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Florida: Pascua Florida Day/State Day
(Commemoration of the landing of Ponce de León: 04/02/1513 )
Florida Ponce de León Technical University of Einhoven
742 Charlemagne (King of the Franks, King of the Lombards and Charles I of the Holy Roman Empire) European History Catholicism
1814 Henry Lewis Benning (Georgia-born Confederate General; Namesake of Fort Benning, Georgia) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War Fort Benning, Georgia University of Georgia
1862 Nicholas Butler (New Jersey-born Educator, President of Columbia University, 1931 Nobel Laureate for Peace) New Jersey Political and Socia Leaders Education Columbia University 1931 Nobel Laureate for  Peace
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1502 Arthur, Prince of Wales English Political and Social Leaders King Henry VII Chambers Book of Days
1902 Esther Morris (First Women Judge in U.S. history ) Wyoming Political and Social Leaders Law and Legal Resources History Channel
1974 Georges Pompidou (President of France) French Political and Social Leaders
2005 Pope John Paul II (Polish-born Roman Catholic Pope) Polish Political and Social Leaders Pope John Paul II Religion Catholicism History Channel BBC Canadian Broadcast Corporation
1777 Ebenezer Learned Is Promoted to the Rank of Brigadier General of the Continental Army Massachusetts Military Figures American Revolution History Channel
1801 English Admiral Horatio Nelson Sinks the Danish Fleet Off Its Home Port of Copenhagen Denmark Lord Nelson Naval Military History Historic UK
1849 Alexander Ramsey Is Appointed the First Governor of the Minnesota Territory by President Zachary Taylor Minnesota Political and Social Leaders President Zachary Taylor Minnesota Historical Society
1860 The First Italian Parliament Convenes in Turin Italy Historic Firsts New York Times
1865 Grant Breaks 10-Month Siege Capturing Confederate Trenches Around Petersburg, Virginia: Lee Retreats Petersburg, Virginia U.S. Grant Robert E. Lee Battle of Petersburg, Virginia Library of Congress History Channel
President Jefferson Davis and Most of His Cabinet Flee the Confederate Capital of Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Jefferson Davis American Civil War New York Times
1866 President Andrew Johnson Declares the Civil War to be Officially Over in All States Except Texas Texas Andrew Johnson American Civil War Historic U.S. Documents Fordham University
1879 In South Africa, British Forces Defeat a Zulu Army of Ten Thousand at the Battle of Gingindlovu South Africa Great Britain War South African History
1904 In Namibia, Herdsmen Attack German Colonial Forces, Killing 32 Namibia Germany Death South African History
1912 The Titanic Leaves Belfast, Ireland for Southampton, England and Its Sea Trials in the Irish Sea Ireland England The Titanic The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
1917 President Woodrow Wilson Asks Congress to Declare War on Germany Germany U.S. Congress Woodrow Wilson World War I History Channel New York Times
1918 502 Germans Arrive in Atlanta for Internment in Prisoner of War Camps Germany Atlanta, Georgia World War I Prisoners of War University of Georgia
1926 The Utopian Welsh Village of Portmerion Officially Opens Portmerion, Wales BBC
1941 Rommel's Nazi Panzer Tanks Advance into Libya Erwin Rommel Libya World War II History Channel
1979 Israeli Prime Minster Menachem Begin Visits Cairo Egypt Israel Television News Archive
1982 Argentina Captures Falkland/Malvinas Islands from the British Argentina Great Britain History Channel BBC
1986 An Arab Terrorist Explodes Bomb Aboard a TWA Boeing 727 over Greece: 4 People Die Greece Air Disasters Terrorism Death BBC
1989 Mikhail Gorbachev Arrives in Havana to Meet with Fidel Castro Mikhail Gorbachev Cuba Cold War History Channel
1998 Former French Cabinet Minister Maurice Papon Is Found Guilty of War Crimes for Deporting Jews During World War II France World War II The Holocaust Judaism War Crimes BBC
2002 Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi Suffers a Debilitating Stroke Japanese Political and Social Leaders Stroke New York Times

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