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1793 Juan Manuel de Rosas (Argentinean Dictator) Argentine Political & Social Leaders
1825 Samuel Bell Maxey (Kentucky-born U.S. Senator, Confederate General) Samuel Maxey U.S. Congress American Civil War Native American Tribes
1903 Mercer Cook (Washington, D.C.-born African-American Statesman, Educator) Washington, D.C. Political & Social Leaders U.S. Government African-American Social & Political Leaders African American Registry
1919 McGeorge Bundy (Massachusetts-born Statesman, Educator) Massachusetts Political & Social Leaders U.S. Government
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1950 Leon Blum (Prime Minster of France) French Political & Social Leaders
1954 Agustín Aragón y León (Mexican Engineer, Philosopher, Statesman, President of the National Science Academy) Mexican Scientists & Mathematicians Mexico Connect
1992 Harold LeVander (Nebraska-born Governor of Minnesota) Nebraska Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Minnesota  Historical Society
2002 Queen Mother Elizabeth of England Great Britain Queen Mother Elizabeth BBC Greenwich Guide
1406 England's King Henry IV Captures and Imprisons Scotland's James I of Scotland England Scotland English Monarchy CNN
1775 King George III Endorses Act Requiring New England Colonies to Trade Exclusively with Great Britain English Government King George III Colonial History International Trade History Channel
1791 President George Washington Issues a Proclamation to Establish a Permanent Seat for the U.S. Government on the Potomac River Washington, D.C. Virginia Maryland President George Washington Virginia Historical Society
1806 Joseph Bonaparte, Brother of Napoleon, Is Proclaimed King of Naples Italy Napoleon Bonaparte European History French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1814 Britain and Its Allies Against Napoleon Bonaparte March in Triumph into Paris Napoleon Bonaparte Paris European History History Channel
1815 Residents of Detroit Celebrate the Arrivial of News of the End of the War of 1812 Detroit, Michigan War of 1812 State of Michigan
1856 Treaty of Paris Is Signed Ending the Crimean War Russia European History The Crimean War Treaty of Paris Historic UK
1862 President Lincoln Meets with General McClellan George McClellan President Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1863 William, Prince of Denmark, Is Recognized as King George I of Greece Greece Denmark European History CNN
1864 Wisconsin Union State Convention at Milwaukee Endorses Lincoln for Reelection Wisconsin President Lincoln Politics Lincoln Papers
1865 President Lincoln Remains in City Point, Virginia to Observe Military Action at the Front Virginia Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1867 Secretary Seward Buys Alaska from Russia for $.02 an Acre Russia Alaska Library of Congress History Channel
1870 U.S. Congress Readmits Texas to the Union U.S. Congress Texas American Civil War Texas State Historical Association
13-year-old Woodrow Wilson Attends Speech by Robert E. Lee in Augusta, Georgia Augusta, Georgia Woodrow Wilson Robert E. Lee University of Georgia
1916 Delegate James Wickersham Introduces in Congress the First Bill for Alaska Statehood Alaska U.S. Congress Historic Firsts Alaska Historical Society
1917 Russian Provisional Government Approves an Independent Poland Poland Russia European History CNN
The Mayor of New Ulm, Minnesota Leads a Town Meeting in Support of U.S. Neutrality in World War I New Ulm, Minnesota World War I Minnesota Historical Society
1940 Japanese Set Up Puppet Regime in Conquered Nanking, China Nankin, China Japan History Channel
1945 U.S. Forces Capture Heidelberg without a Fight Nazi Germany World War II U.S. Army
The Soviet Union Invades Austria Austria Soviet Union World War II Library of Congress
Soviets Capture the Baltic Sea Port of Danzig (Gdansk) Poland Soviet Union World War II CNN
1948 Progressive Party Presidential Candidate, Henry Wallace Criticizes President Truman's Policies Iowa Political and Social Leaders President Harry Truman American Presidency Cold War History Channel
South Africa's Group Areas Act, a Cornerstone of Apartheid, Becomes Law South African Government Law Apartheid South African History
1950 President Eisenhower Denounces Senator McCarthy as a "Saboteur" of American Foreign Policy Senator Joe McCarthy U.S. Senate President Dwight Eisenhower McCarthyism Florida Historical Association
1960 South Africa Declares State of Emergency to Control Protests Following the Sharpeville Massacre The Sharpeville Massacre Law Apartheid South African History
1965 Bomb Explodes Outside U.S. Embassy in Saigon Vietnam War Terrorism History Channel
1972 North Vietnamese Launch Nguyen Hue Offensive Vietnam War History Channel
Temporary Provisions Act Establishes London's Direct Rule of Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Great Britain CNN
1979 Northern Ireland Secretary Airey Neave Killed by a Car Bomb Northern Ireland Terrorism Death BBC
1981 Leaving a Washington Hotel, President Ronald Reagan Is Shot by John Hinckley Washington, D.C. President Ronald Reagan Gun Control History Channel New York Times
1990 Nelson Mandela Meets Mangosutho Buthelezi to Negotiate Ending Violence in South Africa's Townships South Africa Nelson Mandela South African History
The Estonian Supreme Soviet Declares Null and Void All Soviet Laws in Estonia Estonia Soviet Union Law Estonica Tartu
1993 Israel Closes Occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip after Two Policemen Are Killed Israel Terrorism CNN
1994 The Bosnian Parliament Votes Unanimously to Create Croat-Muslim Federation Bosnia Elections CNN
2002 Angola' s Government and UNITA Rebels Reach Peace Agreement Ending 27-year Civil War Angola Government War South African History

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