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Thailand: Chakri Memorial Day
(Commemorates the founding of the Chakri Dynasty and King Rama I, First King of the Dynasty: 04/06/1782)
Thailand U.S. Department of State Assumption University of Thailand
United States: Tartan Day
(Commemorates Declaration of Arbroath, the Scottish Declaration of Independence (signed 04/06/1320)
Scotland Tartan Day Website
1135 Moses Maimonides (Spanish-born Jewish Rabbi, Philosopher, Author) Spanish Political & Social Leaders Judaism Catholic Encyclopedia
1773 James Mill (Scottish Philosopher, Historian, Economist) Scottish Political & Social Leaders Philosophy Economists
1830 James Augustine Healy (Georgia-born First African-American Catholic Bishop) Georgia Political & Social Leaders Catholicism African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry University of Georgia
1908 Anna O. Blum (Wisconsin-born Attorney; President of the National Women's Bar Association) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders American Women Political and Social Leaders Law National Women's Bar Association Wisconsin Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1199 Richard I, King of England English Political and Social Leaders Richard I
1942 Bradley Allen Fiske (New York-born Admiral and Innovator in the U.S. Navy) New York Military Figures Naval History Technology and Society
2000 Dennis Cambell (English Admiral and Military Innovator) English Military Figures Naval History Technology and Society
2005 Prince Rainier of Monaco Monaco
1249 King Louis IX of France Is Taken Prisoner by Muslims During the Crusades French Political and Social Leaders Islam The Crusades Concordia
1320 The Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland's Declaration of Independence, Is Signed Scotland England Tartan Day Website
1748 Excavations Begin at Pompeii, a Roman City Destroyed by Eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 A.D Pompeii Roman Empire Volcanoes Archaeology Writer's Almanac
1776 Continental Congress Opens All American Ports to Trade with Any Country Not under British Rule Continental Congress International Trade History Channel
1782 Thailand's Chakri Dynasty Is Founded by Phra Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke (Rama I) Thailand Assumption University of Thailand
1818 Andrew Jackson's Troops Occupy the Spanish Fort at St. Marks, Florida Spain Florida Andrew Jackson Forts Florida Historical Society
1830 New Law Forbids Further Introduction of Slaves into Mexico Mexico Texas Slavery Law Texas State Historical Association
1832 15-week Black Hawk War Begins Illinois Black Hawk War History Channel
1841 John Tyler Is Inaugurated as the 10th President of the United States President John Tyler The American Presidency History Channel
1856 Two American Troops Die in 2-day Battle with Seminole Warriors at Florida's Big Cypress Swamp Florida Seminole Indians Death Big Cypress National Preserve Florida Historical Society
1861 President Lincoln Meets with the Governors of IN, OH, ME and PA About Military Status of Militia Indiana Political and Social Leaders Ohio Political and Social Leaders Maine Political and Social Leaders Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
Lincoln Sends Note to Governor of South Carolina of Intentions to Ship Provisions to Ft. Sumter South Carolina Political and Social Leaders President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Fort Sumter Lincoln Papers
President Lincoln Orders Troops to Land and Reinforce Florida's Fort Pickens Florida President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Forts Lincoln Papers
1862 The Battle of Shiloh Begins in Southwest Tennessee Tennessee The Battle of Shiloh History Channel
U.S.S. Pursuit Captures the Steamer Florida Loading Cotton at Florida's North Bay Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1863 President Lincoln Continues Visit with the Troops in Virginia Virginia President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Liincoln Letters
U.S.S. Huntsville Captures the Steamer Minnie Off Florida's Charlotte Harbor Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1864 President Lincoln Listens to a British Anti-Slavery Orator at the House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives President Abraham Lincoln Abolition Liincoln Letters
1865 Lincoln Offers Protection for Virginia Legislators Willing to Consider Withdrawing Virginia Troops Virginia Government President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Liincoln Letters
Federal Troops of General George Armstrong Custer Capture Three Confederate Regiments from Florida Florida General George Armstrong Custer American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1895 Oscar Wilde Arrested after Losing Libel Case Against Marquess of Queensberry Oscar Wilde Law & Legal Resources Crime History Channel
1917 The United States Declares War Against Germany and Enters WWI Germany President Woodrow Wilson Declaration of War History Link
1941 Nazi Germany Invades Yugoslavia and Greece Nazi Germany Yugoslavia Greece World War II History Channel
British Liberate Ethiopia from Italian Occupation Ethiopia Great Britain Italy World War II History Channel
1948 "Army Day" Is Observed in the United States American Military Figures Holidays and Observances West Virginia State Archive
1952 Blacks Begin Civil Disobedience Campaign to Protest South Africa's Segregation Laws South Africa Racism Law Civil Rights/Human Rights South African History
1975 A Plane Carrying 99 Vietnamese Orphans Arrives At London's Heathrow Airport London, England Child Adoption Vietnam War BBC
1986 President Jaafar Nimeri of Sudan Is Overthrown in a Bloodless Military Coup Sudan Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
1990 Soviet & U.S. Negotiators Discuss Reunification of Germany German Reunification Soviet Union Cold War History Channel
1994 The Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi Are Killed in a Plane Crash Burundi Rwanda Air Disasters Death BBC

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