President Barthélémy Boganda's death: 03/29/1959)
Central African Republic U.S. Department of State United Nations
Madagascar: Memorial Day
(Remembrance of those who died in uprising against the French: 03/29/1947)
Madagascar U.S. Department of State Country Studies
1790 John Tyler (Virginia-born 10th President of the United States) Virginia Political and Social Leadets John Tyler The American Presidency
1823 William G. Le Duc (Ohio-born Union General) Ohio Military Figures American Civil War Minnesota Historical Society
1916 Eugene McCarthy (Minnesota-born U.S. Senator, Candidate for President of the United States)  Eugene McCarthy U.S. Congress The American Presidency
1929 Lennart Meri (President of Estonia) Estonian Authors & Illustrators
1933 Stanley Mogoba (South African President of the Pan African Congress) Africa  South African Political and Social Leaders South African History
1943 John Major (Prime Minister of England) English Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1792 King Gustavus the Third of Sweden (King of Sweden: Assassinated ) Swedish Political and Social Leaders Writer's Almanac
1959 Barthelemy Boganda (First President, Central African Republic) Central African Republic
1973 Fannie Cobb Carter (West Virginia-born African-American Educator) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note African-American Political and Social Leaders West Virginia
1988 Dulcie September (South African Political Leader: Assassinated in Paris, France) South African Political and Social Leader South African History
1461 Over 28,000 Die as Henry V's Lancastrians Are Crushed in the Battle of Towton, N Yorkshire Great Britain Henry V War Death Historic UK
1638 Swedish Settlers Establish First Permanent Settlement in Delaware (Wilmington) Sweden Wilmington, Delaware Colonial of Delaware Wilmington, Delaware State of Delaware
1776 George Washington Appoints Massachusetts' Israel Putnam Commander of Troops in New York Massachusetts Military Figures New York Military Figures George Washington American Revolution The History Channel
1813 Texas Rebels Defeat Spanish Royalists at the Battle of Rosillo Southeast of San Antonio Spain Texas War Texas State Historical Association
1847 Winfield Scott's Troops Capture Vera Cruz, Mexico Mexico Winfield Scott Mexican-American War Descendants of Mexican War Veterans New York Times
1856 U.S. Troops Suffer Two Fatalities in a Battle with Seminole Indians Near Chocoliska, Florida Florida Seminole Indians War Death Florida Historical Society
1861 President Lincoln Decides to Reinforce Ft. Sumter, South Carolina and Ft. Pickens, Florida Fort Sumter, South Carolina Florida President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Forts Lincoln Papers
1863 President Lincoln Authorizes the Creation of a Negro Brigade President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War African-American Military Figures Lincoln Papers
Federal Forces Evacuate Jacksonville Setting Fire to Much of the Town Jacksonville, Florida American Civil War Fire Safety Jacksonville, Florida Florida Historical Society
1865 Grant's Troops Attack Lee at Appomattox Battle of Quaker Road Ulysses S. Grant Robert E. Lee American Civil War National Park Service
President Lincoln Remains in City Point, Virginia to Observe Military Action at the Front Virginia Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1867 British North America Act Establishes the Dominion of Canada Canada British History Canadian Department of Justice New York Times
Russia's Minister to the U.S. Informs Secretary of State Seward the Czar Has Approved a Treaty for American Purchase of Alaska Russia Alaska International Trade Alaska Historical Society
1879 2,000 British and Colonials Defeat 20,000 Zulus at Kambula in South Africa's Zulu War South Africa Great Britain War The History Channel South African History
1917 Sweden's Prime Minister, Resigns as His Neutrality Policy Leads to Widespread Hunger and Political Instability Swedish Political Figures World War I The History Channel
1924 Four U.S. Secret Service Agents Are Secretly Assigned to the Teapot Dome Investigation U.S. Government Teapot Dome Scandal U.S. Treasury
1942 U.S. Government Prepares to Evacuate Civilians and Military Dependents Out of Hawaii Hawaii World War II History Link
1943 Meat Rationing Begins in the U.S. (28 ounces per week) World War II Foods & Nutrition Brown University New York Times
1945 Patton's Third Army Captures Frankfurt Nazi Germany World War II History Channel
1947 Thousands Die in Madagascar Uprising Against the French  Madagascar France Death Country Studies
1961 Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, 26 Others Acquitted on Treason Charge South Africa Nelson Mandela Law & Legal Resources Jewish Virtual Library
1967 France Launches Its First Nuclear Submarine Le Redoutable France Submarines Federation of American Scientists
1971 Lt. William Calley Found Guilty of Murder at My Lai Vietnam War War Crimes The History Channel BBC
1973 Last American Combat Troops Leave Vietnam Vietnam War The History Channel BBC Writer's Almanac New York Times
1974 Ohio Guardsmen Indicted for Shooting Kent State Students Ohio Vietnam War Crime Law & Legal Resources Death Kent State University
1979 Congress Releases Kennedy & King Assassination Reports Congress Robert Kennedy John F. Kennedy Dr. King National Archives and Records Adminstration
1988 African National Congress Representative, Dulcie September Is Assassinated in Paris, France South African Political and Social Leader Paris Death South African History

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