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1506 St. Francis Xavier (Spanish-born Catholic Saint) Spanish Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Chambers' Book of Days
1772 Francois M. C. Fourier (French Socialist) French Political and Social Leaders Chambers' Book of Days
1780 William Ellery Channing (Rhode Island-born Theologian) Rhode Island Political and Social Leaders Theologians
1848 Randall Davidson (British Religious Leader) British Political and Social Leaders Theologians
1890 Marjory Stoneman Douglas (Minnesota-born Conservationist of the Florida Everglades) Marjory Stoneman Douglas The Everglades The Earth and Environment
1893 Allen Dulles (New York-born Diplomat, Director of the C.I.A.) New York Political and Social Leaders U.S. Government CIA
1949 Mitch Daniels (Pennsylvania-born Governor of Indiana) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders Indiana Political and Social Leaders Politics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1498 Charles VIII of France French Political and Social Leaders
1880 Isaac Munroe St. John (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War Georgia
1776 American Warship Lexington Captures the British Warship HMS Edward Off the Coast of Virginia Great Britain Virginia Naval History American Revolution History Channel
1817 Francisco Xavier Mina Sets Sail from Galveston Island to Drive the Spanish Forces Out of Mexico Mexico Spain Texas Military Figures Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Society
1832 Abraham Lincoln Is Elected Captain of a Company in Thirty-first Regiment of Illinois Militia Illinois Military Figures Abraham Lincoln Black Hawk War Lincoln Papersl
1859 Governor's Greys Organize as Iowa's First Military Unit Pledged to the Union Iowa Military Figures U.S. Military Figures Historic Firsts Historical Society of Iowa
1862 Grant's Union Forces Defeat Confederates at Tennessee's Battle of Shiloh Tennessee Battle of Shiloh Ulysses S. Grant The New York Times</I> History Channel
President Lincoln Signs Treaty with Great Britain for Suppression of African Slave Trade British Government President Abraham Lincoln Slavery Historic U.S. Documents Lincoln Papersl
1864 U.S. Schooner Beauregard Captures the English Schooner Spunky Off Florida's Cape Canaveral Great Britain American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1865 President Lincoln Encourages General Grant to Keep the Pressure on Lee President Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S. Grant Robert E. Lee American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1913 Sam Rayburn (TX) Begins 48 Years of Service to the United States House of Representatives Sam Rayburn Texas Political and Social Leaders U.S. House of Representatives Texas State Historical Society
1918 Winston Churchill Secretly Proposes Talks to Encourage Russia to Re-enter World War I Russia Great Britain Winston Churchill World War I The History Channel
1922 Secret Oil Leases Begin the Teapot Dome Scandal Wyoming California U.S. Congress The Teapot Dome Scandal Crime
1936 South Africa's Parliament Unanimously Places Further Restrictions on Black Rights South African Government Racism Civil Rights/Human Rights Law South African History
1939 Italy Invades Albania Italy Albania European History World War II The History Channel
1945 Americans Sink the Japanese Battleship Yamato Off the Coast of Okinawa Okinawa Naval History World War II The History Channel
Japan Prime Minister Kuniaki Koiso Is Replaced by Kantaro Suzuki Japan Prime Minister of Japan
1948 United Nation's World Health Organization Begins Operation Health Care World Health Organization IntelliHealth
1953 Sweden's Dag Hammarskjold Elected to Serve As U.N. Secretary-General The United Nations Sweden The Cold War 1961 Nobel Laureate for Peace Concordia History Channel
1954 President Eisenhower Gives His "Domino Theory" Speech President Dwight Eisenhower The Cold War History Channel
1956 Agreement Ends Spanish Presences and Establishes Moroccan Independence Spain Morocco Reuters Foundation
1963 New Constitution Proclaims Tito President for Life of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Tito History Channel
1968 Approximately 25,000 People View the Coffin of Martin Luther King, Jr. at Spelman College Georgia Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Spelman College Georgia
1973 7 1/2-year "Freedom Flights" Program, Which Brought 250,000 Cuban Refugees to Miami, Florida, Ends Cuba Florida Immigration Aviation History Hispanic Heritage PBS Florida Historical Society
1976 China's Leadership Deposes Deputy Prime Minister Deng Xiaoping Deng Xiaoping The New York Times</I>
1978 President Jimmy Carter Postpones Production of Controversial Neutron Bomb President Jimmy Carter Nuclear Weapons BBC
1988 Car Bomb Seriously Injures Albie Sachs, a White South African Lawyer and ANC Member South African Government Terrorism South African History
1990 National Security Adviser John Poindexter Convicted of Iran-Contra Crimes The Iran-Contra Scandal Law and Legal Resources The New York Times</I>
1994 Civil War Erupts in Rwanda Rwanda History Channel
1999 The World Trade Organization (WTO) Rules in Favor of U.S. in Banana Trade Dispute with Europe European History International Trade Law Foods and Nutrition BBC

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