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Malta: Freedom Day (Jum il-Heisien)
(Commemorates departure of last British military from Malta: 03/31/1979)
Malta Great Britain U.S. Department of State
1870 James Cox (Ohio-born Newspaper Publisher, Governor of Ohio) Ohio Political and Social Leaders Journalism Politics
1872 Arthur Griffith (Irish Journalist and Principal Founder of Sinn Fein) Irish Political and Social Leaders Journalism
1927 César Chávez (Arizona-born Latin-American Farm Labor Leader) César Chávez Farming & Agriculture Labor Latin-American Studies
1948 Al Gore (Washington, D.C.-born U.S. Vice President; 2007 Nobel Laureate for Peace) Al Gore President Bill Clinton The American Presidency 2000 Presidential Election 2007 Nobel Laureate for Peace
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1788 Prince Charles Edward Stuart of England English Political and Social Leaders British Monarchy Chambers Book of Days
1816 Francis Asbury (English-American Religious Leader) English Political and Social Leaders Religion Concordia
1858 Lyman Wight (Connecticut-born Leader in the Mormon Church) Connecticut Political and Social Leaders Mormon Church Texas State Historical Association
1911 Alfred Iverson (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
1998 Bella Abzug (New York City-born Member of the U.S. Congress) Bella Abzug U.S. Congress
1492 Spain's Ferdinand II Expels All Jews from Spain to Satisfy Public Demand for Religious "Purification" Spanish Government Judaism Concordia History Channel
1825 The Marquis de Lafayette Visits Georgia Marquis de Lafayette Georgia American Revolution University of Georgia
1854 Treaty of Kanagawa Opens Japanese Ports to the U.S. and Establishes U.S. Consulate in Japan Japan Historic U.S. Documents Naval History History Channel
1856 The Mexican Government Seizes the Property of the Church and Clergy Mexican Government Religion Concordia
1861 President Lincoln Approves Plan for the Relief of Florida's Ft. Pickens Florida President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Forts Lincoln Papers
1862 President Lincoln Transmits to the Senate a Treaty of Commerce and Navigation with Ottoman Empire Turkey U.S. Senate President Abraham Lincoln Historic U.S. Documents Lincoln Papers
1865 President Lincoln Remains at the Front and in Communication with Grant and Sherman Virginia Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S. Grant American Civil War Lincoln Papers
Sheridan Pressures Confederate Forces at Virginia's Dinwiddie Courthouse Virginia American Civil War History Channel Lincoln Papers
1867 General John Pope Arrives in Atlanta As Commander of the Third Military District (GA, FL, AL) Atlanta, Georgia Alabama Florida American Civil War Reconstruction University of Georgia
1889 Alexandre Gustave Eiffel Unfurls French Flag Atop the Completed Eiffel Tower Paris Official Website History Channel
1905 Kaiser Wilhelm's Support of the Sultan of Morocco Provokes France and Britain German Government Moroccan Government French Government British Government World War I History Channel
1917 US Purchases the Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25M U.S. Virgin Islands Denmark Economics Library of Congress
1918 E.A. Schimler, a Professor at Wisconsin's Northland College, Is Tarred and Feathered by an Anti-German Mob Wisconsin German-American Immigrants World War I Terrorism Northland College Wisconsin Historical Society
1940 Nazi Germany Launches the Cruiser Atlantis, Which Will Sink 22 Allied Merchant Ships Nazi Germany Naval History World War II History Channel
1946 6,000 Indians Protest South Africa's Ghetto Act South African Government India Racism South African History
1953 England's Queen Mary Is Buried English Political and Social Leaders British Monarchy BBC
1959 Tibetans Rebel Against Chinese Military Pressure. Dalai Lama Flees to India Tibet China Dalai Lama BBC History Channel
1962 Charles E. Whittaker Resigns as Associate Justice of the United State Supreme Court Kansas Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1966 Harold Wilson's Labour Party Wins Sweeping Victory in Britain's Parliamentary Elections British Government Parliament Elections BBC
1968 President Lyndon Johnson Announces He Will Not Run for Re-Election President Lyndon Johnson The American Presidency Elections The New York Times
1971 Lt. William Calley Is Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for His Role in the "My Lai" Massacre My Lai Massacre War Crimes Law University of Georgia
1972 British Protesters Begin 4-day March Against Nuclear Weapons Great Britain Nuclear Weapons BBC
1979 British End 181-year Military Presence in Malta as HMS London Departs Malta Great Britain CNN
1986 The Greater London Council Is Abolished, Ending 97 Years of Local Rule London BBC
1991 The Soviet Union's 35-year Warsaw Pact Military Alliance with Eastern Europe Ends Soviet Union European History Cold War
Referendum Establishes Georgia As an Independent Republic Georgia Republic of Georgia
1992 The United Nations Labels Libya a Terrorist State Banning All Flights and Arms Sales United Nations Libya Terrorism The New York Times
1999 Serbs Capture Three U.S. Army Soldiers Near Yugoslav-Macedonia Border Serbia PBS

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